Thoughts From Belgrade
BELGRADE- Branislav Andjelic, the webmaster of,one of the Internet's most popular sites since the start of NATO's war on Serb civilians on March 24 (with nearly two million "hits" a day), offered the following commentary, modeled after the Star Trek line - "you will be assimilated:"
"They are using their largest and smartest bombs to destroy our schools and hospitals, our museums and ancient monasteries, our heating plants and food factories, our bridges and dams.
They shout for us to yield and let them in: 'We are the United States. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.'
At the end of the twentieth century we live in a world where one country controls all the weapons, all the money and all the media.
It can maim and kill and starve populations at will, and then, through the complacent media, deny fault.
It can create kangaroo courts that selectively prosecute those who oppose it, courts that issue secret indictments and send armed troops into sovereign countries to kidnap and murder the accused.
It can select with impunity which international laws and agreements are politically expedient to adopt or honor, or which to ignore.
It decides which terrorist organization should be bombed and which given money and arms; which mass expulsion of populations to aid and which to label genocide; which economies to support through loans and trade, and which to destroy through sanctions and currency speculations.
Its goal is to assimilate all the world's cultures, all the world systems of value, all the world resources.
War in Yugoslavia is nothing less then the fight for the twenty first century. It will decide whether we are going to live as drones with the consciousness of a hive controlled by the Queen and enforced by NATO, or whether we are going to live as sovereign peoples with distinct cultures, religions, languages, morals, and economic systems.
Yugoslavia is the moral conscience of mankind. This small country, fully aware of the consequences, decided that the line must be drawn. This far, no further.
Bombs may turn us into rubble, but we will not be assimilated. Resistance is not futile."