Clinton Pondered And
Carefully Studied Treason Loophole
"Perhaps the most prophetic of all the memorabilia Bill gave me were bar exam notes made in the margin of the 'Nacrelli Bar Review School' book," writes onetime bodyguard and Clinton confidant L.D. Brown in his blockbuster expose, "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation".
The Arkansas state policeman was in the habit of collecting mementos from his time with the young governor, whose rising politcal star was apparent to almost all who knew him, including new friends like James Riady and Charlie Trie.
Now, in the midst of his administration's Chinagate nuclear espionage scandal, Clinton's old law book may be worth further study.
"I know Bill used the book," explains Brown, "and there are many entires in longhand made throughout the approximately 300 pages of text. The most telling entries are found in the sections on criminal law and taxation. In the definition of treason, the passages concerning treason requiring an overt act as well as involving two witnesses are underlined."
Brown adds, "The sections on 'bribery', 'conspiracy' and 'false pretenses' receive the same treatment.....Quite appropriately, I think, is the fact that the only section of the book where there is not one mark, not one word underlined or note taken, is in the section on -- legal ethics."
Sunday May 9
Mrs. O'Leary's Chinese Cash Cow?
Now that it's clear America's nuclear security has gone up in smoke, it may be time to borrow a phrase from the Great Chicago Fire and ponder the role of former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary and her onetime cash cow, Johnny Chung.
Recent media reports have focused on the $300,000 Chung received from Chinese military intelligence and the $35,000 of that sum (at least) that found its way into Democratic National Committee coffers.
But the press seems to be suffering a bout of collective amnesia regarding information on Chung it reported two years ago, which points to a much more direct financial connection to Mrs. O'Leary -- and even a member of the First Family.
O'Leary was in charge of security policy at U.S. nuclear labs where Newsweek, for instance, has now described the Chinese penetration as "total". Here's what's been on the record about the Chung-O'Leary money trail for nearly two years:
"No less startling was Mr. Chung's allegation that the Democratic Party was not the only player with a ravenous appetite for money. He also described how he was, in effect, shaken down for a $25,000 donation to Africare, a charitable organization supported by the Energy Secretary at the time, Hazel O'Leary." (New York Times -- Aug. 22, 1997)
Here's how Chung himself put it, in an exchange with NBC's Tom Brokaw days before the Times report:
BROKAW: Were you surprised when someone could get you in to see Hazel O'Leary if you would write a check to her favorite charity?
CHUNG: I begin to understand a little bit, but I am still a little bit suprised.
BROKAW: Yeah. Who picked up the check?
CHUNG: There's one gentleman, present himself as the Energy Department official, and said I'm here to pick it up, the $25,000 check...
BROKAW: To Africare?
CHUNG: To Africare.
BROKAW: A charity that the Energy Secretary supports, she sends over somebody from the Energy Department to pick it up, and you get a meeting with her with a very prominent Chinese petrochemical official?
CHUNG: Yes. (Investor's Business Daily -- Aug. 26, 1997
The Chung-O'Leary money trail deeply troubled even stalwart media F.O.B.'s like Lars-Erik Nelson, who complained in his New York Daily News column that, "Johnny Chung's story about Hazel O'Leary could put some people in jail."
Other reports at the time noted that Chung also ponied up $25,000 to a group formed to attack Sen. Al D'Amato, who was then chairing congressional hearings into the Clintons' Whitewater land deal. After that, Chung got to meet the First Lady herself, who ,Chung says, offered him the greeting, "Welcome to the White House, my friend."
Of course, news that O'Leary had her hand in Chung's cookie jar came 18 months before we learned that the Chinese had obtained 50 years worth of our nuclear secrets, with most of them disappearing out the back door on O'Leary's watch.'s executive editor Chris Ruddy was the first to uncover a possible connection between lax security at our weapons labs and policy changes implemented through O'Leary.
