New 'Angel' Dead Sea
Scroll Contains Astral
By Barry Chamish <>
A "lost" Dead Sea Scroll has reportedly been uncovered and if it is proven authentic, it reveals a new understanding of how the ancient Israelites viewed their God, his angels and their place in the heavens.
Called the "Angel Scroll," it is a thousand lines long, was purchased in Jordan in 1970 by a group of Benedictine monks and spirited away to their German monastery. Upon his death in 1977, one of the group, Father Gustav Mateus, bequeathed his photographs and hand transcriptions of the scroll to an unnamed Jerusalem college administrator. He handed the material over to Stephan Phann, a member of the team of scholars translating the scrolls held by the Israeli government, and his findings were released to the newsmagazine The Jerusalem Report.
Phann has declared that, "If the scroll is a hoax, it's a very good one. It's a serious literary work."
But others are more skeptical. The existence of Father Mateus has not been proven and the Jerusalem Report, little more than a source of disinformation for the Labor Party, is hardly a reliable venue. That said, experts are in general agreement that the text of the scroll so far released "feels" genuine.
What little of the scroll that has been released, reveals its storyline is a journey to the heavens accompanied by angels. According to Phann, the text is full of "divine chariot-throne themes with elaborate details of angels ascending heaven's multiple gates." And this should be of great interest to the minions (most inspired by Von Danieken) who take a literal view the bible's words, putting the many references to wheels within wheels, flying scrolls, pillars of fire, etc. into a UFO context.
Longtime Israeli ufologist, now a student of kabala, Mordechai Spasser believes it would be a mistake to interpret the new scroll from a UFO viewpoint. "What I've read appears to me to be philosophy on an astral plane, or simply, Jewish mysticism."
Keeping that possibility in mind, or melding it with the popular UFO readings of extant Jewish holy scriptures, here are two passages from the Angel Scroll, with my literal interpretation following both:
"And the Angel Pnimea said to me: "And son of man, lift up your eyes and see all the secrets...that are in the fourth gate which is the gate of birth. And I saw, and it was like the womb and the chambers of the stomach, and its waters gush and roar like the breakers of the sea on the wall of the cave, which cannot withstand its fury. And here is a seed of life in the water emanating from the seed of man and from the seed of the woman for male and female that He created. And the seed that is joined from the two seeds is not like a clean slate. It is written inside and outside and it has within knowledge and understanding before its creation and before its creation in the womb. And the beginning of the child is not in the birth or in conception nor is its end in death."
It appears that the narrator was shown an advanced real-time version of our pathetic ultrasound technology. He stands before a gate, or unknown to him, a monitor and sees male ejaculation into the womb, including a closeup of sperm and egg. He witnesses conception and is then told the secrets of DNA and genes. Pointedly, God has created both within mankind.
"According to the plan of that day, the Voice went forth to me and directed me and he drove me by the Spirit. And a vision was revealed to me from the Most High, and Pancimeia, Prince of Angels lifted me up in the Spirit and I ascended heavenward above the high places of the clouds and he showed me the great world and the image of the gods. And I pondered the appearance round about and there was no time and no place and their appearance from the dwelling places of light was like a rainbow in the clouds. And they had no bodies and no bodily structure and the dominion of darkness was over all of the earth round about."
Now this is one accurate description of a trip in the Space Shuttle. First the traveller passes above cloud level. He observes the high places of the clouds, possibly those ridges unseen at ground level. Then he sees the earth from space and it is surrounded by darkness. He is shown images of the gods and their homes on a control monitor and marvels at the fine color quality and at the bizarre fact that there is no firmament to the images on the screen.
That said and interpreted, I for one, am looking forward to reading the full text of the Angel Scroll.
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