Flt 990 - What WE
Know But Gov't And
Media Won't Say
By John A. Quinn <>
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Official Assessment Supports NewsHawk on KEY 990 Issues
FBI to Take EgyptAir Probe
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It's now being officially acknowledged that neither mechanical failure nor pilot error was responsible for the destruction of EgyptAir Fl. 990.
Just TWO days AGO, the NTSB and other officials said that the cockpit voice recorder had TOTALLY invalidated the possibility of a hijacking or "suicide" attempt as causing the crash.
Yet NOW, the NTSB is turning the investigation over to the FBI as a criminal matter. So, what kind of criminal act are they talking about, if no hijacking, suicide or the like occurred? It would stand to reason that the only likely remaining possibility is that some external agency targeted the jet. But with what?
If an onboard bomb or missile punched a hole in the jet at it's original cruising altitude, causing immediate decompression but relatively little structural damage, aviation experts across the boards state that IF the jet had to dive rapidly and suddenly to counteract decompression it would have descended to around 10,000 feet: well below the 17,000 feet the jet leveled off at before it climbed again to 24,000 feet. Furthermore, to a one, professionals state there is NO conceivable reason why the jet WOULD ascend at ALL if it had suffered decompression. The pilot and co-pilot, cited as among the best in Egypt, OBVIOUSLY would know this elementary fact. OBVIOUSLY, the jet did NOT suffer decompression prior to it's first precipitous descent. Then WHY did the crew initiate the descent??
If the jet were struck by a EM pulse, particle beam, laser or positron ray, temporarily knocking out the primary computer system which in turn caused the jets to sputter and misfire, then the crew did EXACTLY what they should have done. They got to a lower altitude where the air is thicker (more supportive) as quickly as possible and attempted to reboot the craft's control computer, while SHUTTING DOWN the engines so they could be restarted and operated properly.
To quote from the Reuters article below: "...the plane began a steep descent.... The final seconds of the tape then showed the ENGINES BEING TURNED OFF AS THE PLANE BEGAN LEVELING OUT. Radar information shows the plane then climbed for a brief period before making a final plunge to the sea.
"The final minutes of EgyptAir 990 have baffled experienced pilots as it does NOT seem to be a rational response to any CONCEIVABLE MECHANICAL PROBLEM with the plane.
"If the dive from 33,000 feet (10,000 meters) was in order to combat loss of cabin pressure, then the plane should have gone down to 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) rather than climbing again at 16,700 (5,100 meters), the experts said.
" 'This one is a real baffler,' said a 767 pilot with a major airline." <snip
Yeah it is, if you don't know the TRUE FACTS. There is literally no other scenario which FITS THESE FACTS but the one NewsHawk has made public.
Obviously, they began to climb again after reaching 17,000 feet BECAUSE they were able to reboot the flight computer and restart the engines, just as we reported. How else could the massively heavy jet begin to climb again if the engines, which everyone says had been SHUT OFF, were restarted? Peter Pan or Tinkerbelle helped out, maybe? Unlikely. THINK ABOUT IT, people.
Then at 24,000 feet almost the exact same sequence is repeated, except this time the pulse, laser or particle hit was either more severe or hit it's mark more accurately, rendering the primary onboard computer system permanently inoperable.
So the NTSB was really painted tightly into a corner, because though they're saying now that apparently a "criminal act" brought down the jet, any TYPICAL criminal act--EVEN a missile or onboard explosive--which occurred at 33,000 feet when and where the trouble obviously began, would almost certainly have caused decompression and WITHOUT DOUBT the crew WOULD have responded quite differently than they in fact DID respond.
The KNOWN actions of the crew fit to a "T" the scenario laid out by NewsHawk in our article "Fl 990--What We Know But Gov't, Media Won't Say".
So, as for "criminal acts"--yes, there were several, just as we reported. These criminal acts DID include the jet being struck by a missile, but that was near the end of the entire sequence of events, obviously NOT at the outset. The missile was the final blow, the coup de grace, to ensure the absolute, total destruction of the craft.
Certainly no "terrorist" group is operating particle or pulse weapons in our country. Logical and careful reasoning and analysis of the FACTS will show conclusively that the criminal acts which it's now acknowledged DID cause the crash of EgyptAir Fl. 990 were perpetrated by factions of the U.S. government, operating at Montauk.
