Have High Quality Gas
Masks Been Banned From
The American Public?
If So, Why?
From: (IJM)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Gas Masks Secretly Banned
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 17:05:27 GMT

It worries me.
Yesterday, I attempted to purchase an Israeli gas mask from my local milita amry surplus store. I had bought one several weeks ago, but wished to get anoth er for my significant other.
I was shocked to learn that the federal government has banned the import of these safety devices. Did you know that?
My local supplier said it was because meth labs were using them. Yeah, right.
I understood it to be a local issue. No problem. I hopped on the web to find a supplier in a less paranoid area, but was told that the feds considered them "war materials" and were prohibiting their import nationally.
According to a surplus website, the United Nations considers these masks to be "articles of war" and is pressuring the State Department to deny their importation. Of course, the U.S. State Department rolls right over.
Now, I recall reading government press releases stating that terrorist attacks, possibly chemical/gas, were inevitable on U.S. soil in the next few years. Then why is our government denying Americans protection? Israel issues masks to every citizen!
If such terrorist attacks are likely, why is the government afraid that Americans might protect themselves? What does the U.N. have to do with anything? Why haven't we heard about this in the press, mainstream or underground? Who can we contact to bitch??
Who's responsible for this? Does anyone know?
Ira J. Madsen Springfield, Mo
P.S. - Incidentally, I DID find a source for the Israeli masks and filters: It sounded like they had a good supply...but there won't be any more when they're gone!
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