US Air Force Denies It Is
Spraying Toxic Substance
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The Sudbury Star (Canada) 8-14-99


The United States Air Force says none of its jets has been flying in the skies over Espanola (Ontario) and spraying a mysterious substance being blamed for illnesses by some residents of the paper mill town.
If there are problems being caused by low-flying aircraft, "It's nout the air force" causing them, said Lt. Col. Stevie Shapiro of the USAF press office in Washingto, D.C.
Shapiro said in a telephone interview Friday that she checked with the highest sources in the USAF in response to concerns in Espanola about the contrails - condensation trails - of passing US military aircraft.
Some Espanola residents say they have "photographic evidence" which suggests KC-135 military aircraft has emitted or sprayed substances at low altitude.
Espanola resident Ben McNenly has presented town council with a petition signed by 250 people who fear substances emitted from aircraft engines may be leaving dangerous chemicals behind when they pass.
Since the unidentified aircraft began appearing on a weekly basis last February, McNenly said, he and others have suffered neck pain, breathing problems, headaches, burning eyes and dry, hacking coughs.
The Espanola residents have environmental test results showing the emissions contrained carbon and military chaff, a fine material used by military piolots to block enemy radar, McNenly said. Tests also found unusually large numbers and varieties of fungi and molds, he added.
McNenly said he believes the US military is testing carbon as an agent that produces rain clouds to use weather as a weapon.
Based on new reports from other area residents, he said he also is concerned that substances other than carbon are being dropped by passing military aircraft.
Robert and Jeannette Deacon of Birch Island, about 25 kilometres from Espanola, are among thos who contacted McNenly. The Deacons said they were outside on their waterfront property July 30 when they saw an aircraft resembling a KC-135.
"It was very low . . . just over the treetops. We saw a brown emission coming from underneath the plane," Jeannette Deacon said. A few days earlier, she found a strange brown resude on her outdoor funitrure, she added.
The matter was reported to Ministry of Environment and a ministry official is supposed to visit the couple to test the residue, she said.
The US Air Force's Shapiro was suprised to learn Espanola-area residents had identified the mysterious aircraft as KC-135s, which are used by the USAF as cargo aircraft and for airborne refuelling of fighter jets.
But Sapiro categorically denied the air force had any KC-135s in Northern Ontario.