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Letters to Drudge 6/10/99 From Nancy Shack
From Hilary A. Thomas <
Letter to "Drudge Report" - posted on Letters to Drudge
Dear Mr. Drudge,
Howie Carr and The Howie Carr Show had an interesting experience with NBC's Nightly News with Tom Brokaw on Tuesday. NBC called us and asked if we would discuss the topic of the effect of the Littleton shootings on our listeners attitudes towards gun ownership. Lisa Myers had a piece scheduled for that nights news broadcast and she wanted popular reaction footage to complete her piece.
We agreed. In the first hour of the show Howie asked the listeners how they were effected if at all while the NBC cameras rolled. We took 33 calls. 30 of those calls said the effect of the shootings was to make them want to own a gun for protection and not tighten up the laws.
When the story aired on NBC that night Lisa Myers said that according to polls (which ones she never identified) and popular reactions on talk shows most people were in favor of stricter gun laws and were against gun ownership. She went on to play one of the 3 anti-gun phone calls from our show completely ignoring the 30 calls which did not agree with her premise.
This manipulation and skewing of the actual poll results from our show has caused quite a stir among our listeners who were heard the gun hour and then witnessed the blatant misrepresentation of what the majority response was on NBC news. It has left much of our audience feeling mistrustful and angry with network news in general and NBC specifically. (By the way, this gun control feature led the news while China and the Cox report was buried 11minutes into the broadcast.)
Thanks for letting us vent. Nancy Shack Executive Producer The Howie Carr Show