Plot to Assassinate
Slobodan Milosevic Charged
By Sherman H. Skolnick
To help a proposed ground war. Or, to make a ground war unnecessary. In either case, the secret forces of the West are plotting to assassinate Slobodan Milosevic.
Background: in the late 1980s, the American CIA created Milosevic. Like other Frankenstein's Monsters, he turned on his creator. Others did the same: Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman; Fidel Castro of Cuba; Panama's Manuel Noriega. Milosevic became an outspoken nationalist, appealing to the masses in a country long over-run by huge foreign powers. Serbia for the Serbians! was the substance of his slogans.
Some fail to adequately explain how World War One started. The royals of the then powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire had the bad sense and timing to visit Sarajevo on a local national patriotic holiday. The royal bigwig and his wife were assassinated. The Austro-Hungarian moguls insisted on intervening in Serbia's internal affairs to supposedly investigate the murders. The rest is the blood-stained history, 1914 to 1918. Has the example of 1914 been lost on the United States, intervening on the internal affairs of Serbia?
Now, by way of intervening in Serbia, the American CIA has a scheme both simple and diabolical. A journalist known for being both outspoken and independent is to finally get an exclusive interview with Milosevic in the presence of a Peace Delegation from the U.S. Unknowingly, the journalist and the Peace Delegation are to be the pilot laser fish, guiding U.S. missiles right to and at Milosevic. The journalist, not an establishment type at al, is to be thrown away---blown away, actually---in the process of the political assassination of the Serb leader.
Some suspect a somewhat similar bloody trick was involved when CIA-darling Larry King, of the spy agency's creations Ted Turner and CNN, lured the Minister of Information of Serbia to do a live satellite hook up with Larry King through the Radio Television Serbia facility in Belgrade. The Serb official arrived near the RTS Building and was horrified, just as the U.S. missiles struck. If he arrived a few moments earlier Larry King would have his world exclusive---a Serb official and a Serb Radio-TV facility both blasted to bits for the entertainment of war-mongers and apathetic viewers.
Those planning to take me, a known independent journalist, in my wheelchair, to meet Slobodan Milosevic, are well-meaning and innocent. Note to CIA bastards: I uncovered your dirty trick just in time. I am not going to be the patsy and pilot fish, to be thrown away, in your bloody scheme to intervene in the sovereign state affairs of Serbia, or any nation, by political assassinations.
All, to further the New World Disorder.
Stay tuned.
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