The Mad Hatter Of
Pennsylvania Avenue
By Doug Thompson
The Kosovo war, we are constantly reminded, is a campaign to stop the actions of a madman.
This may well be true, but it may be time to face the unpleasant fact that the madman is not in Yugoslavia, but back here at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Yep. The real madman in this headlong march towards global war may just be William Jefferson Clinton.
Reports out of the White House and Pentagon say Clinton has become so obsessed with his "legacy" that he is willing to kill American soldiers to try and redefine his place in the history books.
Clinton doesn't want to be remembered as the President who got blow jobs from interns while conducting the nation's business. Nah, he wants to go down in history (pun fully intended) as the madman who sent young men and women to die in a desperate attempt to reshape his presidency.
Madness? You bet it is. Insanity? How much more proof do we need?
Clinton's mental stability (or the lack of it) has been the subject of whispers around Washington for some time now.
Would a sane man have risked his presidency for quickies in the Oval Office? Good question.
Would a sane man rape an Arkansas businesswoman in a Little Rock hotel room 21 years ago, leaving her bruised and bleeding on the bed, then put on his sunglasses and calmly tell her that she'd "better put some ice on that?" Better question.
"There are sufficient outward signs that the President's mental stability could be subject to question," says psychologist Dr. Stephanie Crossfield, who has been watching Clinton (at our request) for some time now.
This is the good doctor's professional way of saying the President may be loony tunes. Nuts. Wacko.
Problem is, this nutcase has the power to send our troops into war. This fruitcake can deploy nuclear weapons. This madman can destroy life as we know it on this planet.
And there ain't a lot we can do about it. Clinton has survived enough political scandals to sink a dozen other politicians. Each time he survives, his arrogance grows, along with the inability of anyone to do anything about his illegal, immoral and treasonous actions.
An American public that doesn't want to dump a President over sex also doesn't want to think they were duped into twice electing a madman to office. If they wouldn't buy his crimes (despite overwhelming evidence), how are they going to accept insanity (which is harder to prove)?
Impeachment? Been there, failed that. Under the Constitution, a majority of the cabinet could declare the President incapacitated and relieve him of his duties, but Clinton's cabinet doesn't have the balls to do that. The military, clearly frustrated with serving under a draft dodger, could take over the government, but this country fears military rule even more than it does a madman.
Which leaves the uneasy prospect of trying to survive 21 more months with the Mad Hatter in charge. That prospect scares us a hell of lot more than any Serbian strongman in Yugoslavia.
--Doug Thompson Founder, Publisher & Editor Capitol Hill Blue