China Public Opinion Poll
Backs Taiwan Invasion

BEIJING (Reuters) - Nearly 90 percent of China's people would back any government decision to invade Taiwan if the island declared independence, according to a public opinion poll published Tuesday.
The poll in the English-language China Daily showed 86.9 percent of the 1,957 people interviewed in seven cities agree the government can resort to force if necessary.
Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui sparked a row with China last week by junking the longstanding ``one China'' policy in a bid to break the wealthy, democratic island out of diplomatic isolation, angering Beijing.
The China Daily poll conducted by the Social Survey Institute of China. showed 94.7 percent of the respondents were ''shocked'' and felt ``disgust'' at Taiwan's policy shift.
Nearly 90 percent thought Lee would not be able to garner support in the international community, the poll said.
The policy of a single, indivisible China that includes Taiwan had been a mutually accepted formula that has prevented war between the rivals and been a cornerstone of East Asian security for decades.
China regards Taiwan as a renegade province that must be reunified with the mainland and has sought to push the island into diplomatic isolation.
The China Daily poll showed 47.8 percent of respondents said Wang Daohan, head of a semi-official Chinese body that deals with Taiwan, should shelve his scheduled visit to Taiwan in October.
Wang would be the most senior Chinese envoy to set foot on Taiwan since the Communists won a civil war in 1949 and drove the defeated Nationalists into exile.
About 62 percent said they would not welcome Wang's Taiwan counterpart, Koo Chen-fu, in China pending clarification of Taipei's controversial about-face, the poll said.
Koo made a landmark visit to China last year.