What Happened To
America's Golden Boy?
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

Golden Boy Pt 2
Golden Boy Pt 3
On his third birthday, he stood and saluted. Do three year olds understand great turning points in history? He stood there as the flag-draped coffin of his father was slowly drawn past. His only son watching the funeral of John F. Kennedy, assassinated 35th president of the United States. He knew as he grew up that it was his mother's wish that for their safety, no statements be made by them contradicting the big lie of the government, that a "lone assassin" blew out the brains of his father, right in front of numerous witnesses. Thereafter, dozens, if not hundreds of material witnesses were themselves murdered, such as the CIA patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald's murderer, Jack Ruby, and a long list.
John F. Kennedy,Jr. knew that dark forces opposed the terrible truth. His father was ouraged on going along with a disaster shortly after taking office. The Bay of Pigs fiasco, April,1961. President Kennedy fired Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles who reportedly muttered under his breath to JFK, "Traitor". Was there justification for political murder and if so, when,if ever, will the high-level forces go "public"? The President vowed to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind.
Too many assassination researchers are busy writing and selling books with conspiracy theories, and videos of the same, or setting up paid lectures and seminars, to go beyond describing what took place in Dealey Plaza. As a non-commercial assassination researcher, when I come to some political assassination seminars I am appalled how I am treated by supposed friends and acquaintances. They hoot and heckle me when I try to ask a question beyond which way the bullets went in Dealey Plaza. When I discuss the rationale of the ultra-rich for this bloody deed:
1. Such as John F. Kennedy and his friend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were closet communists, at least the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and various Directors of CIA believed that.
2. Although Kennedy once explained he was only nominally a Catholic, there were the controllers of America, if not the world, who believed the U.S. should not have a Catholic President. That has been the prevailing view from the downfall of Al Smith as presidential candidate in the 1920s to this very day. And the same forces opposed Jews on the U.S. Supreme Court and the two that did somehow get on the high court after World War Two who were removed. Justice Abe Fortas was removed by a trumped up scandal. Justice Arthur Goldberg was arm-twisted into resigning from the high court and serving instead on the United Nations. They were perceived as making too "liberal" decisions for the common man.
3. Those who call the shots, who govern us NOT by the consent of the governed, were and are afraid of the Vatican connection. Such thinking was involved in blaming certain factions centuries ago for the Gunpowder Plot in England and the period of great bloodshed with Oliver Cromwell.
4. The strongest justification for blowing out Kennedy's brains in an open car was that his his charm and language, he was causing a bad psychological view to sweep the great unwashed of America: that the era of the common man has arrived, a dangerous and seditious idea to those who rule by deceit and trickery while promising ordinary people a so-called "Bill of Rights". Some loudmouths proclaim a new "Bill of Rights" is needed to smash the "Bill of Wrongs". In federal courts, long-dominated from the early years of this nation by multi-millionaire banker-judges, the U.S. Constitution too often is a mirage and a dead letter. Americans of European lineage say, it is dangerous to bother the people from the high windows.
5. And there are and were some with Jewish surnames, not necessarily followers of Judaism, who believed and still believe. that no Kennedy should occupy the White House. They have put a "blood libel" on the entire Kennedy family: that "Founding Father" Joseph P.Kennedy was pro-Hitler as U.S. Ambassador to London up to 1940,and was viciously anti-Jewish. Using his London office, Ambassador Kennedy brokered a deal between Nazi chemical monopoly I.G. Farben and Rockefeller's Standard Oil of New Jersey. To share the profits of business and this deal was made actually THREE WEEKS AFTER THE ONSET OF WORLD WAR TWO in September, 1939. This unholy arrangement, which went on while ordinary people of U.S. and Germany killed each other, shared the profits by two supposed enemy corporate entities all during the conflict, done by fraudulently backdating the deal with Kennedy's help to several weeks BEFORE the Nazis attacked Poland. (See: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin.)
AND: some pointed to the fact that the Kennedy fortune was built, in part, with mobster aid, by Joe Kennedy supplying smuggled in booze into the U.S. all during Prohibition, done by Joe Kennedy on behalf of British royalty who wanted the profits from their Scottish brands of spirits. This was done through a little known French island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway. During the war, as shown by little mentioned court records, U.S. ships returning from war-time England after delivering weapons, brought back booze on behalf of Joseph P. Kennedy's liquor distribution network, Somerset Importers Ltd. At the time of the murder of President Kennedy, the Kennedy family booze distribution, Somerset, fell into other hands. Yet, the Kennedy's continued to profit from five out of every eight booze label goods distributed in the U.S. This was admitted to me, on tape, by a Somerset managerial official.
A thinly-disguised, so-called "fictional" movie of such happenings of an Irish patriarch with gangster and espionage links in conflict with his son the President, somehow causes the President to be murdered. The movie "Winter Kills" was suppressed from distribution in the U.S. by the Kennedys, according to a tape interview I did with a major movie producer who produced that film.
