China Bans 100 Million
Strong Falungong Religion

The Chinese government has announced it has banned the Falungong sect as an 'illegal organisation'.
The move follows several days of arrests of key sect members, as Jane Hutcheon reports.
The Chinese government announced the ban this afternoon, telling journalists the sect presents a serious threat to Chinese society. A media blitz has begun in an attempt to discredit the 100 million strong sect and its leader US based Lee Hung-jur. The government says this will be a nationwide crackdown comparing it to the student unrest of 1989. State media has released cases of sect members who have committed suicide or failed to seek medical treatment as a result of their involvement in the sect.
Note: ABC (Australia) news also stated in a broadcast that this religion is based on Buddhism, and that those arrested were mostly middle to old age, as the visual footage confirmed. News in April 1999: Largest demonstration since Tiananmen hits Beijing's government.
An estimated 10-thousand members of a banned sect have beld a peacefull protest in the biggest demonstration seen in Beijing since the Tiananmen pro-democracy protests of 1989.
The demonstration, outside the Zhongnanhai, the seat of power of China's central government, involved members of the Falungong sect.
They came from provinces all over China to protest against the detention of 50 fellow members and demand assurances they will be allowed to continue to practise their beliefs.
The demonstrators, stood in orderly rows, sitting or standing and mostly reading the teachings of Falungong.