Breakthrough(s) In Rabin
Murder Investigation
By Barry Chamish <>
I have to restrain my enthusiasm. I am so bound contractually. I am working with a major television production company, which I cannot yet name. They have begun following trails I have laid and step by step, are verifying my evidence. This week they confirmed who was the fourth person in Rabin's car, the one who wasn't there according to the government's version of the assassination but who was filmed slamming the back passenger side door of Rabin's car anyway, two seconds before anyone was supposed to be inside the vehicle.Yes, now we have identified that person positively. Those who have followed my recent, unpublished work will know who I mean.
The folks at the production company also discovered devastating new evidence about the provocateur Avishai Raviv, which I cannot reveal. I assure you, it is a knockout punch.
What I can reveal, is the fruits of my labor, and what tasty fruits they are! Two weeks ago, two of the producers were in America negotiating with a major network. The network executives were adamant that we track down a vital document: the complete State Pathologist's report written by Dr. Yehuda Hiss. They insisted that without an official comparison of the pathologist's findings, which the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry based its findings on, the contradictions in the police and hospital reports were of greatly reduced value. One of my producers called me in great agitation and nearly demanded that I track down a copy and in a hurry.
Until now I had utilized sections of the pathologist report reprinted by the newspaper Hatzofe in 1997. I suggested that the producer contact the reporter of the article, Hagai Huberman. She did and he said he had misplaced the material. Next, the producer called Yigal Amir's lawyer, Shmuel Fleishman who informed her, "I have the report in my safe but it is untouchable. I can let you see everything else but I'm forbidden by law to open that report to you." Finally, the producer called the State Pathologist's Office at the Legal Medicine Dept. of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine. The office manager was aghast at her request and told the producer that she'd have to go to court to try and get it.
After two weeks the task looked hopeless. Yet how nice it is to have good contacts. I will not name the two gentlemen who passed me the report, but will hint they are both brilliant Russian-born investigators.
After over three and a half years, I have the full State Pathologist's Report on Yitzhak Rabin in my hands...And what a tale it tells. What a simply incredible fable most of it is, yet powerful truth remains within its blatant obfuscations.
What follows is a most preliminary initial examination of the report. I have discussed its significance with two experienced journalists and a respected academic but no doctor has gone over the text with me. The journalists came to the same conclusions about certain shocking clauses of the document, however medical expertise is required. I request that medical personnel contact me and I will fax you the full seven page report in return for a professional opinion of its contents.
Those who know my strategy understand that I release all the documents I uncover to the public. My goal is not to have exclusive scoops to enhance my career: I want the truth out. I will also supply the documents to journalists and serious researchers. Once the full significance of the report is understood, I will offer it to any interested party.
Until then, let us satisfy ourselves with some rather juicy hints. The following quotes from the report are observations understandable to the layman. I left complicated medical terminology out but fear not, once I have professional guidance, a completed report will be issued.
Dr. Hiss's Pathological Examination of Yitzhak Rabin began at approxomately 2 AM, November 5, or two and a half hours after Rabin was pronounced dead on the operating table. The prelude to the report is a declaration by Dr. Hiss that what he writes is legally binding, as if he had sworn an oath in court. Let us begin. I will present statements from the report and offer some explanations of their significance."
1. The Other Pathologist
Prelude - "Assisting me was Eli Lipshtein."
Significance - On July 6, 1996, the Supreme Court of Israel heard a petition based on the testimony of a taxi driver who drove an unnamed pathologist to Ichilov Hospital. The passenger told the driver that he was a pathologist who examined Rabin and produced his hospital identification card. He claimed Rabin was shot three times, not twice as the government was saying and that there was something in Rabin's clothes that could give the truth away. Until now, it was assumed that Dr. Hiss had to be the passenger, despite legitimate doubts, because he was the only pathologist named in the Rabin examination. Now we have likely identified the real pathologist whose information became the basis for a Supreme Court petition.
Section One, Clause Five - "In the upper left third of the was missing in a round shape with a diameter of 7 cm...There was no gunpowder nor powder burns around the wound...In a detailed examination we found the path of the wound to be from back to front...passing through ribs 5 and 6, with a break in rib 6."
Significance - Dr. Hiss is describing the first shot to the back, which Chief Lieutenant Baruch Gladstein of the Fibers and Polymers Laboratory of Israel Police, determined to be from just under 20 cm. range. This range would explain the lack of gunpowder and powder burns.
