Mystery Solved? Huge
Fleet Of New SUVs, Vans,
Trucks Being Painted UN White?

From Ted Jones Jr <>
I am an employee of the INS and state that your information is wrong.
The color of most "marked" INS vehicles is white. That is the way they are "issued" to most Districts and Border Patrol Sectors.
Any markings are "usually" applied at the local level.
Border Patrol vehicles are white with a green stripe and usually have tinted windows. Or they are just plain white with no markings, usually in the interior of the US.
All transport vehicles will have a cage in it. Not to keep the aliens in, but more to protect the transporting personnel.
In my time with INS I have yet to see a vehicle with shackles in it. By law we are prohibited from securing aliens to vehicles.
I would assume that the white vehicles on the prison property in Texas are for our future use. The Border Patrol is ever increasing in an effort to "finally" secure the southern border.
Detention Officers and Border Patrol currently use V-10 Ford vans, Tahoes, Yukons, Explorers, Expeditions and S-10 Blazers.
Any questions or arguments.
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P.S. White vehicles with UN markings and/or Military Police are another story. I frown upon the suspected use of these vehicles and I will fight to the death to inhibit UN forces actively pursuing UN/Martial law goals within the US.

Date: 8-2-99
From: (on file)
Subject: Bastrop vehicles
A friend who is a former employee of the Federal Prison System tells me that Bastrop and Terre Haute have government contracts for inmates to re-fit the inside of prison transfer vans...all federal prison vans and possibly other agenies such as Immigration send their vans there to be modified. He knew this immediately when I mentioned it.
Just thought you might want to know before you end up going too far out on a limb, here.

Photo's taken from the air
Ground Photos... coming Monday
Bastrop.. AllTexas News
Nestled behind a hillside, just out of sight from busy Highway 95 in Bastrop County, Texas, lies a growing fleet of nearly a thousand showroom-new SUVs, 4WD pickups, suburbans and vans. These vehicles are not overflow storage for an overstocked dealer. This fleet is owned by the federal government.
All the vehicles are U.N. White.
Rumors have been floating in the area for months about a fleet of suspicious vehicles being outfitted with prisoner cages, shackles and insignia such as "U.S. Police Force" and the U.N. roundel. None of the vehicles observed in the storage area appeared to have any markings at all other than window stickers with equipment data.
However, prison officials did confirm that the SUVs and vans were in fact being outfitted with prisoner cages and shackles. When pressed for information on the intended users of these vehicles, a prison spokesman said they were intended for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
However, vehicles assigned to the INS are predominantly painted green and those assigned to the Border Patrol are blue in color. The suitability of a high-visibility color such as white for either agency is in question. Large, white vehicles can be seen approaching from miles away.
This $30 million fleet of unused government vehicles has been steadily growing, but has not been deployed. It seems the vehicles keep coming in, but none go out to user agencies. This field-full of top-of-the-line utility vehicles, bought with taxpayer dollars, is sitting idle, soaking up Texas sun.
The site is located a few miles North of the city of Bastrop on U.S. Prison property. The high-security prison itself takes up the Southern part of the property. The area where the vehicles reside is fenced-off from the public road with no more precaution than a farmer might use to keep his cattle from straying. The unguarded entrance warns that the area is U.S. Prison property and trespassing is prohibited. Another sign strangley warns of "Poison Gas."
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