The Bank of England
And The Gold Crisis
By Sherman Skolnick <>
Far too many people believe the common fairy tale that geniuses are in charge of financial affairs. History is riddled with the monumental blunders of the big money crowd.
If the price of gold goes up, it tends to discredit paper money. After all, some do consider gold the only real, independent money, separate and apart from Governments. The Bank of England has been part of a scheme to force down the price of gold. Up to about the summer of 1999, gold had been pushed down to just a touch over 250 dollars per ounce, a recent historical low. The best, most efficient Canadian mines have a cost of production at 285 dollars per ounce. So the Bank of England announced for September, 1999, another sale of gold supposedly from "their Reserves". This was joined with stories, not every one believed, that OTHER central banks were tired of having gold reserves and were and are likewise selling off and discarding their Treasures.
There was, however, a deep dark secret. The Bank of England does not really have that much "gold Reserves". They have used up their gold in two World Wars as well as numerous devaluation attacks on the British Pound Sterling which once was $4.80 for one British Pound. AND, all the while to the last minute falsely denying that the Pound was about to be devalued.
Some believe that the person using the name "Clinton" was ordered, by the secret societies that installed him as President,to start the war against Serbia which had not attacked any foreign country, least of all the U.S. A simple reason: The new Euro Dollar was declining against the so-called "U.S. Dollar". So the Europeans had a financial interest to get the U.S. into a financial disaster called Kosovo, to wreck the Dollar. When it is all said and done, WHO will have to pay for reconstructing the bombed out bridges, factories, and buildings in Serbia? You guessed it: the common ordinary U.S. taxpayer suckers. Not the Rockefellers, Mellons, Morgans, and other ruling families WHO PAY NO TAXES, hiding their fortunes through Foundations and corruption of the Internal Revenue Service.
So to try to force down the price of gold even lower than $250 per ounce, the Bank of England was selling gold it did not really have. Upon the downfall of the Soviets, the Dutch arranged to steal thousands of tons of Soviet gold with the help of criminals in Moscow, the newly rich open market "miracle" entrepeneurs, former Commissars. After all, there was a time when the Moscow government was the world's second largest gold producer. Maybe not longer true with the great decline in production in general since 1991.
In its simplest form, the Bank of England was selling gold borrowed from thieves in Amsterdam. NOTE: The Dutch have been a transit point for Vatican financial schemes. By the way, that nation which is forever fighting off the seas---the Netherlands being below sea level---has used strong-arm tactics to prevent ANY speculating against THEIR currency, the Guilder. Currency speculators know it is a death warrant to mess with the Guilder which remains stable in an unstable world.
Reputed currency gangster George Soros became reportedly aware that the Bank of England was playing a dirty, dangerous game with someone elses' stolen gold. To counter him, the central bank of Britain has reportedly instigated stories such as: Soros is a world-class gangster, which he probably is; Soros is using stolen insider secrets which he probably is; and to appeal to a growing number of Anti-Jew bigots, calling him, through other people's mouths, a "dirty,rotten Jew", thus defaming and slandering all Jews in general.
So Soros and other worldwide pirates joined with the Swiss--who never were sweet angels--to attack the Bank of England. There is a pertinent principle of commodity trading called DELIVERY. The commodity traders sometimes joke that the items you speculate in might someday be ordered to be DELIVERED, like to be dumped on your front lawn. The currency bandits reportedly have been ordering the Bank of England to DELIVER the gold they supposedly sold in auctioning off THEIR "Gold Reserves". That is where is the trouble started. So the price of gold began shooting up, for a number of reasons.
REASON NUMBER ONE: Could the Bank of England DELIVER stolen gold without unraveling the whole Dutch-Former Soviet Gold Robbery? Also, the Dutch through their bank octopus, Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN, have been buying up FOR GOLD, banks in 15 U.S. cities. For example, ABN bought up a long-known reputed money laundry for bribing judges called La Salle National Bank of Chicago, now the flagship in the U.S. for ABN. La Salle National Bank was one of only two out of 20,000 U.S. National Banks in 1964 that refused to disclose their 20 largest stockholders of record when demanded by the House Banking Committee under Chairman, Congressman Wright Patman of Texas. A populist, he caused a report of the national bank ownership to be published in 1964 the first and only time of such in U.S. history that National Banks were requred to list their major owners for a U.S. Government published Report.
REASON NUMBER TWO: It is little known that the U.S. has a contract arrangement with Saudi and Japan. THEIR vast ownership of U.S. Treasury bills, notes, and bonds, are subject to being paid, upon their demand, IN GOLD. No U.S. citizen is allowed to convert their U.S. bonds into gold upon demand. Further, the Persian Gulf oil producers have an arrangement that their sale of oil to the West is payable in so-called "U.S. Dollars", actually, Federal Reserve notes backed by nothing, not gold, not silver, just hot air promises. Upon demand, however, only the Saudis have the right to DEMAND payment in GOLD instead of "U.S. Dollars". So the world price of oil is pegged to the "U.S. Dollar". AND Saudi can get gold for THEIR oil.
Another secret, known to gold mining and marketing experts, is that the Federal Reserve has an unwritten policy of a trip-wire: $410 per ounce. For example, the Fed with the help of the monopoly press in the market crash of 1987, concealed for weeks and weeks that the Fed was lifting heaven and earth to keep gold from topping 500 following the Crash. Over the years, whenever gold even approached $410 per ounce, the Fed and the press-fakers started an attack on gold, such as: gold does not pay interest but lays dormant; gold is a barbaric metal from the past, no longer needed; gold is useless to own it; and similar fables suddenly circulated by the paper money crowd.
I find it interesting that over a period of years, I was the ONLY JOURNALIST to go to the annual meeting called the Chicago Gold Conference, gold experts from all over the world. The press-whores, fronting for the paper money cartel, never printed a single word of the all-day Chicago-based meeting.
Rumors are circulating, believed by savvy folks to have validity, that the Bank of England needs a rescue of 200 BILLION DOLLARS to bail out their blunders. If the Federal Reserve, circulating their Notes masquerading as "U.S. Dollars", has to send that many paper lifeboats to London, where will they get it? And will it sink the "U.S. Dollar"? And by having more so-called "U.S. Dollars", that is Federal Reserve Notes, printed? Of course, that inflation would simply cause gold to go even higher.
Do not be surprised, however, that the monopoly press says little, if anything, about the Bank of England or is it the BUNK OF ENGLAND, and the gold crisis. And no surprise if the press-liars start circulating stories about gold, that, after all, gold is no good to have.
Wags with gold teeth claim, that when gold is high in price, they have to hire a guard for their mouth.
Sherman H. Skolnick, moderator/producer of Chicago public access Cable TV Program "Broadsides", since 1991, and since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts.
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