Did JFK Jr Just Die A
'Normal' Accidental Death?

As you read the plethora of conspiracy theories which are being offered, let's also consider that:
* Here's a man who had only 46 hours of solo flight time.
* His wife was reportedly even afraid to fly with him.
* He took a chance and left under decidedly poor weather conditions to fly over a less than great ocean route.
* The former owner of Kennedy's plane, Munir Hussain, landed shortly before Kennedy took off and felt flying conditions had become "too risky" for someone without instrument certification, the Boston Globe reports.
* Pilot Kyle Bailey, the last pilot to see Kennedy before take off said to a NY Times reporter, "I went home to my family and said, 'He's going to kill himself one day in that airplane.' I mean, it was really a hazy night.'" [Bailey decided not to make his own Martha's trip on Friday night because of the conditions.]
Suppose he just made a fatal mistake?
TIME Magazine: Should He Have Flown?
Page 1 July 26, 1999
"According to some reports, radar briefly picked up Kennedy's
plane at 2,200 ft. and then, just 12 seconds later, at 1,300 ft.,
meaning it was plunging toward the water at 4,500 ft. per minute. "I
would consider that out of control," says Alan Leiwant, a professional pilot
who frequently uses Essex Airport. ",3266,28255,00.html
Here's an email from Mark Urban <
Is it possible for anyone in the Kennedy family to die as a result of an accident?
JFKjr was a nice rich young man with a hi "Q" rating.
Was there any reason to snuff his life for some clandestine reason? I think not.
Sometimes, you've just got to draw the line.
* JFK Jr. was neither a politician nor a genius.
* He did not propose switching from reserve notes to U.S. Notes.
* He wasn't affiliated with the CIA.
* He wasn't involved in running for office.
* He threatened nobody.
* He was not strategically located to upset a balance of power anywhere.
* The guy was a bit of a daredevil who just blew it on a solo flight to attend a family wedding.
* Let's cut the crap and stop stirring up a mess.
* What's next...some obscure reference to 19.5 degrees or Isis or some such nonsense?
For the record I believe with all my being that this kid just screwed the pooch and crashed his plane.
End of story...
From Jerry Glass < 7-19-99
No conspiracy here -- John F. Kennedy Jr's Astrology chart indicates his death came by pilot error and poor judgment.
John Jr. was not intellectual like his father, rather he was impetuous and emotional. The day of his accident, John Jr's biorhythms showed he was both at a low intellectually as well as in a critical emotional day. His Astrology chart showed Saturn (in Taurus) opposing his natal Mercury (in Scorpio) causing impatience. Most importantly, John Jr.'s natal Neptune (in Scorpio) was squared by Retrograde Mercury (in Leo). This aspect shows several possibilities -- the plane might have exploded. John Jr.'s leg (he recently had a cast removed) was swollen, therefore he might have been on drugs. Lastly, not only may he have been flying in a fog bank, he was in also in a mind fog.
JERRY GLASS, Astrologer