Atrocity In Arkansas:
The Gay Rape And Murder
Of Jesse Dirkhising
By James Roger Brown <>
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Hard Evidence Homosexuals Can Not Be Entrusted with the Custody of Children: The Rape and Murder of Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas
Let us make the rape and murder of Jesse Dirkhising the turning point. Let us make Arkansas the place where the homosexual assault on children, parents, and our civilization is defeated. It is up to us to see that the implications of Jesse Dirkhising,s death are not ignored. (For local news coverage of the murder go to http://www.nwamorningnew and type "Jesse Dirkhising" in the search field.)
As pointed out in Joseph Farah's Commentary below, the national news media has already ignored his death, as have the alleged child advocate groups. Let us embrace this tragedy to do what should have been done long ago - remove homosexuals from the child protection system, foster care, mental health, social services and anywhere else that gives them access and authority over children and parents. Let us put a few million letters and e-mails on the Desk of Governor Mike Huckabee and the Arkansas Legislature. (Contact information at the end below.) Tell everyone you know about the atrocity that was committed upon Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas.
As evidenced by this death and the documentable acts of anti-male/anti-family lesbians, some members of the homosexual community are deficient in the basic decision-making and social skills required to participate with the rest of us in a sustainable civilization. They have SERIOUS 'boundary issues.' The hypocrites among them seek protection for homosexuals while committing or ignoring atrocities against children, men and women who choose to participate in families and child rearing.
We can no longer tolerate this. It is time to bring this insanity to a close before any other children are raped and murdered by individuals so arrogant they literally believe it their right to do anything they want to anyone. If there are any sane members of the homosexual community left, you may want to consider the ultimate cost of continuing to ignore the existence of barbarians among your own ranks. You may also benefit from learning tolerance while demanding it from others.
I take no pleasure in initiating this action. We have the misfortune of living in one of those historically ugly times when people who do nothing to fight a manifest evil only make the situation worse and raise the ultimate cost. In my own commentaries I have argued that homosexuals are entitled to the same human and constitutional rights as the rest of us. Among the friends I have made over the years are homosexuals of both persuasions. I do not believe that any of them would rape and kill a child. The problem we must face is that the number of homosexuals with evil intent is unknown. As the death of Jesse Dirkhising demonstrates, the number is greater than zero. No one knows how much greater.
We must act now to ensure that no other child suffers the fate of Jesse Dirkhising.
Our society has absolutely no moral obligation to allow homosexuals anywhere near children as government employees, foster parents, guardians, or any in other capacity, if it places a single child at risk of rape, murder, or any other abuse at their hands. If homosexuals choose a life style that precludes having children by any natural means we have no right to make children guinea pigs in social experiments that place them at risk of rape and murder. If for no other reasons, it is unethical to conduct lethal experiments on human beings and illegal to subject human beings to experiments without their informed written consent. Children are by law incapable of giving informed consent. No adult, in any position of authority, has a legitimate right to make a decision on behalf of a child that places the child at risk of rape and death at the hands of a segment of society that contains such predators as raped and killed Jesse Dirkhising.
The immediate goal of this campaign is to get Governor Mike Huckabee (and ultimately the governor of each State) to take the following action:
1. Assign a sufficient number of trained, professional State Police Investigators, not civilians imported from child protection service agencies, to regularly interview every child in every form of State custody to determine if they are being abused or molested by State employees, foster family members, or contract service providers and therapists.
2. Transfer all homosexual State employees in positions of authority over families and children to positions that do not give them such authority and access. (Anyone who wants to assert this can not be done because it violates homosexual rights must overcome the policy "if we must err, we must err on the side of the child" and the legal precedent of removing the human and constitutional rights of parents and children to allegedly protect children from abuse and molestation.)
We must ensure the gruesome death Jesse Dirkhising suffered is not ignored. Every legislator, politician, bureaucrat, and homosexual rights advocate must be asked to explain why any child should be placed at risk of rape and death to satisfy the demands of individuals practicing "alternate life styles." It is not an unfair question to ask how many homosexuals seeking to become parents or guardians are doing so with the ulterior motive of gaining access to children for personal gratification.
Let us come together and do something now, so we never have to read about another Jesse Dirkhising. Contact information for the Arkansas Legislature, Governor Mike Huckabee and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette are listed at the end of the Commentary below. Please do whatever you can to help prevent anything like this ever occurring again in Arkansas and in your own State.
(The following commentary was forwarded to me by the Lesbian Studies Institute. I retained the e-mail address. FOR LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE OF THE MURDER GO TO: search/index.shtml and type "Jesse Dirkhising" in search field.)
