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From John Quinn <>

Dear Recipients:
In response to the following email, I have summarized below the position of NewsHawk on the JFK Jr. and Bessette deaths.
John Quinn
Hear are the comments of Bill Cooper regarding JFK, Jr Crash:
Kennedy Jr. - Plane Crash
Our investigation of the tragedy which killed pilot John Kennedy Jr. and his passengers has resulted in the following preliminary findings.
1. The so-called leaked "FBI document" released by Sherman Skolnick is a fake.
2. The so-called "Interpol Leak" is also a fake.
3. Officials lied about the true facts leading up to the crash.
4. Officials lied about the weather conditions in the area.
5. Officials lied about communication from the plane to the ground and the times of communication.
6. Officials lied about John Kennedy's experience as a pilot. He was an experienced, good pilot.
7. John Kennedy Jr. was flying visually at night over water when he should have been flying on instruments regardless of weather conditions.
He did not have an instrument rating.
8. Even the best and most experienced pilots can become disoriented over water at night.
9. Tail numbers (so-called "N" numbers) of aircraft are not "serial numbers" of aircraft.
10. We have located two witnesses who claim to have seen an explosion in the sky in the direction of the crash at the exact time the incident occurred.
11. The bodies were not cremated the same day they were recovered nor the day after as the rumor mongers claim.
12. Nobody, and I mean nobody, outside of official channels knows anything whatsoever about the true cause of the rash. Whatever officials know they are not sharing.
Cooper, etc./JFK Jr-What Happened
HI- I actually agree pretty much with Bill and have never claimed I knew exactly what happened. What I DO know is that we are NOT getting the truth from "officials" and the mass media. And really... let's not mince words or be coy. That can ONLY mean that the cause of the crash was intentional, hostile targeted destruction.
I have also made note of the exact same MASSIVE discrepancies and conflicts between official babble and the real facts as Cooper has. Kennedy called the airport at 9:39. Radar shows his plane dropping like a boulder seconds after this call. Eyewitnesses on the Vineyard saw an airborne explosion at around this time. Mechanical problems have been ruled out. Kennedy was a good pilot with 17 years flying experience, according to his federal flight licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach Fla. McColgan said Kennedy had HUNDREDS of hours flying experience and in fact had already QUALIFIED for his Instrument FLight Rating, just hadn't actually taken the test.
In light if that last fact, regardless of what Cooper or anyone else says about disorientation and/or pilot error, I can't think of a BETTER place to become disoriented than at fairly low altitude over WATER. What's more, though weather radar data for the time of the plane's destruction are missing from all available records, data from merely an hour AFTER the time Kennedy's plane was destroyed shows atmospheric conditions at Martha's Vineyard TO BE EXCELLENT, with literally NO HAZE WHATSOEVER! (radar image second from bottom of webpage).
Plus his last radio contact indicated no problems or "disorientation" of ANY KIND! Overall light pollution from Martha's Vineyard as has been noted recently by residents make it even more unlikely Kennedy was the LEAST BIT disoriented.
We have good visibility with no haze, a perfect flight according to Kennedy's radio contact at 9:39, no mechanical problems according to preliminary investigative reports, an excellent pilot actually able to fly with instruments flying low over calm water (no storms, etc.), and THEN... a plane hurtling into the sea SECONDS AFTER Kennedy's "A-OK" radio contact" was completed, as well as EYEWITNESSES on nearby Philbin Beach to an airborne explosion at this same time.
You tell me what happened.
By the way, how does Cooper "know" that the FBI and Interpol reports are fakes? What are his "connections" that he can state this with such utter certainty?
Best Wishes
John Quinn