Spraying Update From Houston


Last week the mosquito population, which had been quite a nuisance in our new location north of Houston, abruptly disappeared. Until now, you couldn't spend much time outside in the evening without liberal applications of Off! to keep the pesky devils at bay. They are suddenly gone. Vanished without a trace.
I had a clue one evening about six weeks ago when I set up to photograph the aircraft that were spraying us that day, leaving "chemtrails" all over the sky. I had moved a lawn chair to the middle of a large open area, set up my camera and telephoto lens on a tripod, and placed my AOSafety respirator mask beside the chair. Then I sat down to wait. To avoid being too obvious, the air crews that spray this area will work several targets at the same time. Lay down a chemtrail in one location, then zip over to another, and not return for ten minutes or so. You need patience to get good pictures. I was enjoying a few moments of peace when everything happened at once.
First, the advance guard of mosquito's arrived, having discovered me sitting unprotected in their domain. I was waving them away and thinking of going back for the Off! when my personal chemtrail alert went off. A taste like a quarter teaspoon of salt in the back of my mouth told me that a wave of fresh Ethylene Dibromide was arriving, from one of the upwind chemtrails that had been put down about thirty minutes before. Most people cannot taste the EDB at all. I, on the otherhand, have developed a strong physiological alarm of some kind, probably due to subliminal survival programming I did earlier this year. Forgetting the mosquitos I grabbed the mask and put it on. I've had all of this nasty stuff I need. The taste disappeared within about ten seconds of donning the mask, which covers nose-to- chin and doesn't interfere with vision. I'll tell you more about it later. No, I don't sell them.
Just as I got the mask comfortably fitted, I realized that I had a great view of a KC-135 tanker coming in from the west, looking like it would be within camera range within a minute. Approaching from my left, and beautifully lit up by the low sun behind him, he was spraying fuel aerosol over the top of a white, puffy, cottonball cloud from about eight thousand feet. As he left the edge of the cloud he turned the pumps off, and continued toward me. I jumped up and got several shots; one before he left the cloud, two as he went overhead, and then nailed him when he resumed spraying as he approached and flew over a larger cloud to my right. The creative ones have been using this cammoflage technique lately, but on days when they're running late, or just want to blast everybody over a large area they don't bother with it.
As he disappeared to the east, I sat back down and begin my wait for his return. It was at least five minutes before I remembered the mosquitos. They were no where to be seen. They had all gone to ground with the arrival of the Ethylene Dibromide, which is an "additive" in the JP-8 jetfuel that is being sprayed all over the country. From direct observation I can tell you that the EDB vapor, being considerably heavier than air, begins to fall from the chemtrail within just a few minutes of its release. Spraying is done at the lowest level where winds are relatively still. This is why the chemtrail patterns seem to stay pretty much in one place although the wind is blowing on the ground. There is some kind of boundry which probably varies with local conditions. By staying above the boundry, the chemtrails rain an invisible spray package down into a moving stream of air, that rolls the EDB vapor along the ground for miles.
It was at last five minutes after snapping the last photo that I remembered I was going to run back inside for the mosquito repellent. But now there was no need. The little monsters had all gone to ground with the arrival of the EDB. I hadn't been bitten even once while concentrating on my task. They didn't resume activity until about twenty minutes later, after which I removed the mask and tasted the air, finding that the EDB had rolled on through.
I had puzzled over this since it happened, and observed it again several times. Ethylene Dibromide is a banned pesticide, presumably burned up completely when it goes through jet engines. It was originally used to penetrate the ground and kill wormlike critters that go after the roots of some food crops. It was not for ordinary insects at all, but it was obvious that the mosquitos didn't like it. By going to ground a mosquito greatly reduces it's need for oxygen, and it's breathing rate can slow way down. Now, after at least nine weeks of chemtrail spraying (possibly 12-16 weeks), four to five days a week, it's finally done them in. They are all simply gone.
Montgomery county, like many other areas outside of large cities, has become a chemical combat zone and this is the first visible result. The future looks a lot worse.
Jeanette and I bailed out of Houston in mid-May because of sporadic fuel-aerosol spraying over the city since early December, and at least two waves of mysterious airborne "instant" illnesses that resulted. By May the frequency of spraying had increased considerably, and simple research had revealed that the lung-damaging effects of EDB were well known and predictable. It didn't seem like a good idea to wait around for "the other shoe to drop" and experience the point of the program. I didn't realize I was going to see a lot more spraying than I bargained for.
While Jeanette takes care of business matters, my task has been to repair and restore an older motor home we've had up here at "the ranch" for quite a while. Fixing/replacing things that don't work, and getting it running and ready for the road again has been quite a task and terribly time-consuming. Changing tires on an eight ton vehicle with three ton jacks is not fun, and most things on a motor home cost three or four hundred dollars, unless they are important. But it's large and comfortable, with big tanks for fuel, water, and propane, has a big generator, and so on. It's our best bang for the buck, when it comes to creating a fully self sufficient and mobile living space far from the cities. Assuming, of course, that there is time.
