Why JFK Autopsies Rushed?
- Hidden Wreckage? - Where
Is The Flight Instructor?
By John Quinn <>

Please note the MAJOR questions regarding the Kennedy crash autopsies raised by the Boston Globe article quoted verbatim within the following email received by NewsHawk. The sender includes well-reasoned analysis of these quotes:
From John DiNardo <> To: Subject: BOSTON GLOBE: JFK Autopsy Rushed Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999
Again, reading from the Boston Globe (, July 23rd:
BOSTON GLOBE: JFK Autopsy Rushed
"Still, the autopsies in the Kennedy case were performed especially quickly," pathologists said.
"The haste [of the autopsies] in this case," he said, "could lead to questions about the investigation's thoroughness."
"Pathologists also follow *COMPLEX RULES* for testing a pilot for drug and alcohol use," Dix said.
[JD: They are supposed to follow "complex rules" in testing for drug or alcohol use, but they EVIDENTLY violated those rules, indeed, failed to follow them at all! Alcohol and/or drugs are a MAJOR causative suspect in airplane crashes. Remember Ricky Nelson's death in an airplane crash one New Year's Eve? Can someone find out if the coroner examined for substance abuse in that case?]
"The timing [brief time] of the Kennedy investigation [autopsy], Kirschner said, makes it unlikely that pathologists performed autopsies on Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or Lauren Bessette. You can't possibly do three investigations in four hours, he said."
[JD: Well, of course the women's condition would have no effect on the control of the aircraft. But what if there were powder burns on their bodies, suggesting an explosion or a fire onboard? What if a lone nut gunmen had stowed away aboard the plane? After all, you must admit that lone nut gunmen have made a tradition of invading the lives of Kennedy's. Haven't they? What if the gunman was willing to sacrifice his own life? I'm not saying that I believe any of these scenarios. What I AM saying is that the coroner is SUPPOSED to examine the bodies for the POSSIBILITY of these scenarios having occurred. THAT IS HIS JOB!]
"Passenger autopsies are also useful, Kirschner said, if a victim's family sues for damages related to the crash. A medical examiner could determine whether the victim suffered in the moments before death, or survived in the minutes or hours after the crash."
[JD: Yet, despite the established practice of examining the bodies of passengers, and carefully examining the body of the pilot, in order to determine if the pilot was drinking or on drugs, thus permitting the victims to sue in case of pilot misconduct ... despite these rules, the women's bodies were not even autopsied! Unbelieveable! Actually, I think it is quite believable, judging from the first JFK autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, which was judged by the nation's best assassination researchers to be an outrageously appalling fraud -- a continuation of the assassination cover-up. That is exactly what this second JFK autopsy is showing iself to be, also.]
John DiNardo
Why Has The Wreckage Been Hidden From View?
From John Quinn/NewsHawk <> Reply-To: Subject: WHAT WRECKAGE ?! 7-24-99
The following forward of an email received by NewsHawk brings up yet ANOTHER suspicious, questionable and contradictory aspect of the JFK Jr. plane crash (Let's see... HOW many is that now???). Namely: WHY have we not seen A SHRED of the wreckage from JFK Jr.'s plane?
WHY is it SO important that reporters, photographs and TV news crews must not see, witness, film or photograph the merest speck of this "wreckage?" WHAT in God's name could POSSIBLY be so unusual about this material that it's SO CRITICAL the press--and thereby the public--do not see ANY OF IT AT ALL?
In regard to this, please read this forwarded email below.
AND, as to Kennedy's "SUPPOSED" "risk-taking" gene.... Gee, could that POSSIBLY actually mean that he might have been what they USED to call a born "LEADER"??? You know, the kind which could represent a MORTAL THREAT to the "fascist-communist" totalitarian vermin so dominant in the varying New World Order factions now savaging the human race and the planet on which we all live.
Cause for thought.
John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.
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Subject: VIDEO OF WRECKAGE - COVERED WITH BLUE TARP Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 From: xxx Reply-To: xxx To: <>
I just saw a video clip on local station KCPQ-TV13 - a FOX Network outlet here in the Seattle area - they briefly showed a crane lifting a large piece of wreckage (unidentifiable) onto the Grasp (sp?) -- then -- and this is the hot part -- video footage of a white cab truck with flatbed and rails, like a farmers truck, after dark with two individuals in the cab purportedly transporting the wreckage of the airplane -- it was all covered and roped down with a large blue tarp so no one could see any part of it -- WHY THE SECRECY??? What is it about this wreckage of an airplane they don't want the public to see??? Could it be the tell-tale signs of a sudden catastrophic incident, like an on board explosion or a missile shootdown, the evidence of which would be clearly visible if the wreckage were uncovered??? And, where were they taking the wreckage???
