Spraying of Cities is Real
Part III
By Ken Welch <>

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This is the final article in this series, and contains my personal conclusions about the reason we are being sprayed. People are sending in a lot of good information, fuel aerosol plumes are being sighted and photographed from coast to coast, and there will likely be reason to send out a bulletin from to time on latest developments. However, we are already implementing the first stages of our evacuation plan, so time to write will be getting scarce. I will continue to post new material to our story pages that begin at:
Speaking of photos, many local folks have shown the Texas spirit, suggesting that we do something about these aircraft ourselves. Tanker planes are completely defenseless, and spraying operations are certainly conducted at speeds slower than maximum. One could probably announce a citizen's arrest for attempted murder and throw a brick through the windshield! I don't think this would be very practical, though, despite the resulting headlines. Much better to get some great close-up photos of the plane while it is actually spraying and get them up on the web.
Let's do the bad news first. If you've been following these articles, you know that we had one of those cold-water-in-your-face experiences, when we clearly observed the spraying of individual Texas communities on April 9th, 1999. There was absolutely no doubt that people were the target. The mystery gets worse, however, when you learn that very sparsely populated areas, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, are being sprayed very heavily, over and over again. Add to this the Air Force's intense efforts to harness the weather for military purposes (also involving fuel as the dispersing carrier), and the picture becomes even more confused.
Of the many people who are documenting this massive operation with their photos and personal reports on the web, I seem to be the only one who is using terms appropriate for a military attack. To understand why, you need to know where I'm coming from.
I've had a life-long interest in the mind, and several years ago I wrote the first edition of a book that teaches people how to make their own subliminal tapes, something I'd been working with for almost two decades. Needless to say, I was quite fascinated when I ran across the remarkable work of David John Oates with speech reversals that reveal thoughts and feelings from the unconscious. (See his website at Subliminal techniques for getting new information IN to the subconscious, and David's Reverse Speech to get information OUT seemed highly complimentary, so I paid close attention.
You may remember that by spring of last year, several of David's reversals that indicated something important planned for December were causing a lot interest. I've long understood that our nation's leaders slipped the chains of constitutional government decades ago, and are following their own agenda, which has nothing at all to do with our peace, prosperity or safety. Because there were so many other signs that a century-old plan to erase the very concept of American liberty is nearing completion, I felt that chaos was not too far away. Believing that people could use all the help they could get, I put together a second, less expensive book designed specifically to help people program themselves for survival.
This was before the heavy interest in Y2K began, and I titled the book "Earth Changes Survival" to address those who felt something was coming but weren't sure what it would be. In that book I pointed out that I thought the coming chaos was more likely to be man-made than natural. Subliminals in your own voice are a unique approach to the issue of personal and family safety, and I was pleased to be able to introduce the book on Jeff Rense's Sightings program in August. At the same time I was becoming more and more alarmed at what David's Reverse Speech was revealing. I even located speech reversing software that I could use myself, to get more information.
You will recall that when Mr. Clinton bombed the aspirin factory (Aunt Marge says it's poor toilet training!), concern about this man whose unconscious had reversed with "The world will come to damn you" went into hyperdrive when he declared himself a "snake oil terrorist", and Defense Secretary Cohen hit everyone between the eyes with another reference to December. My own experience with obscure reversals is that you will either never find out what they are about, or they turn out to be right on the money for accuracy. I also believe the metaphors we find are usually simple and direct when dealing with actual events. I wrote to my friend Jerry Glass to make sure we had a record of all the "December" reversals, reviewed what we had, and came to a very frightening conclusion.
Clinton had also reversed with a statement about "growing" a weapon. The only weapons that are grown are biological. While talking about terrorists, he reversed with the fact that he himself is a terrorist, and used the term, "snake oil". I think many people took the common meaning that relates to the flim-flam man's dubious potions. I felt it was more likely, considering the growing of a weapon, that snake oil would best translate as a venomous or poisoned oily fluid to be used in place of the usual terrorist bombs or bullets.
I wrote to Jerry, and a few other close friends, that I anticipated a biological attack as a fake act of terrorism, to occur somewhere in the United States, probably in December. A first-time reference to NASA, I wrote, might indicate that NASA would provide a vehicle to spread whatever germ it was and get away undetected. The poison oil didn't sound like anthrax, the current scare topic, so I figured that only time would tell the tale. And we began talking here at home about leaving the city.