In his March 11, 1999 report, <"Scientist: Clinton Administration Gave China Top Nuclear Secrets", Ruddy revealed:
"China's efforts culminated with a delegation of Chinese scientists who visited (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) in the winter of 1994, and another visit by Department of Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary at about the same time."
Ruddy's source, a Livermore whistleblower, contended that, "the Clinton administration has, in fact, aggressively sought to provide China with some of the most closely guarded nuclear weapons technology." At Livermore, this scientist said, "the administration had facilitated the transfer of laser technology employed in the process of making nuclear weapons-grade plutonium."
After O'Leary's 1994 meeting at the California lab, "the scientist recalled several Livermore scientists in a heated debate over whether 'this type of information (relating to the weapons enriching laser process) should be considered for technology transfer' to China."
"The deal with China for the technology transfer was consumated, the scientist said, sometime later that year after O'Leary's visit, when top DOE officials, Department of Commerce officials representing Ron Brown, White House representatives and Chinese government officials met in a guarded room at the Pleasanton Hilton nearby to Livermore."
Now that the nation's nuclear security has been compromised in an episode one CIA official described as "worse than the Rosenberg spy case," Inside Cover wonders why the press has forgotten about Chung's donations to the pet causes of Mrs. O'Leary and Mrs. Clinton.
Depending upon how Chung explains those donations in testimony before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee this week, the Clinton administration could emerge as a victim of a Chinese plot to subvert U.S. national security -- or as a willing co-conspirator?
Saturday May 8
Hillary Propositioned Me: Bodyguard
The President isn't the only Clinton in the habit of hitting on the hired help, according to a new book by L.D. Brown, who spent the better part of the 1980's guarding Arkansas' First Family.
In his hot-off-the-presses page-turner, "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation", Brown delivers a double-barreled broadside to Hillary's stand-by-your man image with the claim that she sexually propositioned him on at least two occasions.
"I have struggled over whether or not to ever tell the following story," L.D. Brown explains about the bombshell he has kept secret for more than a decade. Then the long-silent Clinton bodyguard blows the lid off his own experience with the woman who many believe could ride her status as "First Victim" to a U.S. Senate seat:
"The occasion was a trip to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I drove Hillary there. It was during this trip that she gave me the speech about 'getting things' from other people besides your spouse."
After the First Lady asked Brown to take her to a secluded location overlooking the Arkansas River, she made an unusual suggestion:
"I don't know whether it was the conversation we had been having or just the moment, but Hillary -- out of the blue -- told me she wanted me to start traveling with her, not just on the one hour trips, but out of town on the overnight ones."
Brown adds that previously, Mrs. Clinton had always traveled by herself on overnight trips.
Hillary's next move left no doubt about what she had in mind:
"At that moment she slid to the middle of the front seat of the Lincoln and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. I didn't utter a word. I saw my entire career, or what was left of it, fly past -- as in out the window. I restarted the car and we drove back to the Mansion. She didn't say another word."
The onetime Arkansas State Policeman says that Hillary became more aggressive in their next close encounter, during a gathering at the Governor's Mansion. Bill, Hillary and Vince Foster had been drinking that night; a combination that always made Brown nervous. His concerns became justified when Foster and Hillary's husband adjourned momentarily to another room:
"They were not even out of sight when Hillary walked over to me and planted a juicy one on my lips. I say juicy because Hillary was never a particularly affectionate person. I backed away quickly as I knew Vince and Bill could be back at any minute."
The Hillary hit-on-me anecdote is just one of the explosive revelations in Brown's incendiary book. And not all the embarrassing stories skewer the Clintons, as one GOP Senator on the Whitewater committee will no doubt soon find out.
Brown's book could also pose problems for GOP presidential frontrunner George W. -- with pre-publication publicity promising to explore "the secret relationship between Bill Clinton and George Bush (Sr.)."
For those who want the inside story from somebody who spent hundreds of hours up close and personal with both Bill and Hillary, L.D. Brown's "Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation" is one of the must read books of 1999.