Sheriff Stone Convinced
Others Involved In
Columbine Slaughter
By John Quinn <>
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Jefferson County's head sheriff, John Stone, speaking with firm conviction in an interview published June 19, 1999, made it decisively clear once and for all that he is CONVINCED Harris and Klebold had accomplices in the planning and execution of the shooting rampage at Columbine High School April 20.
Breaking a long public silence about the horror which occurred on his watch, Stone indicated the sheer weight of evidence and testimony regarding such collaboration makes this conclusion unavoidable and undeniable.
Stone let it be known that such leads and evidence will be pursued to the utmost extent until the truth is brought to light and justice is served, and that the community, not to mention the nation, can not rest easy regarding the nightmarish slaughter until this comes to pass.
Notably, the article pointedly defines the vicious murder and mayhem carried out at the school that day as a "COMMANDO-STYLE RAID," a truly significant point which correlates very closely with the latest astonishing leads just passed on to NewsHawk by local sources. Following the text of the Stone interview is information on these leads and some of their incredible implications. It's reasonable to assume that this description of the horror may well be due to certain information relayed by Stone to his interviewers "off-the-record" and not published in the article.
There was a tremendous amount of unavoidable and compelling evidence at the scene indicating EXTENSIVE involvement on the part of paramilitary, covert-operations AND intelligence agencies in the murder and mayhem: evidence which is clear and well-known to many, including of course Sheriff Stone.
As well, Stone reaffirms his knowledge that Eric Harris's father Wayne was without doubt incomprehensibly and unconscionably negligent as a parent in taking serious preventive and corrective action concerning unavoidably obvious indications that a great number of Eric's actions, interests and proclivities were BLATANTLY destructive, dangerous, hate-obsessed, and in general highly disturbed and troubling. Stone seems to imply in fact that Wayne Harris may have been MORE than negligent; such as complicit!
Here are excerpts of the interview with Jefferson County's head sheriff. (Entire interview at APB Online's website:
SHERIFF IN THE HOT SEAT John Stone Reflects on Columbine Massacre, Personal Impact
June 19, 1999
By Keith Coffman
DENVER ( -- As he first moved along the darkened halls of Columbine High School in Littleton the day after 14 students and one teacher died in a bloodbath of bomb explosions, shotgun blasts and semiautomatic weapons fire, Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone was struck by a paradox.
Walls that just 24 hours earlier had resonated with the bustling sounds of typical high school students looking forward to summer vacation a scant few weeks away were now silent, blackened by gunpowder from pipe bombs hurled by student killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in their commando raid.
"There was a very eerie silence in that school," said Stone, the man heading up the investigation into the deadly assault. "There isn't a law enforcement agency in the country that could have been prepared for a suicide mission of firearms and bombs on a crowded school."
Sight of bodies provoked anger
Stone, who spent 20 years as a street cop, certainly wasn't ready for the carnage wrought by Klebold, 17, and Harris, 18.
Following a Hansel and Gretel-like trail of broken glass, spent shell casings, live ammunition rounds and other ordnance through the corridors, Stone came upon a ghastly scene in the school library. There, eyewitnesses said 10 students were shot to death at point-blank range after being ambushed, cornered and taunted by the two gunmen, themselves seniors at the school.
"It was a slaughter field in there; the kids were cowering under desks and tables when they were murdered in cold blood," Stone said. "It's such a waste when kids die."
Stone said he felt anger when he saw the bodies of Klebold and Harris lying side-by-side next to their victims in the library, apparently dead from a double suicide. He holds both teens responsible for the murders, despite reports that Harris was the mastermind behind the massacre.
"I've talked to students who were shot by Klebold. He was not just a follower," he said....
...It's been almost two months since the deadliest school shooting in U.S history happened on his watch, and although he said it's been like one "long, nonstop day," Stone makes it a point to take time away from the largest criminal probe in the county's history to be the doting father.
He spoke to on a recent Sunday while taking in a Colorado Rockies baseball game with his 11-year-old daughter, Lori. He said Lori is aware of the high-profile role her dad is playing in tragedy.
"I've walked her through everything that's happened so she has an understanding of what my part is in all of this," he said.
Media reports spark criticism
Stung by withering media criticism in the days after the killing spree, Stone has scaled back interviews in the last month but agreed to talk about the status of the case and the flurry of worldwide scrutiny on his jurisdiction.
In an era of 24-hour news cycles, discrepancies in statements coming from Stone or his spokesmen were aired immediately, forcing subsequent clarifications from his office.
