JFK Jr. - The Facts
By John Quinn <>
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There is no need to engage in speculation about the cause of the destruction of John Kennedy Jr.'s airplane and the deaths of all on board.
There is PROOF that significant facts are being withheld from the public. The withholding of this information CLEARLY PROVES official coverup regarding the cause of the plane's destruction. These facts, when considered in relation to each other give rise to the inescapable conclusion that the TRUE cause of the crash was deliberate, NON- ACCIDENTAL, hostile destruction of the aircraft. The proven COVERUP now in effect regarding these facts makes such a conclusion all the more certain.
A UPI article datelined Aquinnah, Mass July 17 stated that Kennedy radioed the Martha's Vineyard flight controller at 9:39 PM the evening of July 16. The UPI article notes that WCVB-TV Boston reported this crucial information, as did ABC News.
At the time of this radio contact all conditions in terms of the craft, weather and pilot were fine. Kennedy was well aware of his position, location, distance from land and all other such data. He was calm and in complete control of the flight and his craft. Interesting then that seconds after this call Kennedy's plane was hurtling straight down into the sea.
This crucial information was reported by those news services noted and others on Saturday July 17 and early Sunday, July 18. By Monday morning July 18, ALL MENTION of this critically important communication had been ERASED from mass media accounts of the disaster. Simultaneously and suspiciously, on July 18 FAA and NTSB officials produced some "newly found" radar "evidence" which supposedly showed Kennedy's flight exhibiting signs of difficulties and irregularities at a time well BEFORE Kennedy made his radio contact, at which time all conditions were fine. THAT'S WHY all mention of this radio contact has been EXPUNGED from "official" accounts
Weather radar images from 10:40 PM Friday July 16, a mere hour after the time Kennedy's plane was destroyed, PROVE CONCLUSIVELY that weather conditions that evening at Martha's Vineyard were NEARLY PERFECT--with almost NO atmospheric humidity, moisture or "HAZE" registering on radar at all.
SEE FOR YOURSELF! DON'T be bamboozled by big lie tactics and endless repetitions of "pilot error" due to "very thick haze". NOT TRUE! The images are reproduced at the following website --
For this particular image being referred to, scroll all the way down to the BOTTOM of the page, to the UPPER of the two color images at the bottom. The image has the caption -- "OKX-NEW_YORK_CITY<NY LVL1-REF17-JUL-99 03:40:12."
This radar image shows the equipment was set for "CLEAR"; which in fact is much more sensitive to moisture than the "PRECIPITATION" setting.
Although it shows substantial haze in the NYC and central Long Island areas, the region around Martha's Vineyard shows LITTLE OR NO atmospheric moisture at all; a scant hour after Kennedy's plane was destroyed.
Plus his last radio contact indicated no problems or "disorientation" of ANY KIND! Overall light pollution from Martha's Vineyard as has been noted recently by residents make it even more unlikely Kennedy was the LEAST BIT disoriented.
So we can scratch that bunch of disinformation that says Kennedy supposedly crashed his plane in haze so thick he couldn't even see the tremendous amount of light pollution emanating from Martha's Vineyard only a few miles away.
Yeah, RIGHT!
John Kennedy Jr. was an extremely accomplished pilot who had at least SEVENTEEN YEARS familiarity with flying an aircraft. This information and other crucial facts regarding Kennedy's COMPETENCY as a pilot were relayed by Kennedy's federal flight licensing instructor in Vero Beach, Fla.; mr. John McColgan.
McColgan called Kennedy an EXCELLENT pilot with many HUNDREDS of hours flying experience who had flown since 1982.
McColgan noted that just recently Kennedy had completed training for getting his INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RATING: he just had not actually taken the test yet.
ALL flight instructors who actually KNEW JFK Jr. and had firsthand knowledge of his abilities as a pilot described him as an excellent pilot who was exceptionally cautious and completely unwilling to take risks.
The ongoing, slanderous media blitz claiming Kennedy was woefully inexperienced pilot who had no business flying around at night in impenetrable haze is nothing but UTTER lies an disinformation.
Kennedy's radio contact with airport personnel and content thereof at 9:39 all but invalidate such claims of pilot error as the cause of the disaster.
The plane has been found to mechanically sound according to preliminary reports from crash investigators. . In general this craft is considered one of the safest private planes in the sky.
This particular Piper Saratoga was in excellent condition and outfitted with the very latest in hi-tech equipment, including auto-pilot and automatic electronic emergency tracking systems. The plane has been described as literally able to fly itself. By all indications it was a pussycat to fly; certainly for a pilot with Kennedy's SOLID qualifications.
And by the way, if some mechanical malfunction HAD been responsible for the aircraft's precipitous drop from the sky, can anyone imagine a BETTER place to be than at a fairly low altitude over calm water and fairly close to land? It seems very reasonable to assume that a pilot with a total of 17 years flying experience, as Kennedy's federal licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach Florida has stated Kennedy had, would be able to make (or at leas ATTEMPT) a soft landing on the surface of the water.
At least three people who were on or near Philbin Beach on Martha's Vineyard the evening of July 16 at around 9:40 PM report seeing and in one case hearing an explosion in the air in the exact sector of the sky where radar shows Kennedy's plane hurtled towards the sea. NOT an explosion on the surface of the water but IN THE AIR. The relatively clear air and good visibility as PROVEN by weather radar data make it CERTAIN that they were NOT mistaken about the altitude of the explosion. This explosion was described by one witness, a reporter for the Martha's Vineyard Gazette, as a "BIG WHITE FLASH IN THE SKY!" ..
SO. We have good visibility with little or no haze, a perfect flight according to Kennedy's radio contact at 9:39, no mechanical problems with a highly reliable craft according to preliminary investigative reports and other data, an excellent pilot actually able to fly with instruments flying low and close to land in good weather conditions with good visibility over calm water (no storms, etc.), and THEN... a plane hurtling into the sea SECONDS AFTER Kennedy's "A-OK" radio contact" was completed, as well as EYEWITNESSES on nearby Philbin Beach to an airborne explosion at this same time.
The circle of proof is complete. Kennedy's craft intentionally was destroyed in mid-air.
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