The LA Jewish Center
Shootings - An Analysis
By Barry Chamish <>

I smelled very old fish when I first heard the news and do believe this to be an accurate summation.
We must remember always that:
#1 They want our guns. #2 They will do ANYTHING to confiscate them.
Many people are probably scratching [their] head over the recent shootings in the LA areas, especially when the suspect, Buford O'neil Furrow arrived in a neat little package on the doorsteps of the FBI Las Vegas. You are not alone in your bewilderment.
1. Early Reports. Yes, you probably heard numerous accounts of more than one shooter, different clothing, etc. I don't think there was too much dis-info there. After all, early reports came from young children. Once the carjacking occurred, a more accurate description came forward.
2. Early statements by Politicians. People such as Charles Shummer, Gov. Gray Davis, Mayor Richard Rearden (sp?) the ADL, and the JDL were all screaming hate crime before ANYONE had a motive or an actual description of the suspect.
3. The FBI and ATF were on the scene immediately long before the Clinton spoke !!!!!
Like Columbine, SWAT agents just stood outside until long after the postal worker was killed. Not to mention reports about other people (with other descriptions) being arrested shortly after.
4. The Carjacking. Forgive me, but it seems stupid to think that some idiot (and alleged survivalist) hell-bent on killing Jews left all that ammo in a van. No survivalist would do that without a reason.
IMPORTANT: If Furrow really wanted to kill Jews in mass number, he had all the ammo he needed. He was also in a neighborhood where there were plenty of visible Jewish targets. And why allow the female carjack victim to live? According to reports, he brandished a weapon, told her to get out, don't scream, and just run. Let's no mention the fact that he fired a reported 70 rounds with a semi-automatic weapon at children less than 15 feet away in a closed area and killed no one [ AND KILLED NO ONE ! ], only superficial wounds. This, from a man with a military background. Hmmm.
5. The Postal Worker. After all, something HAD to happen to make it federal. When over half the LA county police force (that's a lot of people, folks) had closed the entire area off in search of any angry looking white guy, Furrow finds time to stop and off a postal worker during his escape. Not to be a certified conspiracy theorist, but think back to the Kennedy Assassination.
6. The APB. Within 4 hours after the attack on the Jewish Center, every radio station in the LA area was giving out several (yes, I mean several) descriptions of a carjacked vehicle -- two different license plate numbers, and three different colors. I even considered calling a news-talk radio station while stuck in traffic in I-605 asking, What the hell do you want us to look for??. Shouldn't the carjack [victim] know what her car looks like?
7. The Hotel Siege. See if this sounds familiar to you: No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. In Chatsworth, CA, throw that out the window. A virtual battalion of black suited armor wearing, helmet wearing troops laid siege to this entire LA suburb. The dress code: All black (with federal stuffed shirts playing team leaders), black tanks (LAPD's finest) choppers, the whole nine yards. THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE COULD HAVE ESCAPED THIS unless [they had] help. Yet, no dice.
8. The Photo. After having MAJOR egg on their faces, the LAPD spokesman (someone I've never seen before, but no matter, he's Jewish) asks for the public's help in finding Mr. Furrow. TAKE NOTE: At this time, there is so much victimization, and wailing, and whining by the Jewish leadership in the local media that local politicians were probably concerned about a mass exodus to Israel from LAX.
Back to the photo: It wasn't a mug shot. I remember saying when I first saw the photo (live), That looks like either a work ID or some kind of government issue. It only took 30 minutes for the media to have enough info on Furrow to fill a CIA dossier. Good job, Media especially when you didn't have a SSN to work from.
Oh yeah, and the Southern Poverty Law Center JUST HAPPENS to have a photo of Furrow playing security at an Aryan Nation Complex Idaho. How convenient. Beside that photo came from the same fat guy from Michigan who did the Roger and Me film (this video came from a show called TV Nation). I can't remember his name. No matter. Let's all go to bed now, and see what we can scare up by morning.
