Flight 990 Tail Blown
Off - Crucial Information
Withheld For Weeks
From NewsHawk Inc. <>
In a tremendously significant new development in the case of the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash, THREE AND A HALF WEEKS after the fact, federal government officials officially stated that the tail section of Flight 990 was severely damaged by an EXPLOSION.
Interesting how this massively important information "just happened" NOT to have been mentioned by officials until the start of this Thanksgiving holiday, when peoples' attention is going to be far less focused upon the event, after all the ongoing coverage.
Feds have known this for weeks: WHY wasn't it made public until now?
Unclear is how this FACT squares with the continuing official spin-doctored insinuations emanating from feds that off-duty co-pilot Gameel el Batoutty assumed control of the aircraft in some supposedly questionable manner and then... said a prayer as he began to put the plane into a supposedly suicidal dive.
It's clear from technical analysis, however, that there was NO conflict between Batoutty and other crew-members over the actual maneuvers being performed, but in fact there was cooperation. So, throw out a key element of the feds' baseless, slanderous insinuations about Batoutty.
What obviously really happened is that the other pilots took a break and Batoutty went on duty just before the jet came under attack, leaving him in command at the time. Batoutty, understandably, prayed repeatedly as he responded to whatever was initially affecting the craft--which sources have told us were two particle or pulse weapon hits.
However, when the tail of the jet was blown off that was the end of the flight.
Interesting as well that Egyptian President Mubarak and the Egyptian government for the most part are NOT buying the scenario being advanced by the U.S. They feel that the plane was intentionally destroyed by an explosion within the territorial waters of the U.S., with NO involvement in any way on the part of any EgyptAir crew-members, and THEY WANT AN EXPLANATION... badly.
It remains to be seen if they'll get one--the true one, that is. However, what is critically important right now is that the U.S. HAS stated/admitted that the tail section of Fl. 990 WAS basically destroyed by an explosion.
Obviously, this correlates with the information previously made public by NewsHawk on Flight 990.
We've been advised that in particular, Arab military officers on board the flight underwent certain training in the U.S., and certain other "pro-NWO" parties both in Egypt and within our government did not want them returning to the Middle East with this knowledge: as well, it's said a very important technological device was supposed to have been on board under the care of certain military officials, which in fact DID manage to end up in Egypt, though the jet did not.
And, what happened to the jet's occupants?


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