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From Cy Shinkawa < 11-17-99
The posting titled "Controversial Explanation Of Flt 990's Destruction Hits The Net" is not credible. John A. Quinn bends facts on things generally known:
"Just TWO days AGO, the NTSB and other officials said that the cockpit voice recorder had TOTALLY invalidated the possibility of a hijacking or "suicide" attempt as causing the crash."
* Not true. There was no official statement at that time from the NTSB, FBI, Boeing, EgyptAir or anybody else. There was a lot of speculation by a lot of semi-official but unnamed people connected and not connected with this crash, but no hard conclusions on anything.
John A. Quinn gives incorrect information on the things generally known:
"Obviously, they began to climb again after reaching 17,000 feet BECAUSE they were able to reboot the flight computer and restart the engines, just as we reported. How else could the massively heavy jet begin to climb again if the engines, which everyone says had been SHUT OFF, were restarted? Peter Pan or Tinkerbelle helped out, maybe? Unlikely. THINK ABOUT IT, people."
* First, I have heard of no one who has said that the engines were restarted. I'm guessing that an engine restart would be noted on the flight data recorder, since an engine shutoff is recorded. There is no evidence of a restart. Second, it is possible to have the aircraft climb after an engine shutoff, given that the aircraft was going at near supersonic speed. The aircraft is inherently a lifting body. The faster the air passes over the wings, the greater the lift. Given the velocity of the aircraft, no more air speed was needed. What was required was for the pilots to "pull up" on the yoke.
Given the "loose" treatment of the known facts in this case, how can I believe Quinn's unconfirmed assertions?
I speak as someone who believes that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a missle. In my eyes, a convincing case was made for this. In the case of EgyptAir 990, I am not saying a third party did not bring this plane down. I am saying that John A. Quinn has thus far not made a credible case for it.
-Cy Shinkawa
WIRE:11/16/1999 12:13:00 ET FBI to Take EgyptAir Probe; Criminal Act Suspected
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI will take control of the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash investigation after the cockpit voice recorder threw up information suggesting "a criminal act" may have caused the disaster, officials said Tuesday.
The National Transportation Safety Board, which had led the probe into the Oct. 31 crash so far, will pull back to a supporting role. Careful examination of the recorder tape showed someone making a religious comment about death -- before the plane began its unusual plunge, investigation sources said.
The Cairo-bound Boeing 767 plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off the Massachusetts coast, killing all 217 people on board. Its dive from 33,OOO feet (10,000 meters) failed to fit mechanical emergency scenarios.
A government official said one of the two pilots appeared to have left the cockpit when the religious utterance was made by a crew member.
"One person may be involved in some criminal act," the official said.
An official announcement of the probe's handover to the FBI would likely come on later Tuesday, officials said.
In Cairo, Ashraf Hussein, an EgyptAir pilot since 1985 who knew the pilots on Flight 990, discounted the possibility that the pilots would have deliberately caused the crash.
He said co-pilot Adel Anwar was 37 and due to get married two days after the flight. "It had all been arranged. He had an apartment ready. So it's out of the question he would kill himself or sabotage (the plane)."
Hussein described the captain, Ahmed al-Habashi, as a "very decent man."
NTSB chairman Jim Hall had raised the possibility at a news conference Monday that the probe might be handed over to the FBI.
"We are concentrating our efforts on determining from the evidence, including the cockpit voice recorder, whether or not this investigation is to remain under the leadership of the National Transportation Safety Board," he said.
Although the FBI began conducting interviews and following tips from the day of the crash it has so far publicly said it has had no clear evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
The cockpit voice recorder that has shed new light on the crash was brought up from the ocean 60 miles (100 km) south off
the island of Nantucket over the weekend.
The flight data recorder, retrieved earlier last week, showed the plane's autopilot being disengaged about 30 minutes after EgyptAir 990 left New York's John F. Kennedy Airport.
About eight seconds later the plane began a steep descent that exceeded the design speed of the plane. The final seconds of the tape then showed the engines being turned off as the plane began leveling out. Radar information shows the plane then climbed for a brief period before making a final plunge to the sea.
The final minutes of EgyptAir 990 have baffled experienced pilots as it does not seem to be a rational response to any conceivable mechanical problem with the plane.
If the dive from 33,000 feet (10,000 meters) was in order to combat loss of cabin pressure, then the plane should have gone down to 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) rather than climbing again at 16,700 (5,100 meters), the experts said.
"This one is a real baffler," said a 767 pilot with a major airline.
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(Note - The views and theories presented in the following article are those of NewsHawk and do not necessarily represent those of
The time has come for NewsHawk to break our silence on the REAL causes of the demise of EgyptAir Flight 990.
