US Constitution Trashed -
Congressmen Sue Clinton
For War In Yugoslavia
New York (Tanjug) - A group of the American congressmen, bitter about Clinton's aggressive politic and bombing of Yugoslavia, brought charges against the President to the District Court in Washington, demanding from the court to force him to obey the law and the Constitution of the USA, he obstinately had broken as he decided to start the aggression on Yugoslavia and the war he pushed America into.
The twenty-six congressmen stated in their last night charges that Clinton violated the Constitution, using the power which has only the Constitution. Only the Congress, not the President can make a decision to start war.
The autocratic way of Clinton's governing, violating the Constitution of the USA, is against the interests of the whole American nation, says the congressman Denis Kucinic, explaining the charges against Clinton.
Kucinic reminds of the attitude in the Congress that shows clear opposition to Clinton's aggressive politic to the Balkan and his starting the undeclared war in Yugoslavia, but such congressmen attitudes are simply neglected and the administration is still going on with the war in Europe.
The Constitution was violated in it's core, the low known as "The War Powers Act" voted after the Vietnam war in 1973 was violated as well, explained congressman Tom Campbell, the republican from California, who initiated the charges against Clinton.
Campbell stated, although the media in the USA didn't publish it at all, "Exactly 60 days and 48 hours passed since the bombing of Yugoslavia had started. Those 48 hours is extremely important because "The Act of War" obliges the President to withdraw the American military forces from the war he started before two months.
"At this moment, President Clinton is breaking the law. It is very important. It is not necessary to question the Constitution to establish that." says congressman Campbell and adds, it is clear that Clinton started the "illegal war"
Senator Allan Specter added that Congress only and nobody but Congress had the right to make the war decisions and that such a function of the Congress was seriously jeopardized.
Clinton's self-willing behavior must be stopped, the congressmen Tom Campbell, Graig Gansky, Denis Kucinic and Ron Poll stressed. They stood up with an explanation of the charge and their stand in front of the group of 26 congressmen who had all signed the charge. The congressmen of both parties - Democratic and Republican were present in that group.
Tom Campbell added at the end of his statement that the next steps of the Clinton's administrations are feared of. We are afraid that the President might stand in the Congress and say: "Now, give me assent and authority because I have already sent the troops", Cambell says, cynically describing the situation which has already occurred when Clinton, after his self-willed initiating of the "air campaign" on Yugoslavia with the false alibi of a "humanitarian catastrophe" which he allegedly wanted to prevent, demanded the Congress to "cover up" such an act.
According "The Act of War", posed after the American debacle in the Vietnam war, President of the US is obligated to announce the war or to withdraw the troops sent to a country after 60 days of time. Under the excuse of "limited military intervention" Clinton initiated the aggression on Yugoslavia with the false alibi of an alleged "humanitarian catastrophe" which he wanted to prevent.
Clinton does everything possible to skip the American laws and the Constitution, claiming that there is no "war". The war announcement would mean that all the other 18 member-states of NATO should do the same, which Clinton very well knows to be quite hard. In the field of the internal affairs, that would mean introducing of the war economy regime.
The group of Senators which is advocating for the statehood and demands the stopping of the aggression on Yugoslavia and signed the charge against Clinton in the District Court yesterday, together with a larger group of House of Representatives members, tried to obtain a measure for blocking of the Clinton's self-will .