9. The $800 cab ride. This is where my personal experience comes in. Uh, cabbie, take me to Las Vegas or Primm Nevada, duh. Get real. No cab driver in the LA area would do this -- would do this -- without notifying the dispatcher of his destination. Folks, we're talking over 250 miles of desert. There are other places much closer you can hide. The cabbie (if this story had any merit) would have suspected something (there was an APB on every radio station, and probably relayed to all cabbies), and would have given a radio handshake to the dispatcher where the cab would have been intercepted by the CHP before he got to the high desert.
[Note -- Local news update as I write: Now the big story in the cab driver he's talking. Strange, the FBI/LAPD said he took two cabs. See more on this in the ADDEMDUM below.]
But Noooo. Knowing there's a wanted killer trying to escape the LA basin, take your fare-of-a-lifetime and merrily stroll across the Mojave Desert. Remembering of course, that you don't want to be charged with transporting a felon across a stateline. So, drop him off just before exit 1 on I-15, and tell him to walk over to the Casio, call another (Nevada) cab, and have a nice day.
Our second cab ride goes from the Nevada border (Primm, NV) to the FBI office on Charleston Avenue in downtown Glitter Gulch. Hey Furrow! The Las Vegas shuttle (Greyhound) would have been a lot cheaper, and a lot more discrete. Everyone knows that. And by the time he would have gotten there, either no one had his description (meaning he could have asked anyone), or everyone had his description (meaning no one would have given him a ride anywhere). But I'm just dying to know what he did during the missing 8 hours or so before he turned himself in. Lemme Guess: He [spent] the rest of his cab fare (destination Idaho?) at one of the Vegas Casinos. Nice try. There are cameras in mass at every major casino, and they watch everybody. He would have been flagged in a New York minute.
There's more about this Vegas trip, but I cover that in my conclusion (and besides, they've changed stories since I began writing).
10. The Surrender.
The reports say he simply walked in, walked up to the receptionist and said, I'm the man you're looking for. I killed those kids. Then we have an AP report quoting sources who claimed he said upon surrender, "This is a wake up call to all Americans to Kill Jews." Horsecrap.
Here's the dirt: Like most other government buildings, the FBI has cameras outside with full-time eyeballs in watching. To get to the lobby of the FBI office, you must take an elevator to the 3rd floor (with the watchful eye in the elevator car, of course). Then you must walk up to a 2-inch bullet proof glass. Show your ID, sign in and, someone will be with you shortly. In his case, he would have been met at the elevator's third floor exit with handcuffs (they see you 3 times coming and going), the building would have been sealed off (lobby cleared), a search, pass through metal detectors (located left of the elevator), read em his rights, and escort him into the interrogation room right behind the door on the left. In other words, he wouldn't have gotten past his name before he was on the floor in irons.
Make sense? So, how did the AP (in lightning speed) find a source who gave up VITAL information about an on-going investigation? That goes against agency policy (according to them) and loud-mouths are subject to immediate termination. These kind of damaging statements can compromise further investigations (Reno's famous words). And there would be no trouble tracking this source down, since the LV field office is relatively small in number.
Back to the cab ride: So, you're anti-government, and you're fighting ZOG. So, you open fire on Jewish kids, go postal on a postal worker, then take a cab almost 300 miles to turn yourself in at a federal office, when there are at least 4 different places in LA to do the same thing and spend less money. Then, you spill your guts to the FBI to get your story out???
Bull****. The place to go and get your story out is the LA Times, with branch offices all over the area, the LV Review-Journal, or any TV news room. You think they wouldn't have covered this? Or better yet, drop a letter to the news media off in the postal truck after killing the guy. Or, if you're nuts, check into a hospital.
11. The Press Conference. This was the real kicker. While the cops and politicians were high-five-ing each other for the wonderful job they had done (he turned himself in), there was one point in the press conference that was a real eye-opener. It happened when the Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms for the Los Angeles Area -- Joe Torres (he got all that out in one breath) mistakenly was given the task of answering the question, Exactly what type of guns did you find?.