First there were reports that 25 people had died, then questions about whether three males detained outside the school during the siege were official suspects. Stone said they were possible co-conspirators; investigators said they'd been cleared. The flap forced Stone to hold a midnight news conference to explain the conflicting reports.
"I was trying to get out as much information as possible, but it was like trying to manage an avalanche," he said.
Then he told reporters that the parents of Eric Harris should have been aware their son's activities after police found bomb-making items and the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun lying in the open of his bedroom. Although two higher-profile politicians -- U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and Colorado Gov. Bill Owens -- publicly said the same thing, it was Stone who bore the brunt of the criticism when the Harrises refused to cooperate with investigators unless they were granted immunity.
Believes killers had help
But it's been his public feud with the family of Brooks Brown, an associate of Klebold and Harris, that compelled Stone to defer most comments on the case to his public information officers.
Stone said Brown's conflicting comments about his relationship with Klebold and Harris were "suspicious." Brown's parents fired back, blasting the sheriff's office for not following up on death threats Harris made to Brown last year.
Feeling burned by the coverage, Stone will no longer identify suspects, except to say he still believes the two killers had help in their plot to storm the school.
"I've said all along there were more people involved and nothing has changed my thinking," he said. "There probably will be a lot of anxiety in this community until this investigation is wrapped up."
Expects scrutiny of response
But Stone knows that once the criminal probe is done, the focus will shift to the response of the SWAT teams on the day of the attack. Teacher Dave Sanders was shot in the opening salvo of gunfire and bled to death over three hours, as students tended to his wounds while awaiting rescue....
...The sheriff said investigators are assembling a timeline and a detailed mock-up of the school, and he promises a full accounting of the police and rescue efforts.
But it could be awhile -- perhaps if there's a criminal trial or when the inevitable civil lawsuits gather steam -- before many details are released. Just last week, a Jefferson County judge sealed the autopsy results of the victims and gunmen, so the times of death remain unknown to the public. ...
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NewsHawk is working on developing some VERY serious leads as to ACTUAL PARTICIPANTS in the Columbine slaughter (we're talking NAMES here) as well as names of those persons and organizations who CONTRACTED with said other participants to CARRY OUT the commando style massacre!
We CAN say right now, based on information provided from highly credible and knowledgeable sources that this ungodly horror connects to very high levels of international global power-broking, AND to some fairly well-known and well-monied interests on the more local level as well.
Early reports out of Littleton after the massacre of Internet warnings of an impending violent rampage at the school posted during the days BEFORE the slaughter by a gay goth/Trenchcoat faction represented by someone calling themselves "Queen Jeff," have received some substantial verification from a source.
Along these lines reports surfaced right after the slayings to the effect Harris and Klebold were involved in a homosexual relationship. One of our contacts in Denver, a highly credible person by all estimates who's provided some SERIOUS leads, knows Klebold's next-door neighbors personally, who in turn know the Klebolds personally. This contact has run this by the Klebolds' neighbors--as to whether Harris and Klebold having such a relationship was PLAUSIBLE, based on their knowledge of the situation. This source indicated the neighbors believed it WAS plausible.
Indeed NewsHawk has in fact very recently received a communication from a self-described "friend" of some of Littleton's goth/Trenchcoat Mafia crowd, whose cybername is remarkably similar to "Queen Jeff."
This individual indicated that they have substantial and significant points of congruence with some of the same "Satanist" philosophy, interests and agendas Eric Harris for example found so compelling. What's more, this individual, perhaps inadvertently, let slip some potentially very significant information about themselves and their Trenchcoat associates that those investigators who are hopefully uncompromised and honest will find EXTREMELY worthwhile to pursue.
What was further outrageous about what this individual had to say is that they themselves were substantially involved with the memorial activities for the murdered victims of the massacre! This involvement, distressingly, is 100% verified. Talk about "PLAYING" both sides!
One source with contacts to the Jefferson County Sheriff's department advised NewsHawk that in addition to the latest statements from Sheriff Stone there are others in the department outraged and furious about pressure coming down from above attempting to squelch serious, unhampered intensive and principled investigation into the undeniable presence of (numerous) accomplices and collaborators in the mayhem and murder at Columbine.
When these leads are further developed the leads and information noted above WILL be passed on to such hopefully uncompromised investigators.
Motives and agendas for this monstrosity are less difficult to decipher and We've been advised by some key contacts on this that to date our articles have been pretty well on the nose regarding assessments of such agendas.
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