Spraying Update From Houston


Photos on the web of tanker aircraft spraying civilian populations with fuel aerosols are getting better and better. During my last appearance on Jeff Rense's Sightings radio program (8/1) we directed listeners to several of these, and got an interesting response later from a thoughtful and well-spoken KC-135 crewchief. Naturally, he said none of his tankers were spraying people, and I'm sure that very few active duty personnel have any idea of what's going on. The most important part of his response, however, was that he admitted right off that the photo, taken only a couple days before over California, was clearly a photo of a KC-135 dumping fuel from it's refueling boom - the same thing we are seing all over the country.
A few months ago, while considering the factor of longer term biological agents being included in the chemtrail spraying, I wrote that the availability of medical treatment, or the lack of it, could be used as an instrument of control. In a situation of chaos, sick families could be coerced into reporting to control centers simply to get medicine. While I believe that appropriate treatments probably will be available for the elite, I now suspect that medicine-as- control is too sophisticated for the blunt object mentality of today's military and political leaders.
Also, time has revealed that the chemical component of the fuel aerosol spray package, Ethylene Dibromide, is the more important factor for now. EDB is not as exciting as a lab created germ that produces unusual symptoms, but the damage it does is building up over time.
I decided it was time to talk about chemtrails again when, two weeks ago I found I couldn't get away from them. Jeanette and I, along with another couple, chose the weekend of July 24th to visit our friend Pat Baker in San Antonio. Pat is building incredible water treatment units using multiple vortex tubes, and the energized, low- surface-tension water is pretty amazing. Saturday morning, west Houston was getting its usual weekend chemtrail treatment and I was glad to get out from under it as we headed west on I-10. After less than forty-five minutes of refreshingly clear blue sky a fresh chemtrail appeared overhead.
This particular tanker jockey couldn't figure out how to cover both sides of the Interstate and still get from one end to the other, so he zig-zagged back and forth over the highway for over 150 miles, never turning the pumps off, with us following right behind. Just imagine a giant zig-zag stitch in the sky. Every twenty miles or so, as a sign announced a community to one side or the other, the stitch would lenghten out into a long Vee with the point over the unsuspecting town, and perhaps a single circle or a couple squiggles as he made sure they got enough spray. I cannot imagine that any human being could look up and not realize they were seeing something totally bizarre.
From fifty miles out it was plain that San Antonio was being pounded that Saturday. Without a single natural cloud in the sky you could barely see the sun. Working in pairs, tankers laid down chemtrails back and forth across the city all day. When I pointed them out to one of Pat's associates, an older lady, she simply asked, "Are they going to kill us all?" This question is popping up too frequently, and I find it very disturbing.
Half the folks we met in San Antonio that day were "getting over" the usual chest crud that indicated the city had received another test dose of NWO flu. I learned that during July, S.A. is the most popular tourist destination in Texas, to the point that hotel rooms are hard to find. Apparently this was too good an opportunity to miss.
So what's going on? First, simple logic reveals the goal.
1) If someone is going to spend a billion dollars or more to repeatedly spray the population with a lung damaging chemical, then a lung-damaged population is the desired result.
2) The primary attribute of a lung-damaged population is it's inability to resist airborne infections, which can either be immobilizing or lethal.
3) The instrument already in use, tanker aircraft, have demonstrated the ability to include microorganisms in fuel aerosol spray, so it is logical to assume that aerial spraying of biological agents will be the method of choice to take advantage of item 2 above. Why do something else?
4) The civilian population has no means to resist an attack of this nature, and in most cases remains unaware of what is happening.
5) The need for such a program, with its high cost and relatively certain public exposure at some later date, must necessarily reflect a PLANNED OR PREDICTED emergency situation so serious that it would seem to justify criminal methods of population supression - including at least 20,000 deaths so far.
Reports from across the country and our own observations are forming a clear pattern. While all major cities are being sprayed, the most intense activity focuses on a fat ring or arc outside the city and extending for perhaps fifty to seventy miles outward. In addition, even the smallest towns along the interstate highway system are getting regular treatments. These populations are the mobile and relatively well armed people who would not be under control if some form of crisis led to martial law. Troops in a city can only control so much territory and so many people. An equal number of people running around loose outside the zone of control represent a serious threat. And major highways must be kept open, of course, or all is lost.
To properly evaluate what is happening we must individually face up to the fact that at some high level our leaders either INTEND for this to happen, or firmly BELIEVE it is going to happen because of predicted events the public is not being told about. Too much money is being spent to have it any other way.
