Tomlinson Charges MI6
Spied On Diana
Traitor Richard Tomlinson has alleged Princess Diana was followed by an MI6 agent posing as a member of the paparazzi.
The sacked agent also claims Diana was under near constant surveillance by secret services.
Security chiefs have always denied this.
Tomlinson, 35, who this week named British spies on the Internet, made his claims to French Judge Herve Stephan, who investigated Diana's death in Paris in 1997.
And he named five male spies who knew of a plan to murder Serb dictator Slobodan Milosevic.
Tomlinson claims Diana's death mirrored the plot against Milosevic.
His death was to be disguised as a car crash.
He also named two MI6 men in Paris at the time of Diana's death and said MI6 files "would provide crucial evidence" to the exact cause of the tragedy.