China To Test New Mobile
Nuke ICBM Shortly

According to defense sources, China will test her new nuclear weapons design capacity by the end of July 1999. The Chinese Army Second Artillery Corp. is planning to test launch their latest Dong-Feng (East Wind) 31 missile in celebration of the 1949 take over of China by Mao. The DF-31 is reported to be able to deliver three, newly developed, lightweight, 90 Kiloton nuclear warheads to any target in America.
The Chinese DF-31 is a road mobile, nuclear tipped SCUD like missile, that is nearly impossible to find, much less destroy. It is intended to counter the USAF B-2 bomber in a "limited" nuclear war scenario where China and the U.S. would only kill a few million people on each side. If deployed in large numbers, the DF-31 could pose a significant first strike theat against stationary military targets inside the U.S. homeland, such as the MX missile fields and the single B-2 bomber base.