"Reason obeys itself; and ignorance does whatever is dictated to it." --Thomas Paine, Rights of Man ("Conclusion")
"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." --Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137 (1803)
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Where Is JFK's Flight Instructor?
From John Quinn/NewsHawk <> Delivered-To: Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999
BELOW this, is a forward of another email received by NewsHawk which zeros in a some highly pertinent factors regarding the missing flight trainer/co-pilot, first reported to have been on the flight and later said to be "in Europe". As IF, in a case like THIS--involving the untimely, not to say suspicious (as it now definitely is) death of a person who probably rivaled Princess Diana in terms of global popularity--this flight trainer is NOT going to have SOMETHING public to say, no matter WHERE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH HE IS?
If this person, Kennedy's personal flight trainer, HAD BEEN on board, then obviously he would have died too. Is it possible this person had no relatives and so few friends, acquaintances and such that literally no one on earth would notice their passing? This seems impossible.
Why then hasn't this person spoken up, if in fact they are still alive? Or perhaps they are NOT -- whether due to the plane crash or some other, later convenient accident. As their statements would be powerfully important in this case, I wouldn't be TOO surprised if we never hear anything about this person again for the rest of time.
John Quinn
From Ronald T. Hannivig <> To: <> Subject: 4th Person-JFK Flight Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999
>>> If this person, Kennedy's personal flight trainer, HAD BEEN on board,then obviously they died too. Is it possible this person had no relatives and so few friends, acquaintances and such that literally no one on earth would notice their passing? This seems impossible. <<<
This simple, logical ... and concise question seems to fall into the general category of those missing 10 body-count victims at Columbine High School, and the total lack of any indication of a vehicle bomb being exploded across from the Federal Building in OKC. Let's include in this instance those who were nested on the Grassy Knoll.
In this given instance - the obviously missing individual might have been a loner ... and therefore, nobody "out there" really pressing the issue. However, given his sheer importance to this case - should he still be alive, he would have been the most sought after individual by all of the major news networks' star reporters.
One must seriously doubt there were only the three aboard this aircraft as this fourth individual was continually being cited in all of the initially aired reports. What obviously happens with these sort of breaking stories is that the press and media personnel simply do their their jobs in a professional manner - unrestricted by the pressure and critical supervision of those who "pull their strings".
Remember, this story began to break early on a Saturday morning - when these supervisors were likely at home having breakfast and planning their weekend.
However, given the intervening hours - from the time Kennedy radioed his position and intent to the tower on Martha's Vineyard and never arrived (approx. at 10:00 pm, Friday) ... to, let's say 7:00 am on Saturday (which is 9 full hours) when the press and media got wind of the story, left enough time for those in control to draft out a viable story if they had diligently worked on it overnight.
What then could have happened - was that the underlings working the weekend shift took their jobs serious and acted responsibly ... by conducting their own research into the matter of JFK Jr's missing aircraft and in the process determining there was this cited fourth individual on board.
Should this have been the case - this fourth individual ... who was a fully qualified and experienced pilot, had to be completely eliminated from the picture - else their agreed upon story-line (of Kennedy's questionable qualifications to fly this aircraft) would have been totally jeopardized once they had committed themselves to it.
This missing guy must hold the current focus of the investigation - he obviously had existed at one time ... and from a report coming out of Ontario, he had accompanied Kennedy of a recent business flight to Toronto. Assuming they would have flown into Toronto International (a novice pilot might have shied away from flying into a busy airport ... but not with a instructor sitting in the copilot's seat - and anyway, Kennedy was still in a learning curve and would, therefore, have wanted an instructor aboard) and going with this assumption they both flew to Toronto, the Canadian immigration as well as the airport authorities would likely have some record of the brief visit on file in their computerized records.
Note - "Toronto International Airport" has been called "Lester B. Pearson International Airport" for at least a decade. And in fact, Kennedy and his instructor actually went to a small airfield called 'Buttonville Airport'.
In closing: This cited individual is currently amongst us living ... or is dead - and as such, his whereabouts cannot remain in limbo. If alive, he would be a key witness.
Ron Hannivig, Research - Investigative Journalist at-Large (unaccredited) Simpson, Pennsylvania - 18407