Religions, Astrology, Etc.
Must Be Replaced By Marxism
Say Communist Chinese

BEIJING (Agence France Presse) - Marxism must replace age-old superstitions if China is to prosper in the next century, a front-page editorial in the People's Daily said Monday.
Superstition had gained ground in some parts of the country in past years and had had a negative impact on the people's work, the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party added.
"More seriously, some party members and officials who pursue personal gain have been deeply involved in worshipping Buddha, and practicing astrology, divination, geomancy and physiognomy. They have fallen captive to idealism," it said.
The Communist Party had always pushed a "scientific world outlook of Marxism" to help the Chinese people "free themselves from old ideas and superstitious thoughts."
"However, efforts to improve scientific research levels and the people's understanding of science have always run up against ignorant and superstitious activities," the commentary added.
"We should be highly vigilant against superstition, for it may confuse our thinking, undermine our fighting will, shake our beliefs and destroy our cohesiveness," the editorial said.
On April 25, some 10,000 members of the Falun Gong sect quietly assembled the largest protest in the Chinese capital since 1989 to complain about official harassment of the group and their belief in a form of meditation.
The day-long sit-in rattled authorities, who since have said Falun Gong practitioners could still conduct group exercises in the morning but must not upset "social stability" or spread rumors.
Western analysts have seen a recent surge in Buddhism, Christianity and religious sects in China amid its 20-year capitalist drive toward a market-based economy.
"In order to win in the present atmosphere of fierce international competition and overcome all difficulties and evil forces, science must be respected, and the banner of Marxist materialism and antitheism has to be upheld," the editorial said.