Our disgust and outrage at the continuing official state terrorism perpetrated by covert of the U.S. government and at the sickening disinformation and blatant lies spewed by government liars and their mass media cohorts compels us to release this CRUCIAL information NOW.
We've spent the past few days researching and investigating what caused the jet to go plunging into the Atlantic Ocean early AM Oct. 31.
We've pieced together the picture with information from a variety of different sources, all with a solid record or reliability and integrity. There are certainly still some important pieces of the puzzle missing--such as WHAT HAPPENED TO 217 BODIES--but the emerging picture is becoming quite clear.
At the outset we'll say this unequivocally. Flight 990 was INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED by elements of the federal government: in particular, the U.S. Navy. To be more precise, the Boeing 767 jet was targeted and hit TWICE, reportedly with a particle beam, by pro-New World Order Navy factions in control of the Montauk Pt. clandestine underground base, and then finished off with a missile, which blew the tail off the jet.
It's also a FACT that BOTH flight recorders were recovered within 48 hours of the crash by underwater recovery vessels from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, Mass.
Nearly everything being told the public about the recovery of the recorders and most other aspects of the disaster by the government via mass media outlets is nothing but a dog and pony show intended to buy official liars time to come up with a "big lie" that will fly. So far, every bullshit story they've tried to launch has NOT gone over.
Over 200 pictures of the wreckage in the ocean floor were taken by the Woods Hole vessel, NONE of which have been made public. The pictures show the fuselage of the jet is in MANY, many pieces. None of the jet's wings or engines are there, and NO bodies are visible. The tail section in particular is utterly destroyed. These pictures have been viewed by several of our sources who have no contact or connection to each other at all. Their statements match completely. The nose of the jet is said to be relatively intact, with the front windshield completely blown out.
Now, for some background information. The MASSIVE clandestine base underneath defunct, "abandoned" Montauk Air Force Station with it's extensive inventory of ultra-high-tech, highly advanced technologies and systems has been controlled by firmly pro-New World Order U.S. Navy factions for over two years now. The prior occupants of the base were Omega/Faction 3 elements of the U.S. Air Force, who locked up and took the keys when they vacated the premises in mid-1997. The base was subsequently FORCIBLY entered and taken over by aforementioned Navy contingents in short order. This subject was covered in great detail in our book PHOENIX UNDEAD, published in 1998.
On Nov. 3 NewsHawk published an article entitled "Fl. 990--One version of what happened", which brought out some speculative information on WHY the jet was destroyed. THAT article precipitated the most severe cyber-goon hack attack upon NewsHawk's email news service to date, surpassing even the extensive harassment we incurred from our published investigative reports on the crash of JFK Jr.'s plane. (The two air disasters have more than a few things in common, as we shall explain.)
The Nov. 3 article, included at the end of this article, covered highly intriguing information and OBVIOUSLY hit quite close to the mark due to the response it engendered from the cyber-goons; but in this article we're putting aside such speculation and focusing on what is known. We DO urge reading the Nov. 3 article, however.
Regardless of the exact reasons why Flight 990 was targeted for destruction, here is what we KNOW. Slightly over a half-hour after leaving New York, while cruising at 33,000 feet, the jet was hit for the first time, most likely by a particle beam or high-powered laser. The firing of the beam was verified by a surveillance team monitoring covert Navy operations at Montauk. (This same team verified the particle beam was fired THREE times the night JFK Jr.'s plane was destroyed off Martha's Vineyard at 9:40 PM, July 16.)
The first beam hit was NOT catastrophic, but among other things it may have glitched the plane's PRIMARY computer system, causing the jet's two computer-controlled engines to malfunction: as well it may have punched a hole in the jet, causing instantaneous decompression. The auto-pilot disengaged.
The pilot and co-pilot, KNOWN to be some of the very best pilots around and CITED as such by the Egyptian government and EgyptAir, responded immediately and correctly to the emergency by taking the jet down QUICKLY in a controlled dive while trying to reboot the computer control system. As the engines are computer-controlled, they can NOT be left sputtering and misfiring but MUST be SHUT DOWN before they can be restarted.
The pilots WERE able to reboot the computer, shut off AND restart the engines after leveling off at approximately 17,000 feet and regained control of the craft. They then initiated an ascent, climbing back up to 24,000 feet. At THAT point we're told the jet was hit yet AGAIN by a particle beam; this time a much more severe hit which completely destroyed the primary computer control system and almost certainly punched a hole in the craft.