In the weeks before leaving Houston I had often observed two aircraft flying over the city early in the morning. They came up from the south (probably Ellington Field, which supports NASA) made a single spray run over the city and continued on northward and out of sight. Sometimes I would catch them in the evening as they returned, going south this time, and turning on the pumps one last time, perhaps briefly, as if to clear their tanks. When I arrived at the ranch I found out where they were spending their days.
One or two days a week will see a large operation over some part of Houston (a very spread-out city), but spraying operations are almost continuous outside the city, generally 4-5 days a week from dawn till after sunset in in an area covering several counties. Montgomery county, to the north, seems to be the primary target. This county provides at least a quarter million commuters to Houston. It is very conservative and heavily armed, Texas style (Deer rifle, shotgun, one or two handguns). Many residents have now received 40 to 50 doses of EDB and the operation continues. A similar area west of Houston, much more suburban in nature, is massively sprayed every weekend when city folks are most likely to spend some time outdoors or running around on errands. They are receiving larger individual doses, but fewer in number. Remember that this is happening all over the country. E-mail reports I am getting are specific and widespread.
Originally, those of us who were tracking this story focused on the fact that biologicals were being used and people were sick and some were dying. I suggested that fast-acting biologicals were tests for spray pattern effectiveness, while longer term agents might be the hidden purpose. Now I believe our experience here shows that the Ethylene Dibromide is the real focus. After the initial waves of "flu", there is simply week after week of EDB. Although I'm beginning to hear complaints about fatigue and sinus problems, people don't get sick, at least not in overnight outbreaks, so there is no health alarm.
This confirms my fear that a lung-damaged population, ripe for airborne infection on demand, is the objective. I can give some pretty good reasons why this might be desirable if the city should come under martial law for whatever reason.
After more than 70 days of close observation it is clear that spraying is timed to catch the maximum number of people in the open. In Montgomery county, the main traffic corridors are sprayed at times to catch the maximum number of commuters on the road. The cities and towns receive the most attention in the evening, while rural areas are sprayed during the afternoon when many people might be working outdoors. On the weekend, the effort usually shifts to outlying Houston suburban areas.
When you see a plane putting out short bursts of aerosol, he is making the initial pass to create a pattern that will look like individual clouds. When they are in a hurry we still see the traditional lines which some people think are a natural cloud formation(!) but, because they are hurrying, you will usually see that one end of each line has a curve or hook. They are not turning off the pumps until after they begin their turn away from the pattern. In semi-rural areas like this one, it is usually possible to point to a heavy concentration in one direction or another and name the town that is under it.
It is absurdly easy to tell the difference between real clouds and spray concentrations, but only if you've spent a little time watching them being built. Real clouds have tops and bottoms. Spray patterns just spread out into thin layer. A person looking up for the first time will almost never notice the strangeness unless someone points it out - and even then they may not believe that what they are seeing is man made.
The whole area received almost round-the-clock spraying over the three day July 4th Holiday, in the same way Indianapolis was hit while people gathered for the Indy 500. The general pattern has been Saturday and Sunday over outlying areas of Houston, particularly the west, ending with a heavy pattern over the I-45 corridor carrying bumper to bumper traffic returning to the city after a weekend away. Then Monday off, except for a few weeks after the July 4th holiday when they took Thursdays off, and then four days hitting populations in an arc that covers a zone extending from 30 out to 70 miles from the city center. Reports I've received from other areas around the country suggest similar tactics around a number of large cities.
We are already seeing the first parts of one or more cover stories. First, there are widely circulated statements that terrorist biological attacks are planned (see Cohen story) and we can't stop them. Second, small news stories are being floated about a "new" virus that everyone probably has, but just happened to be noticed in some Japanese liver patients. No link has been proven. Liver damage from EDB will be a BIG problem next year, and it looks like the so- called "T.T. virus" will be blamed for it.
Most of those working on this story have focused on convincing as many people as possible that chemtrails are real, and that they are a threat. Others try to gather better and better proof, such as photos, perhaps in hopes of breaking through the official silence and persuading government to investigate itself - or give up on the program. I think that awareness and documentation are great objectives. They will probably help us hang someone when it's all over, IF we are on the winning side. But trying to stop it, or even get any sort of official acknowledgment is pointless. This is a multi-billion dollar program and it's not going to be stopped.
I waited a long time to see what would turn up to match a reversed speech discovery naming a NASA project SAMSON, and several RS references to something important coming last December, when the spraying program apparently went full time coast to coast. For both items chemtrails, or fuel-aerosol spraying on population centers, seem to be the only answer. It's a massive program, nation wide, that is known to have been in various testing phases since 1991. Unfortunately, the story line of SAMSON is not a happy one. It details an intricate covert plan, a "black op" in todays parlance, that allowed a hero to be captured and chained. In the end, although he regained his strength, he still did not survive.
Since I believe that the spraying program will not be stopped, my focus has been on trying to deduce the logic of it, and therefore what we might expect. Based on that, as well as current information and experience, what sort of preparations would be advisable, and what kind of protective measures can we take now? In Part Two of this article I'll detail what I believe chemtrails are all about, and let you know what we've located for protection in a world that may never be the same.