Top China Paper -
"...'mistaken bombing' or
'accident' can never be accepted. "
BEIJING (XINHUA) - China's leading newspaper, the People's Daily, has accused the U.S.-led NATO strikes against the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade as brutal infringement upon China's sovereignty and national dignity, and a serious threat to world peace and security.
In a commentary entitled "Serious Threat to World Peace" to be published Wednesday, the paper pointed out that U.S.- led NATO strikes against the Chinese Embassy have shocked the whole world and ignited wide-spread condemnation and indignation among the world people.
Quoting Chinese President Jiang Zemin as saying, "The U.S.-led NATO must bear full responsibility for the atrocity, or the Chinese people will not leave the matter at that," the paper pointed out that any prevarication such accident" can never be accepted.
Development and peace have become the irresistible trend of the world since the end of the cold war. As a cold-war-time military organization, NATO, manipulated by the U.S., did not disband with the end of the cold war, but kept growing larger to the contrary of the expectation of the world people, said the paper.
According to its so-called "new strategic concept" made public late April, NATO has developed from a defensive organization to an offensive military and political one, which can extend its military actions to areas beyond the north Atlantic and wage war against any country without authorization from the United Nations.
Obviously, this is a new strategic concept of hegemonism inflated, and NATO's military attack against Yugoslavia the United Nations is a practice of this concept, said the paper.
The paper added the U.S.-led NATO military strike against Yugoslavia is a downright gunboat policy. In history, the Western powers ran wild by relying on advanced cannons and boats. Today, the U.S.-led NATO uses high-tech weapons to wantonly bomb a smallnation and even wantonly raided the embassy of a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council in flagrant defiance of the U.N. Charter and basic principles governing international relations.
Such new gunboat policy is more fierce and more dangerous, and poses greater threat to world peace, the paper warned, calling on all the peace-loving people in the world and responsible politicians of various countries to be highly vigilant against this dangerous tendency of U.S.-led NATO.
The paper stressed that major powers bear unshirkable responsibilities for safeguarding world peace and security. In their telephone conversation on May 10, President Jiang Zemin and Russian President Boris Yeltsin agreed that, as Security Council permanent members and countries with vital influence in the world, China and Russia bear strong responsibilities for maintaining justice and defending peace. They noted that China and Russia have cooperated well on the Kosovo and other important international issues and will continue to keep in close contact to make their efforts for the maintaining of world peace and security.
The paper finally urged all the peace-loving countries to work together to immediately halt the extremely barbaric military actions against Yugoslavia by the U.S.-led NATO in defense of world peace.