China Building Missiles
For Possible Attack On
Taiwan...And US
If Aid Is Sent
From Bill Gertz
Washington Times
China is building up its missile forces in preparation for possible attacks against Taiwan - and the United States if the U.S. military comes to the island's aid. The large number of regional offensive missile systems, backed by space-based spying systems, will be the "cornerstone of People's Liberation Army warfighting early in the 21st century" and a "devastating weapon of military utility," according to a Pentagon report.
"Beijing's drift toward a force dominated by offensive theater missiles could have significant implications for regional stability," the report said. "In the most likely scenario for their use, the PLA's growing arsenal of highly accurate and lethal theater missiles, and a preemptive doctrine could give Beijing a decisive edge in any future conflict with Taiwan."
Regarding U.S. involvement in a war between China and Taiwan, the report makes clear that Beijing won't hesitate to attack.
"The PLA has indicated a willingness to use highly accurate short-range ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and land attack cruise missiles against U.S. assets, to include key bases in Japan and aircraft carriers operating in the Western Pacific," the report said, noting that Chinese weapons planners are working hard at preparing missiles to attack U.S. carriers.