Hussein Allegedly Issues
Threat - Showdown With US Near?

Earlier this week, Intelligence International LTD, the well regarded Britain-based intelligence advisory, sent an urgent "Private Alert" to its world wide subscribers.
Inside Cover has received a copy.
"Saddam Warns of Imminent Showdown with the U.S.," headlines the action gram.
Intelligence International reports that Iraqi diplomatic sources in Amman, Jordan, have claimed that Hussein recently sent a memorandum to "senior staff in the party, state, and the army."
The memo from Hussein asserts that "the showdown with the United States is not far away."
Hussein is said to be promising a "crucial confrontation that will end in Iraq's favour."
The memo continues, implying Hussein may use weapons of mass destruction, "Iraq will confront -- with determination, vigour, and a devastating response that will be remembered throughout history -- the latest U.S. attempt to inflict harm on it."
Intelligence International notes that Hussein has made vain threats before. This time, however, the intelligence advisory suggests Hussein should be taken seriously because President Clinton has entangled America's military in Kosovo.
Such an entanglement may have provided Iraq with an "unmissable opportunity," the advisory concludes.
Already and other sources have reported a massive shift of American naval and air power from the Gulf -- leaving the region vulnerable to Saddam.
Top military commanders like General Jack Singlaub(ret.) and Admiral Thomas Moorer(ret.) stated at's "America at Risk" Los Angeles Conference that American naval and air power has also been significantly drawn down in the Pacific.
They both stated that South Korea is extremely vulnerable to a North Korean attack in the near future.
Affirming those sentiments this week, General Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told Congress that North Korea has engaged in a forward deployment suggesting a possible attack on the South. He said American troops have been on a heightened state of alert.
Several defense think tanks, including the Center for Security Policy headed by Frank Gaffney, have warned that America may be faced with several, simultaneous crises, including ones with Iraq and North Korea.
Clinton's defense policies have effectively "hollowed out" the American military. Experts say that the American military would be unable to deal with one crisis, let alone several.