Hillary Allegedly Slapped
Bill Over Lewinsky Affair
By Sherryl Connelly
Daily News Staff Writer
When President Clinton finally confessed to his wife the true nature of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, the First Lady belted him, a new book reveals. Hillary Rodham Clinton slapped her husband so hard she left a red mark "clearly visible to Secret Service agents when he left the room," according to Christopher Andersen, author of "Hillary and Bill: A Marriage."
Andersen also claims that the First Lady screamed at Clinton: "You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard. My God, Bill, how could you risk everything for that."
The argument on Aug. 13, 1998, staged in her bedroom and overheard by both agents and White House staffers, is said to have continued until Hillary Clinton sank down on the bed, saying, "How are we going to tell Chelsea?"
Andersen, author of several previous tell-alls, including "The Day Diana Died" and "Jackie After Jack: Portrait of a Lady," writes that Chelsea suffered both physically and emotionally through the Lewinsky scandal.
He reports that on May 19, the freshman at Stanford University was admitted to the campus hospital after she collapsed with severe stomach pains that the doctors attributed to stress. In time, she made three more trips to the hospital suffering from the same complaint, he reports.
Nor did her father ever apologize to her, as he told the American public he had in a pivotal speech that summer. A Stanford associate of Chelsea told the author that neither the President nor the First Lady could bring themselves to discuss Lewinsky with Chelsea as events were unfolding, and so she was "more or less left to fend for herself," getting her news from television.
Other disclosures include:
That Hillary Clinton herself ended up in the emergency room of a Little Rock, Ark., hospital after she learned of an affair her husband, then governor, had had with the fiancee of a political acquaintance.
According to a friend: "Hillary had always put up with his cheating, but for some reason that particular affair came as a real slap in the face. It literally took her breath away and she landed in the hospital with an anxiety attack."
In 1982, Hillary Clinton hired a private investigator, former FBI agent Ivan Duda, to investigate her husband's extramarital activities. He provided information on eight women - one an employee at the Rose Law Firm - whom Clinton had been "seeing with some degree of frequency." According to Duda, Hillary Clinton was assessing the potential for damage in the upcoming gubernatorial campaign. Gennifer Flowers was at the top of the list.
In 1988, Hillary Clinton insisted Bill be tested for AIDS. He proved HIV-negative. But Anderson reports that "someone who claims to have seen" Clinton's medical records says they reveal he has had a sexually transmitted disease. And that that is why the President's complete medical history has never been released.