International Space
Sciences Organization Launched -
Joe Firmage
Cutting-edge research and public education programs aim to open the frontier of Space in the 21st Century
SANTA CLARA, CA - July 29, 1999 - The International Space Sciences Organization (ISSO), a newly formed advanced science research and education institute, was launched yesterday in a presentation broadcast simultaneously over radio and the Internet.
"We have formed the International Space Sciences Organization to provide a platform for research and education in view of breakthroughs likely in 21st Century physics. Experimental and astrophysical observations of the past 20 years give us reason to reconsider the very nature of spacetime, with stunningly interesting implications. In the spirit of courageous and rigorous science, we hope to be joined by NASA and other organizations if they can consider our view that controlled explosions -- rockets -- may one day cease to define the limits of human travel in Space," said Joe Firmage, Chairman of ISSO.
ISSO has launched with two operating divisions. The first, ISSO Science, is pursuing a research agenda which includes theoretical and experimental studies of breakthrough propulsion, energy generation, and the physical processes of consciousness. ISSO Science has provided grants to a hand-selected number of researchers and organizations involved in advanced studies in these domains. Relevant research results will be submitted for publication in scientific journals and will appear over time on ISSO Science has been funded by Firmage to date, and a limited number of significant philanthropic investments will be invited through 1999.
Heading research for ISSO science is Creon Levit, who has held science and engineering positions at NASA Ames Research for the past 17 years. An expert in computational science, nanotechnology, and physics, Levit will organize and integrate ISSO's multidisciplinary theoretical and experimental programs. "It's clear to those of us who study physics that several important concepts have moved much closer to center stage. Emerging understandings of the quantum vacuum are giving us new phenomenological insight into physical mechanisms," said Levit. Under his leadership, ISSO has arranged a summer-long schedule of lectures and discussions with several world-leading physicists, including Jean-Pierre Vigier, in San Francisco through August 1999 as a guest of ISSO.
The second division, ISSO Productions, will be responsible for -- a not-for-profit research and education site presenting ISSO research to the public, and for developing a number of commercial science education and fiction films and interactive sites. ISSO Productions will be funded as a commercial venture through a private placement financing this summer.
The International Space Sciences Organization ( is a cutting-edge research institute dedicated to advancing human knowledge of the science of being. ISSO Science organizes and funds theoretical and experimental research into advanced propulsion, energy generation, and consciousness studies.
ISSO is headquartered in the Bay Area of California, and can be reached at (408)395-4378. Correspondence should be sent to ISSO, 1556 Halford Avenue, PMB 110, Santa Clara, CA 95051.