Blackmail And Emergencies -
And The Paper Money Scam
By Sherman H. Skolnick
The role of blackmail and orchestrated emergencies is approaching fever pitch in the U.S. Capitol and a few other places.
Item: Vice President AL Gore, Jr. contends to confidants that the report by the House Committee headed by Christopher Cox [R-47th, CA] is a blackmail device. Parts of the report have apparently been leaked out to the New York Times and members of the French Press. It deals with serious national security violations in respect to top nuclear secrets given to the Red Chinese.
Reportedly directly implicated bought-and-paid-for treason are President William Rockefeller Clinton , with a somewhat lesser role by V.P Gore. Knowledgeable sources contend, based on this in items even beyond the Cox Report and other data, there are sufficient reasons available to force from office the President, the Vice President, and the current Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who although 5th in line of Presidential succession is not eligible as non-U.S. born.
If Clinton and Gore are forced to the wall, set to become acting President would be Speaker of the House, J. Dennis Hastert [R-14th, Ill.] Hastert became Speaker when Speaker-Designate Bob Livingstone [R-1st, LA] was reportedly scandal-fingered with the crooked aid of ABC newsfaker Cokie Roberts. [Her father, Cong. Hale Boggs of Louisiana, started to go public with his regrets about his role on the Warren Commission proclaiming a lone assassin, not the CIA, assassinated President John F.Kennedy. As Boggs started to go public with his misgivings, he was murdered by way of a "disappeared plane" scenario in Alaska, one month before the re-election of President Nixon who was implicated in the Dallas JFK murder.
The Clinton Justice Department is quietly, not in open Court, seeking a reported injunction or other Court remedy to stop the circulation of a new book, "Betrayal--How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security" by Bill Gertz. The Justice Department contends the book is revealing forbidden national security secrets as to Clinton, Gore, and others. So far there seems to be no comment from the publisher, Regnery Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 97199, Washington, D.C. 20090-7199. I
tem: Clinton's handlers and controllers are prepared to set in motion an orchestrated financial emergency, a gimmick so far set for Summer, 1999. Clinton, as puppet, is preparing to announce the use of his Emergency Powers, by way of the War Powers Act of 1917, never withdrawn or rescinded, to force all Americans to turn in all 20, 50, and 100 dollar denominated paper currency that does not have the new metal-like strip embedded in the newer-issued currency.
Americans would have one-week to turn in their old currency, after which, for the first time in U.S. history, the older currency would be void. Unlike the U.S., in Europe for centuries the central governments profit by outlawing the old paper money after a certain quick cut-off date to turn it in. Those with large quantities of the older paper purported U.S. money [actually, Federal Reserve notes backed by nothing but hot air, no gold, no silver, nothing] are subjecct to being grilled by federal authorities as to how and where they got and have so much paper money.
Questions to be asked, with demand for quick, documented answers: [1} Did you report this on your state and federal income tax returns and pay tax on this as income? [2] If not, where else did such a quantity of paper money come from? Can you prove that it did not come from illicit transactions, dope, gun smuggling, bribery?
Upon being unable to give quick, on-the-spot answers with documentation suitable to the inquisitors, your older paper money may be confiscated, without a receipt being issued and without legal recourse to having it turned in for the new paper money. And will the new paper money be issued, dollar for dollar, or will you lose because of a devaluation, such as 50 of the new dollar paper money for each 100 denominated of the older paper money?
Quietly, the federal gestapo is seeking to refit metal-type detecting apparatus in airports, and to be installed in major train and bus stations so as to be able to detect if your luggage and you are carrying the currency with the metal-like strip. Some overly clever folks with tweezers have pulled out the strips from their 100 dollar bills, thus making them subject to confiscation.
The monopoly press seldom finds it necessary to mention the emergency Anti-Hoarding Acts of 1933, after President Franklin D. Roosevelt banned large quantities of paper money following the shut-down of all banks during the Bank Holiday of March,1933. By early 1934, FDR by proclamation made everyone turn in all their gold coins and gold bullion bars. The ultra-rich had shipped their gold out of the U.S. in February, 1933 prior to the Bank Holiday.
To deter Americans from helping themselves by buying gold now, the conspiratorial Federal Reserve jointly with super-secret procedures of foreign central banks, are artificially forcing down the price of gold by supposedly dumping, announcing the dumping, or pretending to be dumping, large quantities of their gold reserves on the world markets. [The London bankers, the Rothschilds and others, set the price of gold, conveniently called the "Gold FIX" twice each day. On the other hand, the Rockefellers are the major importers into the U.S. of Gold supposedly for gold jewelry manufacturing centered in Rhode Island. All this as if paper money is a better idea than holding gold.] Throughout history, governments have sooner or later renounced their bonds, their debts, and other paper instruments leaving the ordinary folks without inside information holding the paper bag.
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