Attorney Heard 'A Bomb'
Exactly Where And When
JFK's Plane Went Down
A second opinion on the Kennedy crash
By Anthony J. Hilder

Victor Pribanic often goes to Martha's Vineyard to fish for those big striped bass which lay in abundance off the south end of the island. The remnants of the old boardwalk is still there, along with some of the steel poles stuck where the old-timers came from one of the fishing clubs that drew crowds there in the late 1800's. Those places are all closed now. But those who know "the right spot" off Squidnocket Point still take the trip to fish at night in hopes they'll bag some big bass.
Vic Pribanic was there fishing the night that JFK Jr.'s airplane was on its approach to the island's overlit airport when the murdered president's only son radioed the control tower at 9:39 p.m. that he was about 10 miles off the island and would drop off his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette and then take off again between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for the Hyannis Airport. United Press International, ABC News and WCVB-TV fully confirmed this story. All was well and the sky was moderately clear. There was just a little haze when Kennedy got his first view of the lights beaming up from the bright street lamps that the locals there have complained so much about in both the Martha's Vineyard Gazette and Martha's Vineyard Times.
For JFK Jr., his wife and her sister, the lights were welcome sight, knowing that their flight was just about over. The airplane, a Piper Saratoga and its world-renowned pilot and passengers, had been identified from JFK Jr.'s call, and their exact location was noted on the radar screen. THEY HAD A FIX ON HIM. And then it all happened. BAM!
As sudden as a lightining bolt, Pribanic turned abruptly towards the explosion: "I heard a loud impact like a bomb", said Pribanic, a skilled trial lawyer from White Oak, Pennsylvania. At first he thought it could have been the military, exploding one of their bombs off of No-Man's Island, a small island off the shore. But that couldn't be. It was at night. And they stopped that years ago. Nonetheless, the explosion sounded nearly identical and came seemingly from the sky out over the ocean.
Victor Pribanic, an innocent small-town Pennsylvania lawyer, was to bag a 35-pound striper "that night" as well as a story that will change the course of the country for all time.
What we have here is a very reputable "ear-witness" to JFK Jr.'s Piper Saratoga being blown out of the sky - at the exact time and location the plane went down.
Others that evening witnessed seeing a "bright flash" in the night sky. A finely-tuned, well-kept first-class airplane doesn't just drop out of the sky and head straight down into the ocean unless it's blown out of the sky or the pilot deliberately sends it into a dive to kill himself and his passengers.
If the latter happened, it would imply that JFK Jr. was either an idiot or insane.
Neither of which was true.
The "managed media" report that he was flying in "bad weather" is an absolute lie and we can prove it with both witnesses and photographs, so that the story will no longer fly.
What does this mean? Does it mean:
1) that JFK Jr., his wife and sister-in-law were murdered as soon as the killers ID'd his plane on its approach for a landing? Yes. It means exactly that.
2) that those who "control" the MEDIA SPIN and those who own the "managed media" who tell their editors and reporters what to write, what to print and what to show, COVERED UP THIS CRIME? Exactly. Before your very eyes.
3) that those in the executive branch of government who control the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the ISA, the NTSB and all investigative agencies related to the crime are "involved" in this act of murder? Yes. That's this reporter's opinion.
What about Victor Pribanic? Is he credible?
Yes. I found him to be one of the clearest and most concerned witnesses I've ever come across, as evidenced by his actions after the explosion shattered the calm of his night and changed his life forever.
The next day when Pribanic heard the news of the Kennedy crash, he called local aviation officials to tell his story and then eventually wound up talking to Hank Myer of the West Tisbury Police Dept. They went out to the site he fished the night before and he pointed to where the explosion had rocked the night sky.
It was in the exact direction where they discovered the plane submerged on the ocean floor many days later.
Why didn't the authorities consult with this top witness, (instead) ignoring him and spending the better part of the week spending hundreds of thousands of dollars sweeping hundreds of empty square miles for the missing plane? Where Victor Pribanic had pointed as the location of the explosion is exactly where the Coast Guard recovered scattered items from the blown-up plane and near where other debris from the plane had washed ashore.
I asked Mr. Pribanic who returned my call if he felt that JFK Jr. and his family was murdered. He said; "it's certainly in the realm of possibility".
Mr. Pribanic said he had left his fishing spot with a bagful of stripers about 1:30 a.m. the next morning, unaware that he had heard the "IMPACT LIKE A BOMB" that had killed "the Prince of Camelot" in the night sky.
This ended the speculation that JFK Jr. might run for the U.S. Senate seat against Hillary Clinton in New York or against Al Gore, Jr. for the Presidency of the United States in the forthcoming Democratic Primary. Rumor had it that he was going to announce on August 1. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the Kennedy killing was murder in the first degree?
My website, has posted over 20 stories covering all aspects of what we believe really happened to JFK Jr. and how the "Manhattan Money Mob's Manage Media" has muddied the already murky waters surrounding what PEOPLE's Magazine described as "the handsomest man in the world".
If the eyewitnesses could see the explosion of the plane from Martha's Vineyard island in the night sky, doesn't it stand to reason that Kennedy could see the bright lights of the island in the night sky?