6. Further, some with quite an impressive list of apparently documented facts,want to blame JFK's murder on Israel. They point to the fact that Kennedy, as U.S. Senator in 1957, made statements opposing the aspirations of the then new State of Israel. And further, that Chicago gangsters, supposedly Jewish, aided the American CIA, in the Dallas murder. ["Final Judgment" by Michael Collins Piper.]
John F. Kennedy, Jr. grew up, well-educated, having some knowledge of this factual backdrop. He was aware that his uncle Edward Kennedy was nearly assassinated in the summer of 1964, in being one of the few survivors of a sabotaged plane crash. Teddy as a result wears a back brace. John-John as he is called is aware that his uncle Robert F. Kennedy opposed the CIA. In fact, in March, 1967, Bobby touched off a tremendous scandal wherein there were identified numerous foundations, set up by prominent families, as conduits and pass-through of CIA clandestine funds for covert projects. {Thereafter, I and my associates started an on-going, intensive project to find out how it worked and continues to work up to this date.]
John-John was aware, that although publicly agreeing with the "lone assassin" finding of the Warren Commission, uncle Bobby Kennedy secretly vowed, if elected President, he would bring to justice the high-level perpetrators of the Dallas murder. Bobby was himself assassinated in June, 1968, just after winning the important California presidential primary. Supposedly by a "lone assassin".
Like his father and two uncles, John F. Kennedy, Jr., intended to run for president. NOT WAY INTO THE FUTURE BUT IN THE 2000 election! It was supposed to be a deep, deep secret until about August 1, 1999. Like the tragedy with his uncle Bobby, John-John secretly vowed, if elected President, to bring the cabal that murdered his father to the gallows and a national firing squad, a punishment upon guilty verdict to be provided by a special tribunal set up for the purpose.
George Herbert Walker Bush heard about it through his cronies at CIA and vowed to stop John-John. By the way, a little known FBI document shows the elder Bush played some role in the cover up of the murder of JFK. Old man Bush's son, George W.-----could he win in 2000 against a non-scandal scarred John F. Kennedy, Jr.? On the other hand, the campaign camp of Presidential Candidate Albert Gore, Jr. is baffled. Would this tend to flatten out Gore's plans? The very few Democrats trusted to know, or somehow who knew, believed America's Golden Boy, would dispose of all opposition and take the Democrat Party to victory in 2000 and traditional Democrat Party values. After all, some consider CLinton a closet Republican by how he has damaged the Democrat Party.
The Vatican gave its blessings to John-John but promised to stay out of the picture so as not to trigger the traditional bigots in the U.S. John F. Kennedy, Jr., however, was toying with the idea of running as an independent, third party candidate, to deal with the anguish of many Americans unhappy with both political parties.
John-John was worried that the U.S. Secret Service could not and would not protect him. He rightfully believed that what is now called the U.S. Secret Service was complicit in the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. (See: "The Lincoln Conspiracy" by Balsiger.] They were complicit in the murders of President Garfield and McKinley as well as the murder of his father. For the good of the nation, he told his closest confidants, he would risk it. Like his father, he was ready to use his charm and language to give the idea that the era of the common man has arrived.
All this was snuffed out by the apparently ritual murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr., typical of the espionage assassins who do their bloody trick on anniversaries:
July 16, 1999: Anniversary of apparent missile shoot-down of TWO Flight 800, covered up by Bill Clinton in 1996 so as not to interfere with the Presidential election, this with the complicity of the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board. Two days later is the anniversary of the frame-up of Teddy Kennedy, 1969, regarding Chappaquidick. John Jr.'s uncle Teddy was somehow trapped into getting blamed for the death of a "boiler room" women, Mary Jo Kopecne, one of a group of women keeping records on colored cards, at the 1960 Democratic Convention. Robert Kennedy in charge of the "boiler room" developed a system to indicate what convention delegates could be bought with sex or money and such, so as to make brother John the convention winner for sure. This date in 1989 was when the Vatican's giant soybean operation in the U.S. was destroyed by Archer-Daniels-Midland and Cargill with the aid of directors of the Chicago Board of Trade who bribed five Chicago federal judges to torpedo the aspirations of Ferruzzi, the Vatican's American company. {The confession of bribery by a Board of Trade director made to me and a witness is part of the undisputed federal court record.] More about this in Part Two. The ritual murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr. near the anniversary date of the Ferruzzi debacle, sends a message to would-be justice seekers. But the Vatican has not forgotten or forgiven what was done to their company by the unholy dealings.
And about this date in 1978, John D. Rockefeller 3rd was assassinated near the Rockefeller compound in upstate New York. I was the only reporter to make inquiry of possible foul play. AND about this date in 1996, Amschel Rothschild, about to be designated as the new head of the family worldwide fortune and empire, was assassinated in Paris and written off as a suicide but the Paris police say it was not suicide.
[I and my associates have developed expertise in airplane sabotage inquiries, sharing details with experts worldwide. My book in 1973, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage", was greatly opposed by the airline industry that caused the book to be stopped in the printing cycle. No copies of the book are now available.]
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Sherman H.Skolnick,moderator/producer Chicago public access Cable TV Program "Broadsides", on since 1991, chairman/founder, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts since 1963.