List Of Branch Davidian
Victims Of April 19, 1993

For those of you who are going to an observance in rembrance of those who died at Waco, the following is the list of the victims who died there.

Branch Davidian Complex, Mt. Carmel, Gutted With Flames
Branch Davidian Victims
Died February 28, 1993
in initial BATF assault on Mount Carmel
Winston Blake 28 black British
Peter Gent 24 white Australian
Peter Hipsman 28 white American
Perry Jones 64 white American
Michael Schroeder 29 white American
Jaydean Wendell 34 Hawaiian American
Died April 19, 1993
burnt or shot to death during FBI assault
Katherine Andrade 24 white American
Chanel Andrade 1 white American
Jennifer Andrade 19 white American
George Bennett 35 black British
Susan Benta 31 black British
Mary Jean Borst 49 white American
Pablo Cohen 38 white Israeli
Abedowalo Davies 30 black British
Shari Doyle 18 white American
Beverly Elliot 30 black British
Yvette Fagan 32 black British
Doris Fagan 51 black British
Lisa Marie Farris 24 white American
Raymond Friesen 76 white Canadian
Sandra Hardial 27 black British
Zilla Henry 55 black British
Vanessa Henry 19 black British
Phillip Henry 22 black British
Paulina Henry 24 black British
Stephen Henry 26 black British
Diana Henry 28 black British
Novellette Hipsman 36 black Canadian
Floyd Houtman 61 black American
Sherri Jewell 43 Asian American
David M. Jones 38 white American
David Koresh 33 white American
Rachel Koresh 24 white American
Cyrus Koresh 8 white American
Star Koresh 6 white American
Bobbie Lane Koresh 2 white American
Jeffery Little 32 white American
Nicole Gent Little and unborn child 24 white Australian
Dayland Gent 3 white American
Page Gent 1 white American
Livingston Malcolm 26 black British
Diane Martin 41 black British
Wayne Martin, Sr. 42 black American
Lisa Martin 13 black American
Sheila Martin, Jr. 15 black American
Anita Martin 18 black American
Wayne Martin, Jr. 20 black American
Julliete Martinez 30 Mexican American
Crystal Martinez 3 Mexican American
Isaiah Martinez 4 Mexican American
Joseph Martinez 8 Mexican American
Abigail Martinez 11 Mexican American
Audrey Martinez 13 Mexican American
John-Mark McBean 27 black British
Bernadette Monbelly 31 black British
Rosemary Morrison 29 black British
Melissa Morrison 6 black British
Sonia Murray 29 black American
Theresa Nobrega 48 black British
James Riddle 32 white American
Rebecca Saipaia 24 Asian British
Steve Schneider 43 white American
Judy Schneider 41 white American
Mayanah Schneider 2 white American
Clifford Sellors 33 white British
Scott Kojiro Sonobe 35 Asian American
Floracita Sonobe 34 Philipino
Gregory Summers 28 white American
Aisha Gyrfas Summers and unborn child 17 white Australian
Startle Summers 1 white American
Lorraine Sylvia 40 white American
Rachel Sylvia 12 white American
Hollywood Sylvia 1 white American
Michelle Jones Thibodeau 18 white American
Serenity Jones 4 white American
Chica Jones 2 white American
Little One Jones 2 white American
Neal Vaega 38 Asian New Zealander
Margarida Vaega 47 Asian New Zealander
Mark H. Wendell 40 Asian American
Renos Avraam 31 white British 40 years
Brad Branch 35 white American 40 years
Jaime Castillo 24 white American 40 years
Graeme Craddock 31 white Australian 20 years
Livingstone Fagan 35 black British 40 years
Paul Fatta 35 white American 15 years
Ruth Riddle 31 white Canadian 5 years
Kathryn Schroeder 35 white American 3 years
Kevin Whitecliff 33 white American 40 years
Free the Branch Davidians!
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Dot Bibee (
Knoxville, TN (423) 577-7011
Dot Bibee,
I'm not sure if the posting on the remembrance of Waco was written by you,
but since your e-mail address is at the bottom, here's my response.
I agree with you on ONE point. The poor people of the Branch Dividian were
indeed victims.
They were victims of the psychotic brainwashing of an egomaniac named David
Koresh--a bizarre man with delusions of grandeur.
I will readily agree that the whole affair was a tragedy, but I for one am
glad that they were stopped. The last thing I would like to see is a bunch
of religious finatics with a stockpile of weapons, free on the streets. The
next thing I am going to say will stun you. I am a conservative! I am a gun
owner! And I own an "assault rifle!" I realize that any of these facts is
enough for me to be "required" to stand by the Dividians. Not I. The
problem is that they were no different from any other terrorist
organizations. Religious fanatics with guns and explosives. If they were in
any other part of the world we conservatives would be the first ones crying
out to stop them. If they didn't have guns, we would all be making fun of
them for being crazy cultist nuts. Not the type of people I want to see with
The picture of the Fed in his HRT gear that is posted with the article is
obviously chosen to elicit a response of shock and terror. I see a federal
agent with the best training in the world about to do his job the best way he
knows how--just so that you and I can go another day without the need to bear
our own arms against our fellows.
In closing, for all of you extremely right wing militia types, who want to
run the federal government out of the country, let me say this. I hate Sarah
Brady and Bill Clinton too. I want to put a stop to gun control too. But
there is no way that a crowd of unstable religious freaks should be able to
infringe upon the rights of the general public in order to maintain their own
second amendment rights. Do we allow people commited to mental institutions
to keep and bear arms? No. These people were just as dangerous.
Since I am stable, and highly law abiding, I have never, ever, had any Feds
at my home to try to get my pistols or my AR-15. It's not the Feds that are
the problem. It's the wing nuts who ruin it for the rest of us. If you
still don't agree that the Dividians were unfit for ownership of firearms,
then they should have taken it to court like every other reasonable human
being would. Did they think they were at the Alamo? They were authors of
their own doom.
Donald T McCoy Jr
Donald T. McCoy Jr