The top-notch pilots AGAIN sought desperately to regain control of the craft, being of course aware that ALL these craft have a BACKUP computer system on a separate power supply. They initiated the same kind of maneuver as before, but there was one crucial difference this time. The craft was almost certainly decompressing at this point, and it would have been IMPERATIVE to get the jet down to a much lower altitude FAST to survive.
This brings up another aspect, which is that with both engines out such a large craft can't get much below 7-8,000 feet and be pulled out of a dive. There's just not enough room--it's too heavy and DEFINITELY NOT a glider. Nevertheless the pilots struggled valiantly to bring the plane lower in a controlled fashion and get the secondary, backup computer system online-- fighting against time, gravity and panic.
Incredibly, they might have been able to do it... except for one thing. As the diving jet reached about 8,000 feet it was hit by a missile which ripped the entire tail section apart, rendering it completely uncontrollable and ensuring it's utter destruction. The jet spun wildly out of control, both main wings being ripped off by the extreme air speed and centrifugal forces and the fuselage plunged into the ocean.
This scenario, as we've said, has been put together by correlating information received from a number of different sources INCLUDING, in an astonishing twist of fate, AN EYEWITNESS TO THE ENTIRE EVENT!!
At this very time German national citizen was piloting a small business jet along the northeast coast in this exact vicinity that night, somewhat behind Fl. 990. He witnessed BOTH controlled, emergency dive maneuvers executed by the pilots, although he wasn't completely certain at first what was going on. He became aware however that the craft was apparently in some distress, and changed his course slightly to maintain closer proximity to Fl. 990 and a good view of what was happening. This individual then picked up a VERY fast-moving blip on his radar screen coming right towards both his plane AND the EgyptAir jet. Immediately concerned, he performed some evasive maneuvers and watched as a missile passed his plane and struck Fl. 990 in the aft/tail section, blowing the rear of the jet to smithereens. He saw the jet plunge into the sea.
This person returned to Germany soon afterwards and made a statement there to Reuters news agency about what he had seen. It seems clear he was terribly shaken by what he'd seen and afraid to make any statements until back in his native Germany. This person was then visited by three U.S. government agents, who told he that he DID NOT see what he saw, and Reuters was ordered to NOT publish this witness's account.
Furthermore, one of our primary sources, who provided much of the information in our Nov. 3 article "Fl.. 990--One version of what happened", which is reprinted below, received an email last week which advised our source in no uncertain terms to cease and desist in his investigation into the crash of Fl. 990 if he valued his health; it was also stated that our sources actions were being monitored.
Using sophisticated, classified computer programs, our source and some associates were able to track that email back to it's starting point.
The email was sent from a "George Mason".
It was sent from the clandestine base at MONTAUK, through a dedicated server in Washington D.C.!! BINGO!!
This source has direct contact with the surveillance team on duty monitoring Navy operations at Montauk. He has just received word that a strike team forcibly removed the Navy from the subterranean base at Montauk as of several days ago. There tenancy there at this point has been TERMINATED. Too late, unfortunately, for Flight 990.
We doubt that the criminally insane, vicious and psychopathic elements responsible for destroying the jet do these things strictly for fun. There were most assuredly definite reasons what the jet was destroyed, although NewsHawk currently has no solid confirmation on what those reasons were. One of the possible reasons was discussed in our Nov. 3 article. Basically, this revolves around some exceptionally highly classified, ultra-advanced technology being transported to the Giza Plateau in Egypt. This device was urgently needed by anti-NWO forces who control at least part of the MASSIVE, five-mile-deep underground facilities beneath Giza, as discussed in our previous article.
Other plausible reasons brought forth have to to with attempts by New World Order elements to drastically impact the Mid-East summit which got underway days after Fl. 990 went down.
Yet others feel the jet was brought down as some kind of ritualistic Masonic/Illuminati sacrifice. Knowing the penchant these demented, inhuman lunatics have for killing several birds with one stone, we'd say probably ALL THREE theories are most likely valid to some degree or other.
It's safe to say in a general way that some agency was determined that SOMEONE or SOMETHING on the jet was NOT going to make it back to Egypt. Yet as we've reported previously, several of our sources say the urgently needed device DID make it to Giza, despite the destruction of the jet.
There are still some major unexplained mysteries about the crash.
