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Warzone In Yugoslavia
From Maja Radetic <MAJA@ELAB.TMF.BG.AC.YU>
Organization: Tehnolosko-metalurski fakultet
Date sent: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:48:14 GMT+1
Subject: history lesson
Priority: URGENT
This e-mail is addressed to reasonable people all around the world who are capable to hear the truth and facts about my country and our nation.
For those uninformed, Yugoslavia is a small country, situated on the Balcan peninsula, in the South Europe. It consists of two republics: Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia has two autonomous provinces: Vojvodina and Kosovo. Kosovo is situated in South Yugoslavia and it is borderd on Albania and Macedonia. A few nations live on Kosovo: Serbs, Albanians, Gypsies, Egiptians...Since our state is founded all of them have gotten all rights: they have schools with their languages, they have newspapers and TV news in their language, they have their representatives in our parliament...In one word, they haven't been distinguished from other nations in Yugoslavia.It is obvious it wasn't enough.
However, recently Kosovo has become famous once again. I said once again because about six centuries ago Serbs were defending not only themselves from Turks on Kosovo. Simply, we were shield for the rest of Europe. It happened in 1389. All our heros left their lifes on that holy plain. Serbia was complitely distroyed and from that very moment Kosovo became the heart of Serbia.(Just to remind you, in that period America hasn't been even found jet.) Why is Kosovo so crutial for us? Almost whole our culture and history have come down from Kosovo as that piece of land was the center of the medieval Serbian country. I wonder, if people around the world know that more than 1300 monesteries and churces from 13th to 19th century are situated on Kosovo. These monuments are not safe anymore.
What is going on now? Albanian terorists want indipendance and separation. Actualy, they want to join Kosovo to Albania. They were attacking innocent Serbs and Albanians who were loyal to our country. In the same time they were pretending as they were struggling for liberation of Kosovo. Our government tried to be reasonable and to find a reasonable compromise. No, they and their west assistants were deaf. They wanted a war. Finally, we were attacked by NATO in the night between Murch the 24th- 25th.
It is sad that allied troops from I and II World War made barberian attack on my country. I still can not belive that in the end of the 20th century one sovereign country in Europe could be brutaly invaded. Obviously, it is our destiny to fight for Kosovo. And we won't give Kosovo to anyone. Our ancestors left their lifes there and we will if that would be needed.
I am sorry becuse my friends are instead in disco-clubs somewhere on Kosovo defending me. I am sorry that our allies from former wars turned their backs to us again. Again, because they bombed Belgrade, Nis, Leskovac Podgorica, the nicest cities in Yugoslavia, on the Easter in April, 1944, without any excus. We forgave them, but they did that again. Actually I couldn't expect anything better from American as they respect only their short history. What happend to Europe? They left us alone without support. Do you know what they bombed first? The small place on Kosovo where Gracanica-the most famous monastery from 13th century-is situated. Is it RIGHT? I am not bagging for understanding and compassion, I just wanted to tell you that Kosovo is our soul. What is the man without soul? Finally, we are not tought to hate. We are going to pray for the souls of those who organize this.
If you need any information about my country or you have any suggestion or whatever, you can contact me. My e-mail address is:
Thank you for reading this.
From Steffan Bertsch
< 3-27-99
Dear Maja Redetik,
Thank you for sending the message about Yugoslavia. I read in on: "" on the internet. I am an American, and, in 1971, while on leave from my Army duty in Germany, my wife and I toured Italy by motorcar. It was very strange in Italy, because everyone who saw my USA plates seemed to want something, sell me something, beg from me. I was a low-ranking enlisted man, so I had very little money, and this was quite annoying.
At Trieste, we crossed the border into Northern Yugoslavia. Just across the border, a man in a small car waived to me to pull over at a resthof. My wife and I thought, "My God, we barely hit the border and they've started begging here too!" How wrong we were! How wrong we were!
As we pulled over, the man jumped from his car and greeted us with a huge grin. In broken English, he said, "I see you're Americans! Welcome to my country! Please, let me buy you a cup of coffee!"
My wife and I talked with that man, whose name I have long forgotten, but whose greeting is forever etched in my mind. We only stayed one day in your country. It would have been longer, had we known what wonderful people we were to meet there, but, my leave was almost up, so we had to return to Germany.
From what I saw in Northern Yugoslavia, you have a beautiful country, and inside it are many wonderful people. I want no part of the NATO bombing of your land. I have written much in opposition to it. Please know that you have many, many friends like me in America. We're trying to stop the madness that President Clinton started. Just because we're trying, doesn't mean we will be successful. Our president is very, very powerful. He can tell the Congress and the Courts and the people what he wants, and he gets it. We tried to impeach and remove Clinton, but, our media lied and lied and lied until the brainwashed again people thought Clinton was a good man.
Before his trial, Clinton bombed Sudan and Afghanistan. During his trial he bombed Iraq. After the acquittal, he is bombing your country. I am very sorry that we have a war-monger for a president. Please, please understand that many Americans are sickened by the bombing of your beautiful country.
Steffan M. Bertsch