The NON-JEWS Behind Kosovo
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By Barry Chamish

The American team behind the Yugoslav War have Jewish names and look very Jewish. This is a sad and humiliating fact...and it shouldn't take the anti-semites long to make a few associations and call the bloodletting in the Balkans a Jewish plot. However, if a plot exists, it is being managed by the very antithesis of Judaism, those who have abandoned Judaism for good.
Let us look at the core of the visible team:
William Cohen- Secretary Of Defense- Longtime member of the Council On Foreign Relations. Headed the notorious 1997 CFR Task Force On The Middle East, which called for Israel's withdrawal to 1948 lines and the division of Jerusalem, until replaced later by Henry Seigman. Though he has a Jewish father, Cohen was raised as Protestant and maintains no Jewish religious ties whatsoever.
Mad Madeleine Albright- Secretary Of State- Longtime member of the CFR. Her story is absolutely surreal. Born and raised Jewish in Czechoslovakia, she escaped the Holocaust and was cared for by Jewish relatives in London. Yet, over the years she forgot her entire childhood and adolescence, claiming she's always been a Christian. Her memory was jarred only when the Washington Post printed her true biography during the very week she was appointed Secretary of State. The woman did not simply disavow her Jewish roots, for fifty years she pretended they didn't exist. And for much of her term in office, she has been obsessed with pressing Israel to withdraw to suicidal borders.
James Rubin- State Department Spokesman- Member of the CFR. Recently married CNN Kosovo reporter Christiane Amanpour in a church. Claims to have adopted Christianity. While longtime CFR member Ted Turner's CNN grinds out the New World Order vision through Amanpour, Rubin coordinates the illusion as Alberight's supercilious mouthpiece.
This trio is hiding behind the bloodshed they are fomenting with a curtain woven of humanitarian goodness for the Kosovo refugees. Never mind that the refugees would not have been there to cover their deeds without the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. So far the facade is holding up but the curtain will eventually fall and when it does, thanks to this triumvirate of evil, Jews are going to be left holding the bag. When that day comes, let all so inclined to see the Jewish hand in NWO machinations recall that this war is in the hands of people who found the deep morality of Judaism not to their liking. They abandoned Judaism, and while Yugoslavia is their current target for destruction, Israel is next on their list.
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