Citizens Confront FBI At Press Conference In Andrews, N.C
On Tuesday, July 20th after being notified of the International FBI's latest press conference in Andrews, I felt it was important for Citizens to be there. You know, to ask the real questions. The ones the media can't or won't ask. I picked up my friend John and we made our way across the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.
On arrival at Veterans Park in Andrews, we met Helen and Eunice a couple of patriotic ladies who were there for much the same reason as ourselves. I had told Helen's sister Maggie about the press conference via email. These ladies love America just as much as you or I and are concerned by what they are seeing.
As the news media gathered, one of the stations,WXIA-TV from Atlanta announced they would be carrying the press conference live. The FBI's media liaison claimed he didn't know why they would want to cover it live. Tonight July 27th though, none other than Tom Brokejaw(sp?) of NBC nightly news fame, will be giving the Rudolph case in depth coverage according to their promo. This same media liaison agent approached me like I was his long lost friend. He remembered me from a prior press conference. He asked me if I was there to ask more hardball questions? I responded by saying: what do you think?
Woody Enderson took to the microphones and read a prepared statement relating just how dangerous Rudolph is and the horror of the crimes committed in Atlanta and Birmingham. He appealed to locals again to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. Again dog poisonings were mentioned as one of the things to watch for. They will demonize Rudolph in any way possible to get sympathy for their "cause." Woody also stated the task force had three times the number of agents as it did in the beginning and they would maintain those levels. This was contrary to media disinformation that claimed the task force had been cut to a dozen or so agents.
At the end of his statement, Woody formally announced his retirement after a brief few months tenure as head man of the Southeast Bomb Task Force.Woody's tenure was marked by agents more noted for drinking and driving, as well as putting the make on the local women folk. Indeed some of them nicknamed themselves: Southeast "Blonde" Task Force. Only Woody knows how much a part this played in his decision to retire from this Multi-jurisdictional Task Force so soon after taking over.
Woody introduced the new man "INSPECTOR" Steve McCraw, who made a brief statement reiterating the agency's determination to get their man. Steve,(fresh from D.C.), looked dapper, yet out of place in his high dollar suit. Perhaps this is a subtle effort to bring more dignity to the position and show Washington's resolve to make this more of a "professional MJTF".
As the question and answer portion of the press conference began, mine was the second question Woody fielded. I asked: "Woody,since the FBI has become the International FBI and has been listening in on innocent peoples phone conversations and intercepting email. Obviously they are not following the Constitution. Is their some kind of International Law or International guidelines they are following that we need to be made aware of"?
I could tell by Woody's red face and the shaking in his hands the question really bothered him. The shaking I'm sure was from anger at the audacity of someone asking that type of question and not from any fear. He responded to my question by saying:Sir,I have no idea where you received that information, but it is absolutely wrong what you just said. We have no interest in monitoring the activities of the people in this area". "I got it from Terry Terchie (former task force commander) I retorted". "I don't believe you he stated".
Understand now, I certainly don't feel offended by this agency implying that I am a liar. The lies they told re: Waco and Ruby Ridge are enough to fill a book. And as a matter of fact have. Several of them, come to think about it. Let them live with that reputation and I will gladly live with mine.
Later in the press conference, I decided to give Woody a little easier question, but one that had a noose in it. I figured, give him enough rope and he would hang himself. Figuratively speaking of course. "Will you still be using military helicopters in this community I asked"?"Were not using them now",he said. "You quit using them"I asked?"We have used Georgia National Guard helicopters to provide medical evacuation and that and that alone". "Both North Carolina and Georgia helicopters were used harassing some of the Citizens around here. You quit using those"? I asked. "I encourage any of the citizens around here to bring that matter to our attention. I am not aware of the North Carolina National Guard being here at all. The Georgia National Guard 148th medical unit has been here. And they provided medical support for us". "I have military documents that say there was both North Carolina and Georgia military helicopters"I retorted again."I encourage you to get that to us and we'll investigate it" he concluded. With this exchange the press conference concluded.
Now why would I want to waste a stamp, sending them documents they already have, regarding information they know to be true? Those of you who have read my past articles, read my transcriptions from those very DOD & DOJ documents. You also know the charges were dropped against Philip Rogers for shining the laser at the chopper, because those very choppers were being used illegally, in clear violation of Posse Comitatus. I know Woody nor any other Inspector or agent, could ill afford to admit the truth. After all, sometimes lying is a necessity apparently, in their line of work.