I should note that the purpose of population supression measures is different from what I originally supposed. Rather than a means of bringing an area under control, I now believe that the the focus is much simpler. Biological agents will be used to keep people OUT of the cities, rather than to bring them in. They will simply be too sick to cause problems. Because the population is already prepared for airborne infectious agents, the actual operation using biologicals will be simple, quick, and much more effective than textbooks currently predict.
Consider that in our own location, and in a crisis, a half million or more people could suddenly decide to go in to the city for any number of reasons. They could be angry about what is going on there, or they could simply be responding to rumors that Houston was the only place to get toilet paper, gasoline, or fresh milk. Any number of reasons are potential causes of a situation that would rapidly go out of control. The clear fact that authorities believe this will happen, to the point of spraying everyone in advance, is the most important thing to keep in mind.
Hopefully, not everyone will be targets for biological attack. My personal hope is that the final spraying with live microorganisms is reserved as a contingency, only activated at the request of a local commander. There are other scenarios much more gloomy.
We have been amazed that as the problem becomes more clear, the answers keep appearing as well. The wealth of information about Y2K preparedness, for example, is perfectly suited to help you prepare for most any form of chaos. Stored food, water, and other supplies will keep you out of the mobs when this thing begins to unfold. Timing is still anyone's guess, but every single day now may be more valuable than you can imagine. This could all happen tomorrow (actually, a Sunday or a holiday are more likely) or it might be next spring. Either way, you should be moving to protect yourself and your family NOW.
Since we are in a chemical combat zone out here at the ranch, we had to find protective measures or abandon our plans. We have located several items that show great promise, both now and in the aftermath of heavy chemical exposure. Ethylene Dibromide damages the lungs, opening them up to airborne infection. The chemical also creates liver damage, and we can expect to see an epidemic of liver damage within a few months. Below are the things we've found so far. They focus on physical protection during aerosol spraying, flushing the body afterwards and, on the near horizon, an experimental treatment for hepatitis that appears to restore a healthy liver, something currently thought to be near impossible.
Don't be put off by government attempts to limit the availability gas masks. The models involved are military style, designed for a military environment. Where war gasses are concerned, a mask might save you and it might not. Your real objective is not to be there at all. For the situation we face now and in the near future, a military mask is inappropriate anyway. The protection needed is against damaging vapors like Ethylene Dibromide, and against tiny particles (viruses and bacteria). A commercial safety mask is much more likely to give you better service.
On our website you will see the mask that I use with excellent results, and can follow a link to the manufacturer. It carries the brand name AOSafety and is from the AEARO company. I contacted their technical department, and recieved their full assurance that this combination of mask and filters provides complete protection against Ethylene Dibromide (absorbed by charcoal in the cannisters) AND virtually all airborne microorganisms. This is maximum protection in the environment we are experiencing now and expecting in the future.
I bought mine at a local Lowe's hardware store. It is the "professional" package with two R53HE-P100 filter cannisters that are designed to absorb Organic Vapors (and Acid Gases) and include P100 particulate filters which are maximum protection against airborne germs. It is a "half mask" which fits over nose and mouth. I believe it cost around 38 dollars.
A similar mask is made by 3M and I believe there are others. There are two important factors here. First you want a mask that is the right size. Mine is a "medium" and slightly too small. A mask that is too small will pinch the top of your nose and be uncomfortable. If too large it may not seal against your face. The manufacturer says the majority of people will be happy with a "medium". You are still better off if you can persuade someone to let you try one on.
Second, the mask will do you no good at all without the right filters or cannisters. Whichever brand of mask you get, the cannisters must have "organic vapor filter" and "P100 particle filtering". These are two separate functions, and the filter canister must do both. The "professional" package at the hardware store had the right filters mounted on it. Be sure your mask lists both types of protection.
If you get the AOSafety mask, the correct filters are number R53HE- P100.
One thing you should be aware of is that a filter cannister can only absorb so much. In heavy chemical environments a cannister may have to be changed in an hour or less. In fuel aerosol (chemtrail) spraying, concentrations are so low that your cannisters should last at least 40 hours or even more by my own estimate. (this is time you are actually wearing the mask) Still, you might consider picking up some spare cannisters. We have no idea how long the need for this protection will continue...
Going inside and staying there when spraying activity is observed is good protection for short periods. We've only seen a few spraying operations at night when most people are indoors - presumably because they are less effective. Most buildings are not air tight, however. Venting systems, including those in the kitchen and bathroom, and fireplaces are typical of open entry ways for outside air. If you've ever had an "energy audit" that looked into this, you probably found that other routes including electrical fixtures, poorly sealed doors and windows, etc., were a factor in loosing heated or cooled air.