Nothing, however can explain his total misreading of the wound. Dr. Mordechai Gutman in his surgeon's notes, three other doctors and two nurses in the operation summary, all agreed that a bullet entered D5-6, that is dorsal vertebrae 5 and 6, shattering the vertebrae. They make no mention ever of ribs 5 and 6. Dr. Hiss has altered the testimony of the surgical team which operated on Rabin, changing vertebrae to ribs. For those who read Hebrew and need verification, the reports of the surgical team are found in the Hebrew edition of my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. There is no mistaking that Hiss is altering the truth at this point.
Section One, Part B, paragraph one - "At the bottom of the left side of the back above the waist...there is missing skin with the dimensions of .8x1.4 cm...In the surrounding skin there is no sign of powder wounds or gunpowder..."
Significance - Chief Lieutenant Gladstein testified at Yigal Amir's trial that because of the massed concentrations of gunpowder and other materials in this shot, he determined it to be from point blank range. And the tiny hole described by Dr. Hiss confirms the range. So where did the powder go? Perhaps it stayed on the clothing which protected it from the skin?
Section Two, Part A, paragraph two - (Dr. Hiss is now examining Rabin's clothing). "On the fringes of the underwear was a tear whose dimensions were .2x6 cm...Surrounding the tear were no signs of powder burns or gunpowder..."
Significance - Chief Lieutenant Gladstein described the 6 cm. tear and explained that only a point blank shot could cause the tear. When the barrel of a gun is on the skin, he testified, the gases in the cartridge have nowhere to escape. This causes an explosion on the skin which tears the clothing. And Chief Lieutenant Gladstein testified that the tear in Rabin's clothing contained concentrated amounts of gunpowder and other materials. So why didn't Dr. Hiss find them? Or more likely, why did he make them disappear? Could it be because Yigal Amir never shot from anywhere near point blank range and the evidence had to be made to fit that fact?
Section One, Clause 9 - "The vertebrae of the spinal cord were not examined." Section One, Clause 18 - "There were no breaks in the vertebrae of the spinal cord."
Significance - How could Dr. Hiss know there were no breaks in the vertebrae if he didn't examine them? How do we explain Dr. Gutman's surgical notes which state, "The wound continued in the direction of D5-6, with a shattering of the vertebrae." How do we account for the three other doctors and two nurses who witnessed and signed the operation summary with the words, "Spinal shock?!" included in the wounds. How do we match Dr. Hiss's account with the televised statements on the night of the murder by Health Minister, Dr. Ephraim Sneh and Ichilov Hospital Director, Dr. Gabi Barabash that Rabin was shot in the spine.
We don't and we can't. Dr. Hiss is alone in his conclusion and is lying.
Section Two, Part B, Paragraph three - (Dr. Hiss is examining Rabin's shirt) - "In the front of the shirt, on the left side, in the lower third, is a round hole with a diameter of .6 cm."
Section Two, Part C, paragraph 3 - (Dr. Hiss is examining Rabin's undershirt) - "In regards to the hole in the front of the undershirt, we could not find any possible tear in the fabric to account for it."
Significance - For those new to the Rabin assassination investigation, the official government version has Rabin shot twice in the back. And that's it. There is not supposed to be any frontal wound. At the heart of my argument that Yigal Amir did not shoot the fatal bullets at Rabin, is the fact that literally every doctor and nurse who treated Rabin or entered the operating theater, reported a third frontal wound. But Yigal Amir, according to all witnesses, and the film of the assassination, never, ever shot from the front or had a chance to do so. So that wound was made to disappear from the official records of Rabin's murder.
And now we have the official pathology report on Rabin, written by the State Pathologist, reporting that Rabin's shirt and undershirt had a bullet-sized hole in the front.
No wonder this report is banned. It shatters the government's version to pieces.
* * *
I sat with two veteran journalists and one academic. We tried to make sense of it all. Why would Dr. Hiss so clearly cover up Rabin's wounds throughout his report, yet report the most damning fact of all: that he was shot from the front?
The academic observed that this report had to have been censored and undergone different drafts, quite likely under the watchful eyes of some panicked Shabak officers. That would explain how Dr. Hiss reported not examining the vertebrae in one paragraph, and then examining them and finding them whole in another. As with the assassination film, the Shabak censors just didn't have the expertise to clean the report of all the truth.
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