NY Air Force Black Projects
And Underground Bases (?)
By Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Geologist and Paleobotanist

(The following is a note written by Dr. Cornet to investigative reporters John Quinn and Bob Anderson)
Guess what? Plattsburgh AFB is located not far north of Pine Bush, NY. The UFO phenomenon attributed to Pine Bush - actually located between the towns of Montgomery, Pine Bush, Walden, and Wallkill, NY - is surrounded by airstrips, two of which are under military control: Stewart AFB at Newburgh, NY, and the Special Operations Training Center located about 5 miles to its west. The latter SOTC has a major landing strip on it. It is located at the northern end of the UFO hotspot, and is a major training area for the FBI (at least back in 1993 it was)! It is fenced and its perimeter is camera monitored.
I flew over it in a helicopter in 1993, taking lots of pictures. A central area contains clusters of modified trailers and an airport hanger. No aircraft wheel marks are visible on the pure white tarmac.
After flying over the site, I went to dinner in Newburgh with a group that was doing a video film on the area, and guess who showed up to check us out? A whole table full of FBI agents. They were quick to deny that anything covert was happening at the Special Ops location, saying that it was being used only for defensive driver training in dangerous high speed pursuits and escapes.
Someone (anonymous at this time) contacted me to tell me a most unusual story about how he was assigned to Stewart AFB during his early A.F. training. He has little recollection of his time there, for some reason, but does remember that it included possible mind control experiments. He was very upset that he has no recollection of what was done to him, and the military will not tell him. Now that is strange for an AFB, which is also an International airport (since 1990). Yes, you can fly into that AFB, which has seen the stealth bomber and F117s on its tarmac.
BTW, did you know that Whitley Streiber's alleged alien contact experiences (Communion) mostly happened at a cabin near Wallkill, NY. That's right, the cabin is located on the perimeter of the UFO hotspot area, and near the Special Ops Training Center. Is this just coincidence? Could Whitley have been part of some mind control experiment? Could I have been?
On the west side of the Shawangunk Mountain range, located just west of the Special Ops Training Center is a strange government facility tucked into the side of the mountain - overlooking Ellenville, NY. It is guarded with fences, and contains numerous government-style buildings. It can't be seen except from its perimeter or from the air. It is literally tucked into a hole between mountain ridges. From what I have heard, airtraffic is restricted from flying over it (rumor). A pilot's flight map of the area might indicate such restricted airspace. New heavy earth (underground?) construction was witnessed there in 1997 by people investigating the area.
Also, a convoy of 18-wheelers containing a flatbed cargo of huge fans was seen going into the Special Ops training center in 1995 (Pine Bush resident). Was that airplane hanger too hot, I wonder? Or is there an entrance to an underground facility there, which might be connected to the Plattsburgh facility? Rumor has it that Stewart AFB is connected to Plattsburgh AFB via underground tunnels, and the SOTC is located along a line connecting the two. I remind you, these are only local rumors.
You might want to have your friend do some investigating around that area. I am curious about what is going on there, and how much of it relates to the Pine Bush UFO phenomenon. I have suspected that some of what I witnessed and experienced was part of a major mind control experiment. Question is: Whose experiment? Military training exercises have been witnessed by locals in the public sectors of the Wallkill River valley.
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Yours truly, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. Geologist and Paleobotanist