Waco & The US Military
The UNHOLY THREE: Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Webster Hubbell, and Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
After William ROCKEFELLER Clinton was inaugurated as the new president in January, 1993, who was actually running the U.S. Government? To understand that is to comprehend plenty. 1.
Dictating both policy and actual orders was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Early on she fought with the new Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. She wanted an office in the White House superior to that of the Vice President. He felt his strength on certain issues somehow helped carry Clinton into office. After all, Gore and his father were the crusaders for cheap electricity, a pocket book issue forbidden to be discussed in the monopoly press. Mentioning the Gore-promoted Tennessee Valley Authority brings bloodshot eyes to the electric power cartel including General Electric, owner of NBC, and Westinghouse, owner of CBS. GE and Westinghouse will never, ever, forget that thanks to the TVA, the Gore family,and the Kennedy Justice Department, top officials of the electric cartel were put in jail in 1961 because of an historic showdown known as the Electrical Conspiracy Cases.
BUT: after all, the secret societies, like the Bilderberg Group, installed Clinton, a crony of George Herbert Walker Bush, to promote the New World Order and safeguard the Old World Families. AND, to strangle Americans foolish enough to believe in national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. The most direct reason Clinton was not removed from office by the U.S. Senate in an impeachment TRIAL---they did not want Gore as acting President.
An UNHOLY THREE were running the U.S. Government. Not only Hillary Clinton, but her former Rose Laws Firm cronies Webster Hubbell and Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Up to the time he was put in jail for swindling that firm, Hubbell, as a top official, ran the Clinton Justice Department, NOT JANET RENO. A long-time expert in money laundering and espionage and continuing that role as deputy counsel in the Clinton White House, Foster was the courier worldwide for illicit funding. Foster reportedly handled the huge cash flow from dope, gun smuggling,and such. Ostensibly used was the Mexican bank octopus Grupo Financiero Bancomer. And Bancomer has been a part of the whiskey, dope,and hot money money headed by the booze-soaked Bronfman family [Seagrams] and their Bank of Montreal together with their Chicago unit, Harris Bank. Another unholy three.
For many years up to and including his short-lived role in the Clinton White House, Foster ran a "Gold Bank" in the Caribbean. Money launderers preferred ending up with untraceable smuggled gold, AND DIAMONDS. [In New York, a gem-cutting center, bags of diamonds are the favorite way of bribing state and federaljudges.]
So there was a church in Waco, Texas, ripe as a target to demonstrate U.S.Government "muscle". They typified unacceptable mistrust and defiance of the Central Government. They were headed by a charming, double-talking CIA "Manchurian Candidate", using the fake name David Koresh. [The CIA's mind control facility has long been operating near Waco.This the newsfakers are forbidden to mention.] If there were any reason to grab Koresh on federal charges of any kind, well, it was easy. He reportedly jogged outside daily. But the Branch Davidian stand-off could not be tolerated.
COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF CLINTON DELEGATED TO HIS WIFE, AND HUBBELL, AND FOSTER the power to ORDER AND SUPERVISE the U.S.Military. ALthough having the name "First Lady", Hillary Clinton does not occupy any office authorized by U.S. Statutes or by the U.S. Constitution. Hubbell and Foster were, like Hillary, civilians. Using this UNCONSTITUTIONALLY DELEGATED "AUTHORITY", this unholy troika ORDERED the U.S. Military to use deadly force against the Waco church. A tank was used. Special Forces with helicopter gunships were used. Military pyrotechnics were used. AND OTHER YET-SECRET MILITARY WEAPONS WERE USED BY THE U.S. MILITARY as ORDERED by Hillary Clinton, Webster Hubbell, and Vince Foster.
From inside data, a lawyer friend of mine, Paul Wilcher, originally from the Chicago-area, wrote a detailed report on the unlawful military operation against the Waco church. "Sherman, I am going to deliver it in person to Janet Reno", he told me on the phone. I said, "Paul, you don't have enough life insurance. You are a walking dead man if you don't scrap that report."
