'Betrayal' By Gertz Reveals
Stunning Lies And Deceit
By Clinton Administration
The Justice Department has considered prosecuting WASHINGTON TIMES reporter Bill Gertz for unlawful possession of classified material, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned -- material that is set to be published in a new blockbuster book!
Coming next week from every spooks' favorite reporter, BETRAYAL.
NY TIMES nuke and spy writer Gerth may have just won the Pulitzer, but the project Gertz has been working on in secret for over a year has now been activated and lands in bookstores on Monday.
-- Gertz offers intelligence, also featured in the upcoming Cox Report, including this nugget: China tested a neutron warhead seven times. (The U.S., which designed it, never tested it.)
-- The First detailed interview with Navy Lt. Jack Daly, the officer who was lazed by a Russian merchant ship in 1997 off of Washington State's Puget Sound. Gertz, for the first time, has the officer's whole story of how he was hung out to dry. The State Department tipped off the Russians in advance of a search of the ship.
-- A top-secret CIA memo exposes how China and Pakistan collaborated secretly to fool the United States about illicit nuclear sales. The document is included in the appendix.
-- The secret Executive Order signed by Clinton on missile defense. That and another document (both reprinted) show that the administration has no plans to deploy a national missile defense outside the ABM treaty. And since the ABM treaty prohibits defending national territory or even preparing to do so, any claims to be considering it are bogus. The missile d chapter also has lots of inside stuff on why we're defenseless. Interesting in light of China's recent threat to take unspecified action against us for the Belgrade Embassy bombing.
-- The North Korea chapter reveals how Madeleine Albright lied to Congress about Pyongyang's continuing development of nuclear weapons in order to protect its much-vaunted Agreed Framework, that was supposed to have halted the program back in the early 1990s.
-- Secret documents reveal how Russia's nuclear weapons control is weakening.
And much more...
Gertz's access to highly classified State Department and Pentagon documents has completely unnerved the White House. But for those who feel the government is keeping too many secrets from the taxpaying public, Gertz has become an underground hero.
"The Justice Department will never file charges against Bill," predicted on WASHINGTON TIMES editor one Thursday.
"They are scared of what he knows, and what he will report next."
In any other era, many of the Gertz revelations presented in BETRAYAL would have become solo news cycles that would have rocked a nation.
But citizens have turned numb, glazing over the details of a world turned hot and dangerous.
In the past few days my life has been revolving around the mile markers along Route 1 in the Florida Keys. Been swimming with the fish, talking back to the thunder storms, dodging the imagined incoming missiles from China and Russian and all the rest.
Thanks for the nightmares, Bill Gertz.
-- Filed by Matt Drudge in Key Largo.