CFR Takes Over American Jewry
By Barry Chamish <>
From Robert Sterling
Editor, The Konformist
First we were told Ronald Lauder was a real right-winger and that's why he and Bibi were such pals. Then we were fed the line that Charles Bronfman is a real pal of Israel 'cause he puts up so much money for Jewish causes.
In the last two weeks Charles Bronfman and Lauder took over 90% of American Jewry by assuming the leadership of their biggest organizations. Bronfman melded the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), United Israel Appeal (UIA) and the Council Of Jewish Federations into one supra-national entity of which he was just appointed president.
Meanwhile Ronald Lauder took over as chairman of the Presidents Of Major Jewish Organizations. In his first interview since assuming power, to Maariv last Friday, we learn that, lo and behold, he is a strong advocate of the "peace" process and admires Rabin more than Netanyahu.
And what unites these new leaders? They are brothers of prominent CFR members. Look at the CFR membership list and you will find the names Leonard Lauder and Edgar Bronfman prominently displayed. Keeping it all in the family, the CFR now has utter control over the American Jewish media, charities, synagogues, federations...the works.
Below is an article I wrote last year to remind you of what it all means.
Look on the list of members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and there you will find Edgar Bronfman's name. He is described as a longtime member and executive. To those unacquainted with the CFR, it is a Manhattan-based organization with 2900 members, 18 of whom sit in Clinton's cabinet. As has been noted before, every diplomat in charge of manipulating the Middle East, Christopher, Ross, Indyk, Albright et al is found on the membership list.
The stated goal of the CFR is the creation of a one world government. Unstated is that this planned tyranny will be run by the descendants of robber barons and bootleggers. Of the latter category, none is so renowned as the Bronfman family, scions of the Seagrams dynasty.
The Bronfmans have a role in Israel. They work behind the scenes to assure that the CFR's "peace" process is carried through to what will be the bitter end. The task is divided by the two elder sons of the notorious Samuel Bronfman who amassed his fortune smuggling booze during Prohibition. Edgar's role is political and he works quietly behind the scenes with the insiders who manage world events. To make his activities seem legitimate he founded his own organization, called it the World Jewish Congress and elected himself president. Charles has the duty of buying up key industries in Israel with the goal of making himself the most powerful financial force in the country.
Let us examine their strategy and aims.
* In 1990 the Bronfman fortune was recruited to found two funds. The first was the Claridge Fund, which invested in some of the country's more successful communications and medical companies. The second was The New Israel Fund which funnels money, millions of dollars, to far left social groups. The recipients of the largesse form a who's who of the so-called "peace camp." The fund proudly declares that it is the only alternative to all the "conventional" Zionist funds supporting Israeli social projects.
* In 1991, the Bronfmans founded a magazine called The Jerusalem Report. They hired two writers known for their hardline views on Israeli security, Hirsh Goodman and Zeev Chefetz. The latter was previously the Likud's appointee as head of the Government Press Office. Both had a remarkable change of heart after the peace process began and became the Rabin government's apologists to the Diaspora. The magazine promoted itself as, once again, the only "alternative", this time to the Jerusalem Post's critical reporting of the process.
* We have a most revealing glimpse of the Bronfman's role in the peace process. In January 1996, Edgar Bronfman told Maariv reporter Yitzhak Ben Horin, "I admit to using my influence to secure Rabin's election in 1992 because he was a brilliant strategist. Usually I believe Americans should not interfere with the Israeli elections but in this case I broke my role and helped Rabin win because I believed in the peace process."
We ask, what peace process? Rabin ran as a hawk who would never negotiate with the PLO or give up the Golan Heights. The only peace process anyone else knew about was the Madrid Conference track backed by the Likud. What Bronfman seems to have said is he backed Rabin with all his resources because he agreed to support a peace process that the rest of Israel was unaware of. As I have documented in my new book, A Journal Of Israel's Betrayal (Hearthstone Publishing Ltd.) the peace process was hatched by the CFR and Rabin was their all-too-willing promoter of the CFR's covert diplomacy.
* By early 1995, Ehud Barak was chosen as Rabin's successor. Between March and June, he was sent to America for his CFR training. He began with a stint at Martin Indyk's Washington Institute For Near East Studies, participated in some secret negotiations with the Syrians and ended his study tour with meetings in New York with Henry Kissinger, Charles Bronfman and Lawrence Tisch. Barak explained that the triumvirate wanted to set him up in business.
