Great Secrets Of The 20th
Century - Part One
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
1912 - The British ship TITANIC sunk moreso from an internal explosion in the coal bunker than from hitting an iceberg. Those who produced the most recent version of the movie "Titanic", viewed, in a special submarine, the remains of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic, off of Newfoundland. They reportedly noticed the side of the ship showed there had been a massive internal explosion in the vicinity of the coal bunker.Was it sabotage? Knowledgeable sources contend the ship, on its maiden voyage, had been the target of blackmail and espionage intrigue implicating England and Germany who two years later went to war against each other. With the ship not having sufficient life-boats to save costs, were the passengers coldheartedly sacrificed as part of a bloody scheme to profit war-mongering large corporate interests while from 1914 to 1918, millions of ordinary people killed each other?
The movie producers, in a re-make of a prior movie on the Titanic sinking, spent some 200 million dollars in the production. They were not about to risk that by raising the question of the internal explosion requiring a revision of history books. [Sidenote: my late father was on the ship behind the Titanic.] In 1915, the ship "Lusitania" was likewise the subject of a bloody scheme. Supposedly just a passenger ship, yet the British withdrew protection from the ship in wartime as it approached off of England. Knowing the truth that the Lusitania was a secret munitions carrier, a German U-boat sank the ship with great loss of life including U.S. citizens. The British sacrificed the passengers as part of a scheme to draw the U.S. into World War One to aid Great Britain. Remember: the British and French Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, created the conspiratorial Federal Reserve just prior to the war, to use American assets to finance both sides of Europe's war.
1918 - History books declare that Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd and his family, following the Russian Revolution, were assassinated by the Bolsheviks, July, 1918,in a basement of a house in Ekaterinburg, Siberia. By the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, arranged by Lenin, in March, 1918, the Russians ended their war with Germany enabling the Germans to devote their efforts to the Western fron against U.S., France, and Great Britain. [Lenin's elder brother was among those who assassinated Nicholas's grandfather, 1881, Emperor Alexander 2nd.] The Treaty had a secret codicil, arranged by the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds who financed Lenin, providing for the safe passage of the Czar and his family in exile, the Czar having abdicated the throne on behalf of himself and his young son, heir to the throne, Alexei, in the spring of
1917 - The Rockefeller banks, Chicago and New York, had the PRIVATE fortune on deposit of the Romanov family, separate from Nicholas's government position as Czar of all the Russias. This consisted of 400 million dollars in gold, at the then price of 20 dollars per ounce. Declaring the Czar and his family falsely dead enabled the Rockefeller bankers to spread out their empire using the fraudulent bankers' use of fractional reserves. Through secret accounts, the Rockefellers for decades thereafter rolled over these funds, to their benefit, in violation of state escheat laws providing that bank accounts revert to the State government if not claimed after, in most states, seven years. Of course, corrupt bank regulators in Illinois and New York have condoned this by the Rockefellers' First National Bank of Chicago and their Chase Bank of New York.
By 1970, documents were being released by the British, after more than 50 years of suppression, showing the British monarchy, cousins of the Czar, secretly with U.S.aid rescued the Czar and his family. So to perpetuate the big lie of royal murder, the Rockefellers financed an elaborate movie "Nicholas and Alexandra" which in its final scenes shows the alleged assassination by the Bolsheviks of the Czar and his family in Siberia. In only one edition, the pro-British monarchy Chicago Tribune had a story headlined "U.S. Aided Rescue of Czar Nichola, British hint" [Chicago Tribune, 12/14/70.) Excerpts: "British government documents which recently were placed in the public record office in London indicate that President Woodrow Wilson backed a secret mission to Russia which may have resulted in the rescue of Czar Nicholas and his family in 1918." and "A retired U.S. official, who has aided the investigations and asked to remain anonymous, said continued secrecy on the part of the British and American governments 'frustrates or makes liars out of all those who are ridiculed for stating the assassination never took place.' He said some who participated in the rescue are still alive and 'should be interviewed'" While not mentioning the Rockefellers and their banks, the story stated quoting that official " 'It is a preposterous claim that full disclosure would strain the relations among any of the involved governments', he said. 'A whole neew breed has taken over in all the chancelleies. Certainly there can be little fear anywhere of a Czarist revival.' "
In 1974, I and research associates of mine, spent two whole days in New York interrogating the one who claimed to be ALexei Romanov, heir to the throne, and son of Czar Nicholas 2nd. He candidly and accurately without hesitation answered each and every one of my critical questions to my satisfaction. He said his parents lived out their lives in secret exile in Poland, and that some of his sisters, such as Anastasia, were still alive and he has met with two of them in the United States, one living in a suburb of Chicago. As a cover, he stated, he was trained as part of Polish Intelligence, and studied Marxism, and supposedly became part of the Post World War Two Communist regime in Warsaw, using the cover name Michal Goleniewski. About the time John F. Kennedy was inaugurated President in January 1961, Alexei defected to the U.S. By a private act of Congress he made a U.S. citizen and promised a sizeable pension by the American CIA. His disclosures caused the fingering of some 60 Soviet spies in the West. The CIA, he claimed, reneged on his yearly stipend, and he went public through ads, for example, in the dissident publication in the U.S. "Ramparts Magazine". He wanted publicity to help him collect. A hemophiliac, he had the marks on his feet of having worn for many years metal leg braces, part of a plan to prevent him from falling down and bleeding to death as others with the disease.
He gave us many specific, verifiable details how the Russians to keep mum about the survival of the Czar, have been blackmailing large sums out of the Rockefellers and their banks. Also, Russia claims ownership of Alaska. In 1867, "Seward's folly", the U.S. obtained Alaska from Russia BY A 99 YEAR LEASE, NOT AS HISTORY PROCLAIMS, an outright purchase. The lease was arranged by a secret, midnight deal following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln who obtained aid during the American Civil War from the then-Czar of Russia. Forcing the Rockefellers to disgorge the long-secret Romanov family deposits would severely wreck the Rockefeller banks. Note: Rockefellers' Chase Bank is the advertiser on major TV Network talk shows.
Sidebar: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin reportedly had an illegitimate son. The offspring, Stalin's illegitimate grandson reportedly is U.S. Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut. His father was also a U.S. Senator who was censured by the U.S. Senate as a result of a scandal. A close associate of Chris Dodd in the past often visited Moscow and Siberia reportedly as part of the "U.S. State Department". More Great Secrets of the 20th Century to follow. ________
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A GOOD REFERENCE BOOK ON THE STORY about THE CZAR: "The File on the Tsar" by Anthony Summers & Tom Mangold, paperback edition, 1978, Jove/Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, N.Y.