I was doing my own searching for speech reversals, and became fascinated with material from the NASA shuttle launch that carried John Glenn into space. I found reversals that indicated a weather control operation was in progress to protect the launch (story's on our site in Real Audio), and spent a lot of time on it. It appeared at the time that this operation had gotten out of control, and heavily influenced an unusual and deadly hurricane named Mitch. Now, in hindsight, I believe Mitch was a weather-control strike on the Republic of Honduras, a nation that had not been very cooperative with those setting up a global monetary and legal system.
You will recall that soon after this there was a growing interest in weather control, and strange circles showing up on radar weather maps. Most of the circles were simply misadjusted individual radar sets, but it certainly got a lot of people interested. When someone located another Cohen reversal from the aspirin factory debacle, clearly stating "cause evil weather", I decided to wait and see if there was more weather coming. There wasn't, so I'll settle on Mitch as being the final test of a military weather weapon.
In the meantime, "December" hysteria grew and grew, ending with a strange little show of odd weather in the southwest providing a disappointing anti-climax for millions. Virtually unnoticed, in the second week of December by all accounts, the spraying of America went into full time seven days a week operation. Personally, I didn't notice. I didn't notice in January, February or March. I had become seriously ill from the (witnessed) before-Christmas spraying of Houston, and could not seem to shake it off. As we now know, commonly available aviation fuel is used as the carrier for the spraying; a petroleum or oil-based product.
Many of us have long noticed a strangeness about NASA. Not the engineers, scientists, and others involved in the space program who are pretty great people, but the upper levels of NASA management have never seemed particularly honest, if you understand my meaning. It has always been obvious that there is a great deal we are never told. Of all the possibilities, only NASA has the satellite resources, computing power, weather skills, communication networks and shrouded secrecy to command and control a spraying program that stretches from sea to sea and border to border. Geographically, it is surely the largest single military operation in human history. Ironically, the preparations and groundwork appear to have been made through a NASA operation called Project Success.
Secretary Cohen's historic reversal, "Bring in NASA with December Seven" now makes complete sense. For so many years we have seen unmistakable signs of preparation for a major change in government, but always directed at some unknown future date. Our response has always been to do nothing. Surely, we think, when the day finally comes and overt action begins, we will all get our heads together and do something. I think the day came and we did nothing because we didn't notice it. I believe history will show that overt full time military operations against the people of America began on December 7th, 1998; a date deliberately chosen to mirror the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.
* * * * *
It is impossible to suppose that all of the catastrophic problems rushing down on us at the same moment, including financial collapse or depression, Y2K disruption, terrorism, war in the Balkans and many more, are simply coincidence. I add to this list a personal prediction that the weather-weapons will be used with a vengeance, to intensify the disruption, perhaps climaxing with massive hurricanes in August or September. While most of the speakers we heard at Preparedness Expo a few weeks ago were still focused on Y2K, there was almost universal agreement that a few days of maximum fear and chaos, perhaps only a few hours, would be employed to get the American people to demand universal martial law. Caesar is always more secure when it is the people themselves who offer him the crown. I believe that this will come much sooner than Y2K, because I don't think the forces of chaos can be held back that long. It is also a great advantage to have your enemy preparing for something that is months away when you pull the plug.
To be fair, I should point out an alternative in which things steadily deteriorate but the final climax is held back until next spring. This could occur if warnings like this one are too widely heard and too many people begin to react. Then we could see a non-event that convinces everyone that the whole thing was silly, the warnings are discredited, and we all go back sleep. Several strong intuitives here in Houston see the breaking point coming in the spring of 2000, so I pass along this idea while believing the crisis will come this fall. No military commander would want to begin operations in winter, so either scenario seems reasonable: a crisis as early as mid August, taking everyone by surprise, or as late as March or April of next year after Y2K fuel and power shortages and other problems have weakened the nation.
Where does the fuel-aerosol poisoning of America fit in to this? In several surprising ways. First, the single most important objective of the many executive orders and emergency plans revealed so far is total control. From lessons learned in Vietnam, the first and foremost instrument of control will be food. Orders and regulations calling for the confiscation of personal food stocks are not there because the food is needed elsewhere, but to make sure that people must quickly fit into the new system to obtain their next meal.
The second instrument of control will be gasoline. There simply won't be any unless you are fairly high in the new pecking order. Your Y2K information source has no doubt informed you that the Guard already has plans to seize all fuel stocks, so if you are in the city you will quickly be walking. I assume that being on the streets in a vehicle that does not display the appropriate sticker, as in WWII, could be pretty risky.
I believe that the third instrument of control will be medicine, particularly antibiotics. A greatly heightened need for medicines and medical treatment is being set up at this moment via the aerial spraying program. Demand on medical facilities has been high since December, and I believe things will get worse. Already a government controlled monopoly that has made many Americans grit their teeth in frustration, medicines and treatment can easily be withheld from people who do not have necessary papers. The Clinton administration has already tried to implement this program with their national medical card.