For one thing, this commercial airliner DEFINITELY made at least one unscheduled stop at Edwards Air Force Base east of Los Angeles, and according to sources, landed at one, perhaps even two OTHER military facilities. The jet almost certainly stopped at ANDREWS AFB outside Washington, D.C. before going on to N.Y. We've also been told that the jet landed at White Sands missile base in New Mexico after leaving Edwards. Even ONE such landing by a (foreign at that) commercial airliner at a military base is literally unheard of unless there were a dire emergency: two or three is completely beyond any and all bounds of normalcy.
What's more, there were undeniably an extraordinary number of foreign military personnel aboard this commercial flight: not ONLY 33 Egyptian officers but also military personnel from a number of OTHER Arab nations.
Then, there's the truly unusual issue of FBI psychologist Ed McLaughlin, a specialist in grief counseling families of crash victims, who got off the plane in N.Y.... just before it crashed. This individual was standing in front of microphones discussing how he and EgyptAir were going to handle notifying victims' families mere HOURS after he disembarked and the flight crashed: an undeniably bizarre and suspicious aspect.
What makes this even MORE suspicious is that in his initial, EXTREMELY brief statement to the press, McLaughlin NEVER ONCE mentioned that he had JUST BEEN ON THE FLIGHT!! CNN discovered the fact when going over the passenger list and THEY were the ones who publicized this extraordinarily odd fact, which was subsequently confirmed by all relevant parties and agencies. WHY did McLaughlin avoid mentioning he had just gotten of the doomed plane? Several sources have suggested to us McLaughlin may have planted an onboard explosive before disembarking, which MAY have been a factor in the disaster. (As we noted in our articles of the JFK Jr. crash, agencies implementing such events have backup systems in place ready to be deployed as insurance that one way or another, the bird is going down, no matter what, even if one of the systems or devices of destruction were to fail or just to make triply sure the target is completely destroyed.)
There's yet ANOTHER massively bizarre aspect to the crash. WHERE ARE THE 217 BODIES? Not only were NO bodies visible in classified photos of the plane wreckage on the ocean floor, after 2 weeks it's INCONCEIVABLE that bodies would not float to the surface. Only ONE body has supposedly been recovered to date, and suspiciously, that body has NEVER BEEN IDENTIFIED. Our sources speculate the jet may have been divested of most or all of it's passengers before leaving N.Y., and perhaps of the top-secret device it was transporting ALSO. However it happened, this device is said to have made it to Egypt... one way or another, as we've reported,
Other strange aspects of this case have been discussed in several of our other articles, and the Boston Herald reported last Friday, Nov. 12 -- -- that "federal criminal investigators probing the fatal crash of EgyptAir 990 are focusing on UNUSUAL pre-flight BEHAVIOR by the plane's FLIGHT CREW and are actively pursuing leads that suggest the disaster 'was NOT AN ACCIDENT,' a source close to the investigation said yesterday."
Public statements made by compromised or bought-off professional (so-called) pilots, to the effect that the controlled dives and intentional switching off of the two engines don't make sense, are utter lies. These actions are EXACTLY what a well-trained pilot WOULD do in the eventuality the plane experienced decompression and/or the main computer system glitched or failed, causing the engines to malfunction.
After preliminary analysis of both the data and voice recorders, government agencies have effectively ruled out anything like hijacking, "suicide" or any conceivable mechanical failure (like the "thrust reverser" fairy tale they attempted briefly to propound), although they and the U.S. press have been VERY reluctant to say that intentional, "terroristic" destruction of the plane is the most likely--indeed the ONLY--remaining credible possibility. This is in stark contrast with the press in rest of the world.
There's a reason WHY this is NOT being discussed by the government and mass media in the U.S. Because it was "official" U.S. government- implemented "terrorism" which destroyed the jet.
NewsHawk pledges to continue digging for the truth about the extraordinary, outrageous incident of official state-sponsored terrorism and to bring the truth TO LIGHT as the story develops further.
© NewsHawk® Inc. 1999
Here's our Nov. 3 article, Some of this information has subsequently been updated and clarified.
We DO know that publishing this article resulted in absolute, total shutdown of ALL our email accounts by midday Wednesday, Nov. 3.
11.3.99 Fl 990--One version of what happened
Kent Steadman of Cyberspace Orbit relayed some information to us about Fl. 990 which he has now put up at his website.
NewsHawk® does NOT put this forth as absolute and total fact. Ot may be true, most of it may be true or part of it may be true.