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Between The Lines
By Joseph Farah Editor
WND Exclusive Commentary 10-22-99
Not A Hate Crime _____________________________
His parents thought he was working as a hair stylist on weekends.
But when Prairie Grove, Ark., police responded to a 911 emergency call at 5 a.m. Sept. 26, they found 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising on the floor, unconscious, near death, one of his wrists bound with duct tape.
A half-hour later, he was pronounced dead at St. Mary's Hospital in Roger[s].
A police investigation determined young Jesse was repeatedly raped over a period of hours, including with foreign objects. While enduring this ordeal, his ankles, knees and wrists were bound in duct tape and he was gagged and blindfolded. He was tied to a mattress. He may have been drugged, police say. A sedative called amitryptiline was found in the home of two men -- Joshua Brown, 22, and David Don Carpenter, 38 -- along with Jesse's body.
There were other drugs, too -- and items commonly used in sexual bondage. Apparently the boy was left bound and gagged after the last rape, while his attackers went to get a sandwich to eat.
The cops say two men raped Jesse at least six times. Brown and Carpenter have each been charged with six counts of rape and capital murder. Hearings in their case are set for Dec. 8 and Jan. 13-14. The trial is scheduled for April 10.
Just another brutal local crime, you say? Why is Farah recounting a police blotter story from Arkansas? I don't know. Something bothers me about this story. It ought to bother us.
It was big news in Northwest Arkansas, but the story of Jesse Dirkhising hasn't made a ripple in the national news. I wonder why? I wonder if it's because the victim is not a part of some politically protected sub-group, a special class deserving of extra government privileges? I wonder if it is because the suspects are, indeed, members of such a group.
Remember how the nation stood riveted to the details of a hideous murder that took place in Wyoming when a homosexual was tortured to death? Never mind that the crime had little or nothing to do with the victim's sexual proclivities. Uh-uh. That didn't matter. This was a hate crime. New laws were needed. New brainwashing programs must be introduced into the schools. New sensitivity outreach projects were required by all media outlets. Bill Clinton sounded off. Janet Reno chimed in.
And then there was Jesse Dirkhising. There was no hand wringing, no candlelight marches, no national news coverage for the 13-year-old victim of homosexual rape and murder. No presidential proclamations -- even though the heinous crime took place in his home state.
Brown and Carpenter have pleaded not guilty to all charges, by the way. When police got to their home that morning, they were met by a very upset Carpenter, who repeatedly told the cops, "He's not breathing." When police asked about the duct tape, Brown told the officers they were "just playing a game." When questioned further, Brown allegedly assaulted one of the officers. It was only then that he was arrested.
Apparently the affidavit recounting the crime was so gruesome that parts of it were sealed to protect the defendants' right to a fair trial. During a hearing in Bentonville, Carpenter read details of the complaint against him. As he read, Carpenter repeatedly shook his head and muttered, "No." Meanwhile, members of Jesse Dirkhising's family sat weeping, while his mother clutched a teddy bear and a photograph of her son.
"No one deserves to lose a child in this manner," said prosecuting attorney Brad Butler.
That is true. But somebody did. Jesse Dirkhising was brutally raped, tortured and murdered -- for fun, for thrills, for the hell of it, because it felt good, maybe even because a certain politically protected lifestyle has been elevated to virtual sainthood.
I don't expect to hear Bill Clinton or Janet Reno weigh in on this one. It just wouldn't be appropriate. It might offend their core constituency. After all, 13-year-old boys don't vote anyway. They don't contribute to political campaigns. They don't march and demand special rights.
But, in case anyone else is concerned, a fund has been established to assist the family of Jesse Dirkhising with funeral and related expenses. Donations may be made to Memorial Trust for Jesse, account number 600054043, at any Community Bank in the Elkins or Prairie Grove, Ark., area. Cards may be sent to the family care of the Benton County Prosecutor's Office, 100 N.E. A Street, Bentonville, Ark., 72712
God bless this little one. May he rest in peace.
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From Kenneth 10-30-99
In reference to the article by Mr. James Brown about the boy killed in Arkansas, everyone should feel compassion for a 13 yr. old brutally molested and killed. But the next time that a 13 yr. old girl is raped and killed by two heterosexual men should we call for the elimination of all heterosexual men from child care positions with girls? Of course not. The vast majority of rapes are committed by heterosexual men against women. Another fact is that 75% of children of homosexual parent or parents turn out heterosexual, they are not being forced into their parents lifestyle. This article is based on anger not logic and reveals a bigoted fundamentalist bias not consistent with true spiritual intuition. Sincerely, Kenneth Elder