Who's Getting Rich Off China?
Follow The Money...
By Joseph Farah
c. 1999 All Rights Reserved
Deep Throat told Bob Woodward back in the Watergate days that to unravel the scandal he should "follow the money."
Likewise, we will never fully comprehend the evil and betrayal being committed at the highest levels of the U.S. government today unless we figure out who's getting rich off a cozy relationship with the totalitarians ruling China.
Here's an example of what I mean. Later on this year, Americans will be treated -- and I use that term loosely -- to a new TV channel dedicated to broadcasting what is billed as "objective programming on China in English-language subtitles."
The new company is called China Access Television, or CAC, and it is currently setting up joint ventures with U.S. media and Internet businesses to expand its reach and legitimacy as a "communication company devoted to objectively introducing China, its people, heritage and culture to American society."
The target audience is reportedly Main Street USA, "with special emphasis on educated, middle-class households and businesses." The company plans to televise over satellite and cable networks documentaries, learning courses, symphonies, concerts, sports, major events, news and even online shopping of Chinese merchandise.
The force behind CAC is CITIC, China's largest commercial corporation and one fully owned by the government in Beijing. CITIC, China International Trust and Investment Corporation, has signed a letter of intent to invest $100 million, its entire video library valued at up to $50 million and 168 hours of daily TV programming and associated resources created by Central China TV. In other words, all of the propaganda power of Beijing will be unleashed to assist this "objective" programming pumped into U.S. households and eventually worldwide.
Let me tell you a little more about CITIC. In 1996, the U.S. Customs Service seized a shipment of 2,000 Poly Technologies Co. machine guns destined for agents posing as American drug gangsters aboard a COSCO ship at the port of Oakland, Calif. Wang Jun, head of Poly Tech, is an international arms dealer who had coffee with Bill Clinton and Charlie Trie. Wang Jun also sits on the board of CITIC.
CITIC is the chief investment arm of the Chinese central government and the bank of the People's Liberation Army, providing financing for Chinese army weapons sales and for the purchase of Western technology. Wang Jun's fellow CITIC board member is Li Ka Shing, chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, which will soon control both ends of the strategic Panama Canal.
Serving as a middleman for PLA satellite purchases, Li has financed several satellite deals between the U.S. Hughes Corporation and China Hong Kong Satellite, a company owned by the PLA unit, COSTIND.
It was Li who attempted, with the direct assistance of Bill Clinton, to purchase the military port of Long Beach, Calif., for COSCO and the Chinese navy. It took a congressional action to stop the deal. But it's not just Clinton and the Democrats who seem eager to do business with those who would destroy America if they had the chance. Henry Kissinger, Gen. Alexander Haig and many other Republicans are all on the take -- directly or indirectly -- from COSCO or CITIC or some other arm of the Beijing government. Even Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's law firm -- the one for which he collects $1 million a year -- represents CITIC.
Here's how CITIC describes itself on its own public website: "China International Trust & Investment Corporation (CITIC) was founded in October 1979 and is a state-owned enterprise under the direct leadership of the State Council.
"CITIC is an outcome of China's economic reform and open policy. As one of the major organizations employing foreign capital in China, CITIC is an important window on China's opening to the outside world.
"While adhering to the socialist principles, CITIC acts in line with the law of market economy, operates with modern scientific management and takes an active part in both domestic and international competition.
"CITIC takes upon itself to bring in scientific and effective advanced technology cooperation and to engage in domestic and international financing and banking, investment and trade by means of absorbing and using foreign capital.
"CITIC has developed itself into an international conglomerate with fairly large scale and business covering both finance and industry."
Adhering to socialist principles ... absorbing and using foreign capital ... an international conglomerate. ... Lenin had a more succinct phrase for all that: He called it "selling the capitalists the rope with which they would hang themselves."
But here's the Chinese punch line to this practical joke on America's useful idiots. A prominent U.S. businessman involved in a strategic alliance with China Access Television told me the whole program to enrich the party apparatus in Beijing and indoctrinate Americans was dreamed up by -- you guessed it -- the U.S. government.
Do you believe this? After Los Alamos? After Riady? After Charlie Trie and John Huang and Webb Hubbell and Loral and on and on it goes. ...
Who's getting rich off China? Apparently many are making short-term profits. But in the long term, they're selling America down the drain.
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