Reportedly, an ultra-secret planetary defense/"stargate" apparatus beneath the Giza plateau, parts of which had been removed by Nazi elements of the U.S. government. This device is supposedly called a "phase converter".
Due to a severe, critical threat posed to earth by approaching celestial objects on a course for direct impact with the planet, it was absolutely imperative that pilfered parts of this device be returned immediately to Egypt.
Said approaching objects are NOT necessarily "natural" objects, nor is their direct course for earth necessarily "natural". Indications are that the objects had been maneuvered into a direct collision course with earth by New World Order global fascist elements, using ultra-advanced technologies.
Regardless, Faction 3/Omega elements of the American government and other governments have been working to prevent such incalculable destruction, and the technology and systems available to them may not have been up to the job of destroying or deflecting the approaching objects. Moreover, they have been pressured by NWO forces to NOT interfere with them.
Egyptian military officers, apparently acting in some kind of decoy capacity, were reportedly transporting said parts back to Egypt on Fl. 990. Though Fl. 990 never made it to Egypt (as far as we know) the desperately needed parts DID somehow make it back, were installed, and the planetary defense apparatus has been activated... successfully, we hope.
If this IS the basic outline of what's really going on, then it would seem MOST likely that Fl. 990 was terminated by the criminally insane fascist lunatics at the helm of the monstrous, totalitarian New World Order. However there is some small chance that the entire craft was diverted through a dimensional portal or wormhole as a means of protecting it's immeasurably important "cargo" from the inhuman, ANTI-human psychopaths in the New World Order. If so, we hope all those missing are in some way or other "okay"...
As noted, the extremely ancient planetary defense/stargate apparatus which exists WAY beneath the Giza plateau was missing some crucial parts pilfered by some "Raiders of the Lost Ark"-type hombres and turned over to covert factions of the federal government.
Reportedly, in hopes of duplicating said planetary defense/stargate system, said parts were being back-engineered by same covert government factions in some central Calif. location, when word went out that parts were NEEDED-- very badly, apparently--by certain other parties ensconced in the Giza underground.
Activation of said device is reportedly required due to an extremely threatening series of asteroids/meteor(ites) which are making a beeline for earth. Situation is said to be CRITICAL.
NewsHawk has received COMPLETELY separate confirmation from a VERY trusted NY-area source of objects heading for earth. At least 3 such were cited. Two weeks ago this source told us that though technologies existed (particle, positron, pulse, nuclear, laser, etc.) which COULD prevent these objects from impacting by deflecting or destroying them, New World Order factions WANT the objects to impact and were trying to PREVENT any such planetary defense being deployed. He also implied that perhaps existing technology MIGHT be inadequate for the purposes required. Our source told us again that this threat is VERY real and VERY serious. We've been acquainted for a long time and this guy does NOT worry easily. He sounded worried.
The existence of these approaching celestial objects is well-known among those scientific circles with a "need to know".
Egyptian military officers aboard Fl. 990 were reportedly transporting required parts of the ancient planetary defense/stargate apparatus BACK to Egypt.
Then Flight 990 vanished.
HOWEVER, according to one of Kent Steadman's sources, the desperately needed parts DID in fact make it back to Cairo/Giza, despite the fact Fl. 990 did NOT.
Either the vital materials were taken off the plane in New York, or Fl. 990 was a DECOY and the materials were actually transported by other means, or the entire plane itself was subjected to some drastic time/space "alterations" in order to secure the device(s) needed.
In support of this general scenario is some information gleaned from OUR source in NY later in the day the jet went down. We contacted him to find out if he had any "inside" info on the crash. At the time he didn't, other than to observe that the area of the plane's disappearance is a literal "Bermuda Triangle" of sorts.
We THEN asked our source about the current status of threats posed to the planet by approaching celestial objects. His response was blunt and to the point. "That's been taken care of," he said tersely. Remember, this was within 12 hours of the disappearance of Fl. 990. 2 weeks previously this source had told us the threat from the approaching objects was extreme.
What did he know that he could then make that statement with such certainty? Was it that he KNEW (but couldn't say) those desperately needed parts had in fact made it back to Egypt to be utilized in the planetary defense/ stargate "phase converter" apparatus under the Giza plateau, and that for now at least, earth was safe?
We strongly urge readers to visit Kent Steadman's website to get more details on this extraordinary story.
By the way, Steadman ALSO noted it's confirmed that ELFRAD radar data from the time the jet went down indicate a severe electromagnetic pulse of some kind in the area.
NewsHawk® Inc.