I was apparently the last one to talk to him on the phone. Thereafter his phone was disconnected. Wilcher dropped out of sight. His friends were worried. Senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, a mutual friend, demanded the local police, investigate; they refused. Strange, but one day a team of some 20 CIA AND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AGENTS broke into Wilcher's District of Columbia apartment and found him apparently murdered. The local coroner said he is too busy to investigate. This was June, 1993. Almost exactly 30 days later, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was found dead, laying next to a Civil War cannon in historic Fort Marcy Park, Virginia.
[A District of Columbia prosecutor began an investigation of the death of Foster and had some 500 CLEAR photos tending to show foul play. A few days after the probe was started, a team of unidentified so-called "federal agents" pushed their way into the prosecutor's office, showed no official papers authorizing anything, and cleared out the prosecutor's office to the bare walls. Everything there was carried away to the black hole of history and cover up. After all, the prosecutor had jurisdiction. Foster's dead body had been removed from near the Clinton White House and parked in the Virginia Park. Unlike the D.C. authorities, the Park Police reportedly are not that experienced in murder investigations.]
[The super-secret National Reconnaissance Office,NRO, had satellite video images showing Foster's body being taken from D.C. to Virginia. Fort Marcy Park is right near the CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia. Every blade of crass is under 24-hour satellite surveillance. A key NRO operative, in charge of satellite video imaging and having video of the Foster body matter and a number of other mysteries, was murdered in March, 1998. That was the killing of Daniel Potter, an unsolved crime.]
A Congressional Committee, according to long-reliable sources, reportedly has proof with tapes and more, of Hillary, Hubbell, and Foster giving the unconstitutional orders and supervising the same, to the U.S. Military to stage their murderous attack on the church in Waco. A knowledgeable Committee source whispered to us, "This isn't going any place. The chairman[of the Committee] says they are threatening to kill him and he believes it. It will topple the government. It isn't going any place."
The documentable proof in the hands of one or more Congressional Committees is believed sufficient to force the federal criminal prosecution for treason, of Hillary Clinton and Webster Hubbell AND SO-CALLED INDEPENDENT COUNSEL KENNETH W.STARR for apparently covering this all up while he worked a false criminal plea agreement with criminal defendant Hubbbell. AND THE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OF BILL CLINTON.
The newsfakers are well aware of all his but continue the BIG LIE about the Church at Waco. They divert matters by interviewing former FBI officials. Yes, Hubbell will most likely say nothing even if asked by the press. While on the way once to jail, he received millions of dollars from Bill and Hillary Clinton of "hush money" originated reportedly with Red Chinese and ethnic Chinese recipients of U.S. Military secrets from the Clintons. Foster is safely in the cemetery.[A CIA-linked mortuary reportedly handled Foster's body. WHAT DID THEY APPARENTLY COVER UP?] Hillary is high-profile. Why don't the "liars and whores of the press" qiestion her about her role in reportedly ORDERING the U.S. Military attack on the Church in Waco?
Yes, this mess could well open up the profound demise of Foster, highest ranking U.S. government official to be assassinated since the murder of President Kennedy. Yes, it may well wreck the U.S. government to the benefit of some foreign government like Great Britain that has been trying for more than 200 years to take back this Continent as a puppet British colony. Remember the War of 1812. Have you forgotten that two U.S. Presidents who opposed the schemes of England were assassinated? President Garfield and McKinley. Who believes a "lone assassin" did them in? Note: Clinton as a Rhodes Scholar sent to Oxford by the Cecil Rhodes Trust---have you ever read what that Trust calls for? The return of this Continent to England. And Clinton took a pledge to support that Trust. In direct contradiction to that, he twice as elected President took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution. Which oath is binding on what appears to be a treasonous President?
Yes, the downfall of the Weimar Republic brought on Hitler. And the possible split in the U.S.government may bring on anarchy and another Hitler. BUT: LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD THOUGH THE HEAVENS CRUMBLE. Are the ghosts of Waco walking around?
1. NOTE: In previous exclusive stories I mentioned there is substantial reason to believe the person using the name "Clinton" is actually the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller founder of what some call the infamous Standard Oil Trust. Is that the reason no criminal charge can be brought against "Clinton". a Rockefeller?
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