A big surprise was the discovery that many air-conditioning units, of the type that are window or roof mounted will suck in outside air if improperly sealed. This eliminates all protection. Naturally, you would have to turn them off to protect yourself, even though it is hot outside. You can check this by firing up a smoky barbecue grill and seeing if you can smell it in the house or apartment. Best bet: use the mask anyway.
This is our own choice, but for most people it is not an option. If it is, you should consider the possibility that being inside the city may in fact be safer than in the danger zone that extends outward from it. Also remember that being close to an Interstate highway is already hazardous to your health as we've observed in Texas and elsewhere.
We've undertaken a rather lengthy hunt for things that will help you flush chemicals from your body. While we believe the alcohol inhalation method that we call Texas Revenge is helpful in flushing the lungs to a small extent, and an ozone generator on high seems to have a similar effect, something is needed to flush chemicals from the body before they have a chance to do further damage. Drinking a lot of water is the first step. There are two sources now for specially activated water. Water molecules can take various shapes and sizes, and it is now possible to persuade them to take a very small size which cuts surface tension and greatly increases water's ability to hydrate cells and pick up and flush contaminants from any system.
First, from scientist/inventor Patrick Flanagan we now have drops that can be added to water before drinking ("CRYSTAL ENERGY"), and a capsule ("MICROHYDRIN") that can be taken with water. We have personally tested these products and they are amazing. We don't sell them, but we personally use them and vouch for them. If you are interested just e-Mail Jeanette and she will put you in touch with a source. Alternatively, you may be able to search for them on the web. It's multilevel program that is finally giving Flanagan's products the exposure they deserve, so you can join up if you think you'd like to. No pressure at all because business is booming. I strongly recommend the drops.
Second, from San Antonio inventor Pat Baker we've seen a water treatment device using multiple "vortex" tubes to both energize and "shrink" water. These things are put on your house, swimming pool, water well, and so on. The water that comes out is really amazing. We've enjoyed testing two units in Houston and one in San Antonio and are extremely impressed. Users, including livestock, soon avoid drinking water anywhere else. This is amazing technology. Pat's Lord and Baker company is already producing them and I predict a million dollar business before another year is gone. If you are interested in magical water right from the tap, just e-mail me and I will put you in touch.
Both of these products show great potential to produce terrific health effects, but in a chemical laced invironment their ability to flush out chemicals and toxins could be worth a great deal. I'm especially impressed by the vortex units.
It is virtually certain that a large number of people will show up with liver damage because of repeated low-level exposures to Ethylene Dibromide. This will occur even if the chemtrail program was abandonded tomorrow. Oddly enough, information on a possible treatment for this has recently come across my desk. An experimental hepatitis treatment has shown great promise overseas, and some folks I ran across are attempting to set up an experimental clinic in the U.S. at this time. If the literature from overseas trials is accurate, the method's ability to regenerate a damaged liver is unprecedented.
Because of the unusual modality used, there is good indication, in my own opinion, that the treatment could show similar results with the upcoming ethylene dibromide problem. I'm not a doctor so can't make any hard statements about this, but you might want to remember that there is something new available if liver damage pops up in your family in next year. Of coures, if you have some reason to explore possible hepatitis treatments at this time, just get in touch.
As always we are recommending that you do everthing possible to strenghthen your immune system. While others may be immobilized, you really want to be one of those who are still moving! We are looking at several products specifically for immune support at this time, and I'll report on them on our website. Again, none of these things do we sell. This is strictly a research and reporting effort.
What's left? Well, other than making maximum preparations, I guess the remaining task is to be alert for any clues about the timing for the big event. A faked or real terrorist scare, a tumbling stock market, unexplained failures of the power grid, unusual behavior by the Fed or officials in Washington... anything that implies major disruption could be either the trigger or the excuse for a descent into chaos.
I was the first to market a software package for reversing speech, so I guess I'd better start monitoring the media again and see what I can pick up beyond the usual corruption and soap opera silliness. Someone at the national level knows what's going on and is thinking about it. If they give a talk or an interview I can nail them. I'll post sound clips on the website. You might want to let me know if you'd like to be on an e-mail list.
In the meantime you can rest assured that our personal evacuation plan is proceeding at a reasonable pace, and a with a little bit of luck we will be far from any large city when it all happens. Better yet, perhaps someone will decide that it's all a big mistake.
Good luck to all,
Ken Welch
North of Houston