A Report On Disappearance
Of JFK, Jr By Former Navy Pilot
Latest JFK Assassination Information
From Joe L. Jordan <>

Here is what we know:
The plane is similar to the old "Cherokee Six" which is a very reliable aircraft. It's counterpart in a car would be a Chevy suburban. It is a pussycat to fly and you would virtually have to force it into a stall.
It was equipped with a radar transponder that would transmit a 4-digit ID code and the altitude to any enquiring approach control radar. That's how they identified the plane and its very rapid descent,5,000 feet in a minute or two(Similar to TWA 800).
The Textron/Lycoming 6-cylinder engine has had some trouble with wrist pin caps coming loose and taking out the engine in flight. Even if it did, the plane could ahve gone into a slow glide and made a soft-water landing.
There was no mayday or voice radio communication indicating trouble. The plane had a 406 mhz satellite distress beacon which woukld have notified FAA at once along with exact latitude and longitude. This device must be activated by the pilot. It is not automatic. This leads one to believe that there was a sudden and catastrophic occurence leaving no time for calls for assistance.
The fact that a severed wheel and a headrest have been retrieved indicate the airframe and cabin are disentegrated. Even if the plane had made a hard-water crash, the wings would have been torn off but the landing gear and the cabin,though crumpled, should be intact. When the Challenger went down, the cabin was intact as were the the bodies.
Although JFK did not file a flight plan, he could have been under close surveillance(as Diana was in her final days) and a plan for his elimination could have been on the shelf waiting for implementation. It is rumored that the NWO will kick in at Y2k and they are slowly eliminating any personages who could rally the country to prevent tjhe takeover.
The rapid descent and no distress call are consistent with a stinger or sidewinder shootdown or an on-board bomb with a descending- altuitude pressure trigger(He was descending and on approach to the yard)
It seems strange that Clinton has not already dispatched Navy salvage vessels which easily locate the wreckage. It is perhaps they are somewhere crashing a similar plane to have "Wreckage" to bring up that doesn't show missile or bomb damage.
This event is very strange. The plane was brand new, equipped with every conceivable device and there was no turbulence, rain or gusty winds.
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Joe L. Jordan North Vietnam, 147 missions