UPI Confirms Kennedy Radioed Martha's Vineyard Airport
By John A. Quinn/NewsHawk <>

Here is the UPI article which states that JFK Jr. WAS IN CONTACT with flight controllers at Martha's vineyard Airport at 9:39 Friday evening, July 16. The UPI article ALSO states that both WCVB-TV in Boston AND ABC News reported the same CRUCIAL information.
Additionally this radio contact by Kennedy has subsequently been confirmed through direct contact with airport personnel.
This extremely significant information is what is now MISSING from EVERY SINGLE account of the event now being spewed by the robots in gutless, miserable cloned mass media outlets.
As I've stated time and again this crucial information PROVES that seconds BEFORE Kennedy's plane went into a headlong dive there was not the SLIGHTEST indication of the much-regurgitated garbage that pilot error and/or mechanical malfunction (other than outright sabotage of a critical component of the aircraft) were responsible for this headlong, full-on nosedive to certain oblivion.
NEITHER such fictional pilot error NOR any standard mechanical malfunction could POSSIBLY result in this craft dropping like a rock.
Kennedy was at that moment engaged in no unusual or troublesome maneuvers. He had only SECOND BEFORE FINISHED HIS RADIO CALL!
He knew EXACTLY where he was not only in relation to the coastline but also to the airport--10 miles from the coast and 13 miles from the airport.
What's more, we have received additional confirmation from residents of the Connecticut shore and Martha's Vineyard that visibility was EXCELLENT in the area at this time--from 10 to 12 miles at least. In such conditions it's ludicrous to think the Kennedy would not been able to have seen at LEAST the GLOW from the many lights in the well-populated Martha's Vineyard area at the distance he was, and thus have been thoroughly able to distinguish direction in all senses of the word (altitude).
The ongoing disinformation about poor visibility being the reason such an inexperienced pilot (which he was NOT!) would get completely discombobulated and fly into the sea is completely unfounded in fact. The guy was hardly hundreds of miles out over the middle of the Atlantic. Why then would he decide to land in the sea if he knew where he was in relation to the land? Please... spare me.
Here is the pertinent text from about halfway through the UPI article. This is the TRUTH... BEFORE the spin-doctors and manipulators got to work.
"At 9:39 p.m. Friday, Kennedy radioed the airport and said he was 13 miles from the airport and 10 miles from the coast, according to WCVB-TV news in Boston. He reportedly said he was making his final approach.
"Moments later, radar operated by the Federal Aviation Administration showed the plane went into a dive and dropped 1,200 feet in just 12 seconds, according to ABC News.
"In his final approach message, WCVB-TV said Kennedy told controllers at the airport that he planned to drop off his wife's sister and then take off again between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for Hyannis Airport."
Other CRUCIAL information which has now been removed from all official accounts is the fact that a NUMBER of witnesses on the beach at Martha's Vineyard that evening INCLUDING a Vineyard Gazette reporter saw an AIRBORNE explosion at this same time right in that area of the sky where Kennedy was flying. I quote here the relevant text from the UPI article.
"A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw "big white flash in the sky" off Philbin Beach."
A report from about 3 PM on Saturday by Shephard Smith of FOX-TV named another one of these witnesses--in fact a guest at the scheduled wedding JFK. Jr. was due to attend AND a friend of Smith's producer at Fox.
Every single flight instructor Kennedy ever had as well as other first-hand witnesses describe Kennedy as an extremely cautious and safety minded pilot. He also had HUNDREDS of hours of experience, NOT one hundred.
For example here's a quote from a CNN article in which a FEDERAL PILOT EXAMINER who TESTED Kennedy's flying skills describes his abilities. ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) -- A federal pilot examiner who tested John F. Kennedy Jr.'s flying skills said he was an "excellent pilot," a newspaper reported Sunday....
..."He was an excellent pilot," John McColgan of Vero Beach, Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel. "I put him through the paces, and HE PASSED EVERYTHING WITH FLYING COLORS."...
...He said Kennedy had a lot of flight experience for someone with a pilot's license for 15 months...
"He flew a lot," McColgan said. "In fact, by now he probably has ENOUGH HOURS TO BE A COMMERCIAL PILOT...." © 1999 CNN
I rest my case. JFK Jr. WAS KILLED.
John Quinn/NewsHawk