* 1997 is turning scary. First the Family bought a stake in a major television production company and by the summer paid $350 million for a 25% share of Koor Industries. Koor is the largest holding company in the country, controlling 800 Labour Party/Histadrut companies in every sector of the economy.
After the deal was signed, Charles Bronfman allowed himself to be interviewed at length in Maariv. Among his many critical comments about the country's diplomacy he claimed, "No other international investor will put his money in Israel unless the peace process continues."
The patently false observation aside, the Bronfmans are now in a position to determine the fate of the nation. They control an enormous percentage of the economy and are working diligently on acquiring a good chunk of the media.
We know what the Bronfmans' agenda is. The profits of alcoholism are being funneled into radical and unsettling social projects, most allegedly aimed at promoting "peace" or "understanding" but whose ultimate result if successful will be a drastic weakening of Israel's sovereignty, a common CFR goal in countries around the world. To get their way, the CFR's men in Israel have cleverly bought themselves the most strategic Israeli industrial and financial assets.
* * *
Ever wonder why American Jewish public opinion differs so widely from that of Israelis on all issues regarding the peace process? Does it seem strange that American Jews are just too "liberal" regarding Israeli con- cessions? Well if you have and it does, you're right to wonder and suspect, for indeed, American Jewish views are manipulated by their most influential "representative" organizations, which are thoroughly infiltrated by the Council On Foreign Relations.
Take two blatant examples, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) and the World Jewish Congress (WJC). The head of the AJC is Henry Siegman (CFR), who is notorious for having led the CFR Task Force of 1996 which found that Israel must strip itself of all territories won in battle since 1948.
The chairman, president, and founder-heir of the WJC is Edgar Bronfman, a longtime CFR executive, who has pumped untold millions into Israeli pro-peace process projects since 1992.
The AJC is the control center for America's German Jewish clique (Read Our Crowd by Stephen Birmingham). Its most powerful members are bankers and financiers. They trace their Americanism back the most generations, thus have a long history of being utilized by the ultimate powerbrokers of world diplomacy. Edwin Black, in his book The Transfer Agreement (MacMillan, 1985) devotes much detail explaining how the AJC blocked a national boycott of the Nazi regime in 1932 in order to stimulate immoral trade between them and the socialist Jewish leadership of Palestine.
The AJC was too exclusive to include Eastern European Jewish late- comers to its high corridors of power, so the Bronfman family led by Sam, a reformed bootlegger from Russia, funded and founded the WJC, supposedly to represent the interests of the non-German Jews.
To further his self-made image as the most powerful professional Jew on earth, Edgar Bronfman takes on powerful issues like exposing Kurt Waldheim's Nazi past, saving Russian Jewry and recovering Swiss gold. These highly visible campaigns give Bronfman the right somehow to covertly and seemingly unilaterally decide Israel's history.
Take the issue of freedom for Soviet Jewry. From the 1960s to the early 1980s, almost 100% of Soviet Jews were committed Zionists who immigrated to Israel. Then Bronfman took over stewardship of the American movement until Glastnost freed the masses. Bronfman, a sworn enemy of the Likud governments, arranged for lots of Jews to receive America. Somehow his tactics saw a complete about-turn, 90% of the immigrants now avoided Israel, to the utter embarassment of the Likud. Soviet Jews became playing cards in an untold CFR battle against Israel's chosen leadership.
While the CFR controls Jewish public opinion by infiltrating the most visible Jewish organizations, it makes certain only one voice predominates by eliminating the competition. In 1993, AIPAC's leadership looked like a threat to the "peace process." So one by one, smear campaigns were launched against AIPAC's leadership, resulting in all three top officials, including chairman Tom Dine, resigning to be replaced by a more compliant "pro-peace" chairman, a Clinton fundraiser from Massachusetts.
With high-level opinion in CFR hands, the influence of the CFR spreads throughout the local Federations and charitable organizations which utterly control America's Jewish media; which is the main reason why Israeli and American Jews cannot see eye to eye on any issue, even raw survival.
The CFR is opposed to religion, viewing it as a roadblock to domination. The professional Jewish leadership deliberately raise one divisive issue after another, mythologize Labour leaders while belittling those of the Likud, dilute the Jewish religion and divorce it from Israeli mainstream values etc., which in concert erodes American Jewish identification and is intended to lead to the disintegration of American Jewry.