After the press conference Enderson and McCraw waited until John and I gave brief interviews to the NBC affiliate and various press. Yes, I know, they will seek to demonize us, since that press conference aired. However if you believe the mainstream news on anything, your not living in the real world anyhow. We all know how they operate and now, so does most of the American public, according to their own most recent polls. So those of us awake, get the last laugh at that issue.
Enderson wanted me to know, he had served in Vietnam and took an oath to the Constitution. Welcome home, I told him. That means you have taken that oath twice then, I asked? Yes, indeed, he responded.
Well, then Woody, I hope you will at least spend part of your time in retirement to ascertain that you were tricked. You served in an undeclared war, where most military tactical information was forwarded to the communist, by the United Nations. I don't know anything about that, he said. I know you don't, your not meant to know, but I hope you will study and one day find out the truth. I hope you will study the Constitution in depth now. With that I wished him well in his retirement. From what I hear, Woody will be joining a large financial organization in Charlotte. I really don't think he could afford to find out too much truth, especially where the non federal, Federal Reserve (The "Board") is concerned.
Steve McCraw wanted me to know the seriousness of bringing this suspect to justice, before a jury of his peers. I agreed stressing the part regarding jury of his peers. Though I also stated, I felt it would be difficult to find a fair and honorable federal judge. I said Steve, I wonder if you could just answer some questions for me. Sure I'll try, he said. How does the family of Ken Trentadue get justice? How does former Congressman Hansen get justice? How do the Branch Davidians get justice for their women and children after being mowed down by gunfire while fleeing a fire in their church? How does Randy Weavers family get justice for a wife and mother having her head blown off, or a son and brother shot in the back by U.S.Marshalls, who received awards for it? How do these people, indeed how do WE as Americans get justice? He began answering the question by saying: clearly mistakes were made in the past. I could tell he was working toward using his FBI skills to dodge the question, so I interrupted by saying: If these agencies kill it's considered a mistake, if someone else does it, it's considered murder. Please answer my question Steve, how do these people or the American people ever get justice? I don't know, he responded to my continued interrogating question.
At the risk of being branded a terrorist, let me have a crack at my own question. After all, if you love God and country these day's you are branded a domestic terrorist anyway. We (you or I) or these victims, cannot receive justice today. As we see the continued militarization of all law enforcement, the destruction of the once sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights and more importantly rights granted to us by God, our heavenly creator, being stomped by the boots of tyrants. Let no man, woman or child be fooled. True freedom and liberty will return, only with the destruction of tyrants and a return to justice. If that comes from the flashes of a few million guns, so be it. Better men than me have died to defend liberty, justice and a Free Republic!! God bless America (again),
Joe Burton aka "joe 6pk Amer I CAN"- Ezekiel 33 : 6 ( * _________________
Would Nat'l Guard Fire On Ameicans? - Some Computers Already Down
From 7-27-99
Dear list,
I felt the following information is important for you to know.
On my return from Andrews, N.C. on July 20th, my friend John & I stopped by a Nat'l Guard Armory in Sweetwater, Tn. We walked in and started questioning them re: y2k and martial law. Four guardsmen were present. One stated their CPU and the one at the Nat'l Guard Armory at Harriman, Tn. had crashed on May the 7th. He also stated the Armory in Knoxville, Tn. had crashed on June 6th or 7th. I can't remember which of those 2 days he said. Their CPU's now are sometimes on line and sometimes crashed.
One of the guardsmen was going to show me inside their M1A1 Abrams tank, until I started talking about the Constitution and the 29 Palms combat arms survey. He then backed off saying if he were ordered to fire on Americans he would.
I gave him a brief rundown re: the UN. He escorted me back to the main office, where I showed all four men my document sets. Two immediately stated they would have no part in disarming or firing on Americans. A third one asked to look closely at the documents, then said he would not take part in anything like that as well.
The one that would fire, said his mother had recently bought a pistol and got a license to carry, but if ordered to, he would disarm her. How sad, his mind is so programed against his family and fellow Americans. Not to fret much though, this armory is as empty as most when it comes to ammo. This guy fails to realize he will be sacrificed by his handlers.
You may wish to visit your own Nat'l Guard Armory to see how much of this is true in your area. When you do, I suggest carrying along some good documentation with you. You may find many of these people to be as patriotic an American as you or I !
joe 6pk Amer I CAN - Ezekiel 33 : 6 (
PS. Feel free to forward as you wish. I encourage all of you to talk to military, as well as law enforcement, and don't neglect that neighbor with the squirrel rifle. The hour is short!
PPS: This is a 1st person report and not hearsay.