Friends of ours who routinely visit relatives south of the border, and often pick up medicines from the free marketplace in Mexico, have reported for months that they are getting the third degree from U.S. border officials whenever they bring back even the most common antibiotics. Secondary infections from spraying-induced illnesses have been life threatening. If you are under control and doing what you are told, you will probably get antibiotics if you need them. Otherwise you are going to be on your own. A lot of deaths from a mysterious epidemic, in the middle of a chaotic situation, is rarely more than a footnote in history books.
This also explains why so many small towns, outside the sphere of control from the city, are being sprayed. People in the country may have plenty of food, and even saved fuel, but if they become seriously ill they will have to go to the control point for medicine.
The extremely heavy spraying of remote or sparsely populated areas must also be part of this plan, otherwise millions of dollars are being wasted. While there is mounting evidence of spraying operations in rural areas where the wind will carry the concentration to a population center many miles away, I believe there is much more to the story. First, let's recognize that the planners believe there is at least one agent in the spray package that is persistent. In other words it will stay there. It will be on the ground, in the water, on the grass and the leaves of bushes and trees, and so on. There is no point in spraying an agent that is gone before it is needed.
I believe that many of these areas can be assumed to be sufficiently far from centers of control that it could be a year or more before thinly-stretched forces will even think of going there. Perfectly suited as havens for any resistance effort, they will naturally pull many of the people who escape the cities. In the Pacific Northwest, thousands of people have their hiking or camping gear close at hand, and any who are aware of the coming crises have probably already thought of remote areas where they might weather the storm. I might also point out that people who live in these areas already, and could teach others how to survive there, are really being pounded along with the potential refuge they inhabit.
My greatest fear about the spraying, and it is only a fear, is that it might be a binary or two-part system. There is no question that large numbers of people are now seriously weakened, particularly in the area of the lungs. This means that almost any pathogenic organism, spread in the air, could rip through our population like wildfire. I cannot imagine why this would be necessary, but the danger is there.
* * * * *
Now let's move on to the good news.
I believe that the spraying campaign is failing. Although many have fallen ill, a much larger portion of the population remains unaffected. In many areas, people now live, work, drive and shop in air conditioned environments and their exposure time is extremely limited. There are also indications of efforts to move the spraying further upwind from large targets, placing the spray pattern out of sight. This means that the concentration is lessened, and your chances of avoiding a bug are improving. We are also learning, in these situations, that a slight burning sensation around the eyes similar to bad "smog" but on a day with a good wind is a warning indicator worth heeding.
I also note that virtually all of the chaos producing problems looming on the horizon can be categorized in one way or another as "natural" or something that couldn't be prevented. This suggests there will be strong efforts to portray government activity in a benevolent light and enlist maximum support from the population. Unless you are already on a list as a troublemaker, it seems likely that you will be able to do reasonably well if you do not raise a fuss, and follow instructions. Remember that the men and women in the Guard are our sons, daughters and neighbors. They will believe they are doing the right thing in a time of trouble, be strongly motivated to help, and will be doing the best they can. If things begin to get strange later on, each of them is a potential force for good if they are treated with courtesy and kindness.
Y2K awareness is causing many people to make good preparations for hard times. This is going to be a major factor in our favor.
Finally, we are experiencing a tremendous explosion in alternative medicines, and a greater understanding of the powers of the mind. I believe the planners have greatly underestimated the ability of High-Tech to overcome Low-Tech, and especially those things that can only be described as No-Tech-At-All. When I was hit with spray-induced symptoms that approached the pain of a heart attack, I first obtained help from a local "energy" healer. In one twenty minute session, the symptoms were reduced to almost nothing, and allowed me to continue without a sense of crisis.
All of you who are involved in this work will be called on to provide the maximum of loving help to those around you. Although you will see many who are here now to experience the path of the warrior, and they are deserving of your aid, your ability to project loving energy into any situation, and employ your skills for maximum good, will be more important in the long run.
If your chosen field requires the use of physical supplies of some kind, I suggest you begin now to stock up so that disruptions will not prevent you from helping as many as possible. Also, many people are being called now to learn these techniques at the last moment. Don't fail to spread your knowledge as far as possible, and encourage your students to intensively practice and thus build their confidence.
We are in for a really interesting time, filled with great drama and heroism. I firmly believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and urge all to work toward that day. Remember that after your responsibility to yourself and your family, helping others is the most important thing you can do.
Good luck to all,
Welch Houston