Clinton 'Thugs' Said Singing
Like Canaries - Indictments Soon?
From Danny Cox
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Clinton Thugs in Witness Protection Program Singing Like Canaries... Indictments coming soon
Wall Street Underground Mar 17, 1999 Nicholas Gaurino
"Ken Starr Is About To Arrest Bill Clinton and Put Him On Trial"
My high level source on Clinton's crimes has been 100% right for two years straight -- And he's just dropped the bombshell of the year: 3 of Bill Clinton's paid thugs are now safely tucked away in the Witness Protection Program -- and they're singing like canaries.
Clinton's goons have now confessed under oath that they were paid to terrorize grand jury witnesses -- and even threaten their children's lives -- to prevent them from testifying about Clinton's crimes.
An outraged Kenneth Starr is now secretly preparing to indict and try the President of the United States and 9 of his most trusted allies on conspiracy and racketeering charges.
Dear Reader,
Bill Clinton is a marked man.
His decades of crimes against women -- and the lies and threats he's used to bury them -- are about to catch up with him. In spades.
I first learned what I'm about to tell you only a few evenings ago. My telephone rang and the voice on the other end of the line was that of a confidential source -- I'll call him "Mr. X" For more than three years, "Mr. X" has given me accurate inside details on Clinton's crimes.
..Here's what "Mr. X" told me:
"The goons clinton hired to threaten his sexual victims are singing like canaries. Under oath They're admiting that they were hired to intimidate witness after witness and the trail leads directly to the Oval Office."
"Ken Starr now has everything he needs to indict and try and convict 9 Clinton insiders and yes, even the president himself!"
[Here Gaurino recounts the Kathleen Willey harassment episode - the slashed tires, missing cat, threatened children, etc. Picking up at that point...]
Ken Starr's office has documented both the damage to Willey's car and the disappearance of her cat. But there had never been any corroborating witnesses on the threats she claims were made against her or her children -- until now.
Clinton's People Hired The Thugs and Ken Starr Can Prove It
Kenneth Starr now has a rock-solid case documenting the payments made to goons hired to silence Kathleen Willey -- and as many as a dozen other women.
They were hired through a conduit that stretches from the leg breakers on the streets, through private detectives, through important Democratic donors who provided the cash, to key members of the White House staff and to the president himself.
..Kenneth Starr has everything he needs to indict, try and convict the people involved on criminal charges -- including Bill Clinton!
Starr also has 12 other women who claimed Clinton sexually attacked them or attempted to force their silence about sexual liasons with him. And now that they can tell their stories of brutal abuse and terror under the protection of the independent counsel, they too will be testifying before Starr's secret Grand Jury in the days ahead.
Thanks to revelations from "Mr. X", I can tell you for a fact that Kenneth Starr is secretly drafting charges against Clinton for conspiracy, perjury, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and suborning perjury.
Clinton will be charged as the kingpin of the conspiracy to bludgeon his victims into silence. Starr will also charge Vernon Jordan, Betty Currie, Sidney Blumenthal, and 5 more well-known administration officials.
I can also tell you for a fact that the White House is desperately scrambling to find cause to fire Starr. So far, they've been unable to. And Republicans in Congress have agreed to defend Starr against White House reprisals at all costs.
The Clinton controversy is far from over. Clinton was able to bamboozle the American public, and some members of Congress. But reality is, he has severe criminal problems, that may still force him to resign...