The Answer should make anyone ask a ton questions. Quoting exact: We found no fully-automatic weapons. There was a Bushmaster that's a AR-15 -- a rifle, and I think there were two handguns, and they were.............
He never finished the answer. In fact, it seemed like the U.S. attorney, who was also on stage grabbed the ATF SAC by the throat yanking him off camera. I'll bet money that Very Special Agent Torres will never, EVER be seen giving public statements in the future.
[ Ed. Note: As much as the ATF is the group we all love to hate, you gotta give em credit. They keep accidentally telling the truth. (WACO) Remember, If we would have been left in charge, we wouldn't have burned all those kids up? ]
No wonder the feds never want these guys on the record. Back to Agent Foot-in-Mouth Torres
Hmmm An AR-15? That was the only rifle, eh? Guess that would explain the 70 rounds fired. But wait: the AR only holds 30 in the clip. Guess he reloaded (twice). Right, and no lethal wounds from 15 feet? This, from a guy with military experience??
[BTW, I saw some of the ammo left behind. About a case of 7.62x.39 ammo, .50 cal. Round (with a mag) and 9 mm handgun ammo (about 1K)]
Smell something funny yet?
And of course
12. The After Hype. On cue, the regular characters are calling for tougher gun laws. Never mind that this guy wanted to kill Jews, and would have used anything he got his hands on (if you believe all this). Don't blame the Neo-Nazi, blame the gun. Blame the gun show. How condescending. All Jews should be insulted. Here's where the plot thickens: A Rabbi Heir of the Simon Weisenthal center, who has been making the rounds on local and national TV, this morning said, two employees of the Weisenthal Center recognized Furrow from the photos as a man who has been here at the center recently just walking around.
So, while we're getting all hyped up over this, we learn that a man who wants to send America a message to kill all Jews (and wanted to kill Jews) failed to do so in the midst of a HIGH concentration of Jewish people the Simon Weisenthal Center and its surroundings. Best chance of killing mass numbers of Jews in the LA area next to a Synagogue on Saturday.
Starting to see what's wrong with this picture?
[Since the time of this writing, the story now is that he cased three Jewish institutions and chose the community center because of its lax security. Hogwash. An AR-15 goes right through security at the Museum of Tolerance if you're hell-bent on killing Jews.]
Let's toss this in for good measure for cyber-savvy: The morning after the shooting, A Yahoo search turns up an e-mail address for the fat criminal: NSC-MCCHORD@DDN-CONUS.DDN.MIL
Take note of the .mil. Then, the Seattle Times cranks out the history of the Fat Nazi:
Military databases indicate that Furrow served in the military and, at one point, was stationed at McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma.
Seattle Times, Aug 11, 1999. The whole story can be found at:
Why do these guys keep popping up with military background? And of course, with all this guy's history, he somehow passes a military back ground check.
The only difference between this script and a Hollywood screenplay is that we know Hollywood in lying. This whole story is bull. It doesn't add up. If some one were to say Furrow was under orders from higher-ups in government, it would not surprise me one bit. The cab to Las Vegas bit, the turning yourself to the FBI to get your story out crap. It would be more of believable if shown in a movie theater.
I would have suspected that this action wasn't a hate crime, but the ULTIMATE DIVERSION for something more lethal, and Furrow wanted to be out of the area when it happened.
This man (Furrow, or whatever his name really is) was either under strict orders, or is not the most dangerous, but the dumbest criminal ever to set foot on American soil.
I vote for the first choice. This so-called Neo-Nazi, this so-called survivalist, leaves a suspicious, made-for-hate-and-gun-crime-legislation trail of evidence.
Think about it -- this guy, this neo-nazi -- in just one day, enhanced, then embraced everything he is fighting against with no remorse whatsoever???